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Tracking numbers are not free with first class postage. Often times, I get the green form, tracking numbers by the bundle from the post office, and affix them to my letters.

For various reasons, I'll do that ahead of time. It helps with tracking my inventory.

So, when I print 1st class postage from Auctiva, how do I do so and not print and get billed for a tracking number?
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Try printing the labels from eBay or PayPal. The tracking is free there for first class.

But you mentioned "letters"....Letters don't have tracking...not on Auctiva, eBay or PayPal or even at the post office.

You must ship by FC parcel (thick least 3/4" thick) to have "tracking".
The green form used when sending letters is a certified form and cost roughly about $5
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According to

I can add USPS tracking for only 20 cents, if I print it online, or 90 cents, if I apply it at the post office.

So, why can't I simply print 1st class postage, via Auctiva, and handle the tracking the way I want to?

I don't have to ship by FC parcel to have "tracking, Letters do have tracking. I know they have to be at least 3/4" thick, so all I do is toss a styrophome peanut in the envelope, and it qualifies.

I mean, how else can I mail someone, something that's super light like a baseball card, or 4 tiny screws, for the cost of a 1 ounce stamp, via Auctiva?
Now go back to the USPS site and read the part at the end with the words *parcel only and then note that the * is next to words first class in the section you are reading.

First class letters do NOT have tracking. First class parcels do.

Since tracking is required for eBay transactions the label services available on eBay, PayPal, Auctiva will not offer first class letter postage as there is no tracking available for it.
Priority Mail
First-Class Mail*
Standard Post (retail only)
Media Mail*

* Parcels only

And since you know how to make a thick envelope then you should also know it ships at the parcel rate not the letter rate. Letters are flat. Thick envelopes ship at parcel rates.
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Actually yours, if not tracking is put on your items, can be considered a "high risk" account and eBay/PayPal can put holds on your fund for up to 21 days for all transactions and can put selling limits on your account.
And if a buyer files a item not received dispute you will lose and be forced to refund.
If there are issues with disputes or FB because you refuse to put tracking on your items or if your buyers file reports etc then yes your account can be suspended too.

These are not new policies. Been in place for years now.
You should read the Help pages for sellers over on eBay and the PayPal policies. These are not Auctiva issues.

As for your original questions it has been answered. Tracking is not available on FC letters. It is only available on FC parcels and that includes thick envelopes.
You cannot get "tracking" for FC letters on eBay, PayPal, Auctiva or USPS.
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I'm aware of eBay's policies, their 21 day hold, and all their other restrictions....but eBay will NOT put a restriction on an account, just because they don't use a tracking number. Let's stick to the subject, and not get into all of the "why ebay has these rules..."

You avoided my question.
Is tracking required by ebay, and will ebay perform sanctions if I don't use a tracking number?

I think you should read eBay's policies a little closer, because the answer to both questions, is clearly NO.

And, my original question has not been answered.

So, back to my original question (I'm not sure why this has to be so hard, when it's so clear to me...)

Why is Auctiva forcing us to print and pay for a tracking number, when it's not required by eBay?

[just to be clear one more time....eBay strongly suggests a tracking number be used, and we all know we will lose a dispute if one is not used, but tracking numbers are NOT required by eBay, and if I want to mail a 1 cent wheat penny, in an envelope, without a tracking number, and use minimum legal, postage....eBay allows that...but Auctiva does not]
You are still incorrect.
Take the issue up with eBay or PayPal as you clearly do not understand the policies.

"Proof of delivery indicates that the item was delivered to the recipient, and generally comes in the form of an online tracking number. It shows the city, state, and zip to which the package was shipped, the date the package was delivered, and its delivery status. For payments of $250 USD or more, a signature confirmation of receipt is also required. The proof of delivery doesn't need to show the full street address since some shipping companies don't include this information. The city and state or zip code (or equivalent) is normally acceptable."

"a. Risk-Based Holds. PayPal, in its sole discretion, may place a hold on any or all of the payments you receive when PayPal believes there may be a high level of risk associated with you, your Account, or any or all of your transactions. PayPal’s determination may be based on a number of different factors and PayPal may rely on information it receives from its third party partners such as eBay. If PayPal places a hold on a payment, the funds will appear in your “Pending Balance” and the payment status will show as “Completed - Funds not yet available”. If PayPal places a hold on any or all of the payments you receive PayPal will provide you with notice of our actions. PayPal will release the hold on any payment after 21 Days from the date the payment was received into your Account unless you receive a Dispute, Claim, Chargeback, or Reversal or PayPal has taken another action permitted under this Section 10. PayPal, in its sole discretion, may release the hold earlier under certain circumstances, for example PayPal may release the hold earlier if you have uploaded tracking information. If you receive a Dispute, Claim, Chargeback, or Reversal, PayPal may continue holding the payment in your Account until the matter is resolved pursuant to this Agreement. "

This is not the place to debate eBay/PayPal policy. Ebay and PayPal have boards where you can do that. or you can call customer support of either of those companies.

If you choose not to follow eBay/PayPal requirements then you have that option but you will not be printing those labels on eBay PayPal or Auctiva to do it.... As they only print labels that meet their requirements and services offered by USPS/UPS/etc.

And once again FC letters do not have tracking, USPS does not offer "tracking" for FC letters anyway so this is a moot point. You are arguing for the sake of arguing.

You are not forced to do anything. Go to the PO and buy stamps and don't send your items with tracking.....your choice...your consequences.
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Ed you too are wrong again.

Are you aware of the difference between FC letters and FC parcels???

The questions was about FC "letters" with tracking"

EBay offers free tracking on FC "PARCELS" only and that was said in the beginning of this thread....around the 2nd post. Philthy cannot print a label for for FC letters on eBay and eBay does NOT offer tracking on FC letters either. It is not even an option.

Ed you cannot print postage for FC "LETTERS" with tracking on eBay, PayPal, Auctiva or through USPS.
You canNOT add tracking at all even at the PO since USPS doesn't even offer tracking for FC "LETTERS"....and that is in the link above directly from USPS as well.

A thick envelope ships at parcel rates.

There is a link to the USPS site above that will explain all that for you as well.

Auctiva doesn't offer tracking for FC LETTERS - Ebay doesn't offer tracking for FC LETTERS - USPS does offer tracking for FC LETTERS either because it doesn't exist, here, on eBay or even at USPS. It is NOT a service offered by USPS for FC LETTERS.....ONLY for PARCELS

EBay also does not allow you to print postage for FC "letters" and Philthy cannot go to eBay to print a label for FC letters with no tracking either. It isn't even an option. It isn't even offered at all.

In all your excitement to write something derogatory towards me you to forgot to actually read. You would be a lot less crazy, as you put it, if you would stop doing that and or following me around to do that.
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I tire of this crap. I never said you could buy postage for LETTERS all I SAID was that eBay Labels are cheaper and easier and include DELIVERY RECEIPT for free then anywhere else for USPS shipments of all kinds. why do you always have to attempt to belittle people. No one is perfect we all just try and get along. Besides this isn't your thread I wasn't responding to you so .. I'm going to retire from this ridiculous thread.

take care
Yes Ed, I do print most of my postage via eBay, tho I do notice sometimes Auctiva is cheaper for the same parcel and weight.

Trinkets, above, where you highlited that eBay requires tracking.....ebay clearly states that tracking is required for payments greater than $249.99.

So, what about sales less than that?
Why do you think Auctiva requires us to buy tracking numbers for ALL parcels, when eBay is clear that tracking numbers are only required for payments of $250 or more?

Again, I am not concerned with their risk based holds.
I re-read your post above, Trinkets.
I see you highlighted in red " also required", which means, I guess, that tracking numbers are indeed required by eBay.

So, if eBay requires tracking numbers, are we supposed to never mail anything via FC? If I sell a 1 cent wheat penny, are you saying it's against ebay rules for me to mail that via first class, Trinkets?

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