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I am bringing on a partner to my ebay business and are changing the Paypal address(so we can take revenue separate). Auctiva tech support screen is not working and I really need help. We delisted all ebay items and went in to all of Auctiva checkout & profiles and changed to new address, however we have NOT changed the new PP address within ebay. When we go in to Auctiva and do try and convert the listing to the new PP address, it keeps going back to the old PP address(frustrating). Does the new PP address have to be changed in ebay before Auctiva's profiles and templates, etc recognize the new email? Your help is appreciated.



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Hello LHutch,

I am sorry to hear that you ran into the intermittent difficulty with the support form.  Please note that when the form fails, there is messaging that occurs providing an email address you can use to reach our support team directly.  When the form fails you can send an email to and this will reach our support agents in the same way that a support case does.

Changes made within your eBay account do not affect your saved listings or stored data in Auctiva, but may affect how your listings post if you have settings in your eBay account enable to use a specific set up.  It depends on how you have your eBay account set up and if you are using eBay's business policies, which would also require updating if you are using them.

If you are making changes to Saved Listings in Auctiva, this would make no change to any active listing on eBay and changes made to active eBay listings do not update your already existing saved listings in Auctiva.  For active listings that are currently on eBay which are still eligible for revision, you can make changes to the PayPal email address associated with your listings by selecting the active listings you wish to modify from the Active Listings page of your Auctiva account and then clicking on the Bulk Revise button.   On the Revise Live Listings page you would then select "PayPal E-mail address" from the pull down menu and use the Find and Replace tool to make the adjustment you wish.

If you are running into difficulty with this tool for active listings that are eligible for revision or are otherwise having difficulty with your listings, please file a support case (or use the noted email address) to send us the details of what you are doing and where you are running into difficulty so our agents can have a look at the specifics in your account and assist you.

 - Craig

Craig...THANKS! for your reply. Finally got ahold of someone. I have made 2 emails to the help@auctiva email address. I have made  the changes within ebays business policies. We have delisted all of the listings on ebay. The game plan was to resubmit them on Auctiva using the new email address. However when we go back to make the correction on a saved listing or even a new listing in Auctiva it defaults to the old paypal email address. I guess I could email them the 3rd time. Your thoughts?

Hello again,

Please be aware that our agents respond to tickets in the order that they arrive and you can check the email address on file with your Auctiva account as well as using the Check Support Case option from under the Help tab of the Auctiva site after you have logged in for responses.

I did some testing in my own account and was able to change the Paypal email address in Saved Listings both using the Advanced Edit tool in bulk and in individual listings and the data saved as expected - but this would have no effect on the Business Policies as all of that data is stored on eBay and would need to be changed on eBay.  After the changes had been made on eBay you would then need to log in to Auctiva and select "eBay" from the My Account menu and then click on the "Update eBay Preferences" button, which will then update the policy data in your Auctiva account.  This would then use the current eBay data in your Auctiva account, but if you haven't updated the policies and then Auctiva, our system would be using the data from the last update to your Auctiva account.

So, if you are using eBay business policies in your listings, the data in those policies will be applied to your listings when you select the policies - as we have it stored since your last update.  But if you are saying that you are making changes to the data in Saved Listings in your Auctiva account and then clicking to Save the listing and the data is not saving in Auctiva, we'd need to have a look in your account (assuming that your Business Policy data is up to date as noted above) .  You would want to include the steps you take in the support case as well as some sample listings where this issue occurs so we can take a look to see what is going on.

 - Craig


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