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hey there

i have updated all my photos on ebay and changed the titles
the titles have changed on the scrolling gallery but the pictures are still the old ones?
how do i update the scrolling gallery with the new pictures please?

i uploaded my new pics to auctiva and pressed replace on all of them but that hasnt done anything

many thanks

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If you changed pics directly on eBay, they don't sync back to update the SG or the Store image. That you'd have to change by uploading a replacement, i.e. use the Replace button with Image selected (box at left) on the Image Management page. If you are just hitting the button without selecting and not uploading, that's not actually doing a Replace. Replace includes an UPLOAD of image, just like original upload.

Updates to Title do sync back, i.e. it's a periodic update done by Auctiva.

Hope that helps.

right sorry if im been thick here lol

but i uploaded all my new pics there in my picture bit on auctivia when i try to edit my listings it just takes me to ebay
so i went to the new pictures that i had uploaded i ticked the box at the side of the first one then pressed replace
is that right?
hope i explained that ok

thankyou very much for your help and im sorry if im been a nuicsense"!

i went to the new pictures that i had uploaded i ticked the box at the side of the first one then pressed replace
is that right?

Yes, that should have given you a new section at the top of the page entitled "HTML Upload for Images" and a fill-in box with Browse button to locate the image on your local system and Upload Button to do the Upload.

You change pictures in the Image library, not on the Saved Listings page. Saved Listing are those you are preping/saving for future listing. You can only upload new images from the lister (accessed from Saved Listings), not replace old ones. Any old image including those pulled back from eBay, need to be Replaced using that feature in Manage Images. Note, the ones pulled back from eBay should show in the Imported Images Folder.

If Auctiva Imported the listing info from an Active listing, the pictures should show in your Images library in the Imported Images folder. It might be one of the few exceptions to active pictures captured (once after direct listing) and synced back, so they can populate the Store and SG. I believe they only do the pictures once, so updating them at eBay after the fact requires manual change at Auctiva.

Now that's from my notes..... However, they are constantly making changes on both systems, and I keep getting surprises as a result. Cool

Hi Katie,

Auctiva automatically generates the Auctiva store and scrolling gallery images for your listings only once, based on the header/gallery images that are specified in the listing when posted. If you have changed your header/gallery images through eBay and you would like your scrolling gallery to be updated accordingly, please let our customer support team know and we'll be happy to accommodate that request.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact our customer support team using the appropriate link on our help page:


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