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I am being inundated with emails from eBay telling me to remove Active content from my listings. I know this must be done by June and I am becoming concerned as I originally wrote to Auctiva and was promised that all my listings would have active content removed soon but note that this has not happened, nor have I received information on to how to remove it myself. Can anyone give me a step by step instruction on how to remove Active Content from my listings while my listings are Active on eBay?
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Hello artful55 -

We understand that eBay continues to send notifications regarding active content in your listings. If you have not yet received a notification in your Auctiva account regarding the removal tool having processed your account yet, please keep in mind that we have millions of listings to process and that we expect to have the processing complete prior to June.

You may also file a support case at any time from under the Help tab of the site requesting that we run this process manually outside of the migrations that are occurring systemically.

Newly posted listings from within your account will not contain active content, so if you have received a notification that the process has been run for your account and have received another notification from eBay regarding active content in your listings, please keep in mind that if you relist a listing that was not processed via eBay, it could still contain active content. We have also found some instances of extremely old types of active content still occurring in some listings and have been improving the caliber of the migration tool to contend with these unexpected instances. If your account has been processed and you have received a notification from eBay that there is still active content in some listings, please let us know a few examples in a support case and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig
Hi there, these are the active content listings that eBay asked me to revise but I am unable to revise via Active listings in Auctiva.

252927089906, 252927089907, 252927089908, 272663076335, 272663076343, 272663076349, 272663076351

Plug-ins or Flash
252927089906, 252927089907, 272663076335, 272663076343, 272663076349, 272663076351
Hello again,

I've taken a look into your account and find that our tool for removal of active content completed for your account 5/17/17 just before 8:00 AM, so if the notification you received from eBay is prior to that time, the tool had not completed yet. If, however, the notification from eBay came after that time, we'd need a bit more information about what eBay is calling out to look into it further; in this case please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know and we'll be happy to do so.

You can check listings using the active content tool HERE in addition to the preview tool that eBay provides if you would like a comprehensive look at any particular listing in regards to active content.

I took a quick look at all of the listings you mention here using this tool and there was no active content showing in any of them at this time, so you should be good to go. Please do let us know if you encounter further difficulty.

- Craig
Please don't hesitate to open a support case, if you find you still have listings with active content. We've processed all users on a paid plan and removed known active content, in fact the process just finished for all active paying users this past weekend. With that said, there are a few reasons why listings may still not comply with ebay's active content policy, for example:

  • If the listing could not be revised because it had a bid (for auction) or a number of other reason's ebay doe snot allow listing revisions.
  • If the listing was reposted via ebay's site using sell similar, and contained active content from a previous posting.

Any listings posted via Auctiva have had our active content-free templates and tools for some time. Please open a support case if you find you have active listings that still contain active content. We are here to help! And can re-process individual listings or your entire set of active listings.
We are here to help our free tools users as well! We are still processing our free tools users to remove old version of the Auctiva scrolling gallery and counters and replacing it with the new active content free version. The processing is ongoing and we are on target to have all the free tools accounts completed before June.

Same scenarios would apply, if your listings are not revisable based on ebay's criteria, they may still contain active content or if you sell similar from ebay (vs listing from auctiva) a listing that has active-content as ebay is not removing active-content from item descriptions.

We believe the active-content free scrolling gallery is a great way for you to cross-promote your listings, in your item descriptions for free.

Again, please don't hesitate to reach out and open a support and we can re-process/process your listings. We are here to help

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