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Store window that is!

Has anyone researched to see which position of the store window is more beneficial? I have mine on the bottom because I felt like it wasn't as distracting to the potential buyers of that particular item. But then I thought maybe if it were on top it would be viewed more and my other items would potentially receive more hits. Does anyone have any data on this one way or the other?

Also, is there a way to put a Store Window at both the bottom and the top of a listing?
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I have my window at the bottom as well for the same reasons as you --not very scientific. Wink

I have not heard about research on this topic of top or bottom. I think it is personal preference and what works for you.

I think the only way to have the window in both spots would be to set your window to appear at the top and then cut and paste the window html into the bottom of your listing.

I placed mine at the bottom.

I've had it at the top. I've had the scrolling gallery and I've had the other gallery that's there now.

My hubster when shopping on eBay loves the gallery at the top. Whereas I when shopping like the look at the bottom.

You could start a poll in here and get a consensus of sellers views.

By the way, your avatar..what are you selling? I can't tell if it's a watch band or a mechanical item. My eyes aren't what they used to be.

Take care, Donna
Gary, I'm pretty sure you can't have it at both the top and bottom but I do think you've outlined both arguments exactly.

A while back I moved mine to the bottom (and also switched to the static/non-scrolling version) and I like it. It's possible that fewer people will see it but at least x-amount of people won't be annoyed by having to scroll past it.
I have been meaning to pick one one of the items I have mulitples of and try it each way, then measure the results by tracking the hits on sellathon. If you don't know, it will tell you how many people go to the auction page by clicking on the store. But I have been meaning to do a lot of things, so if someone else wants to try it and post the results......Smile
Let me first say, I LOVE THIS SITE!!! It's such a great change of pace to be able to post on a site without some a**hole veteran Ebayer doling out their sarcastic, negative 2 cents. The people on this board are fabulous and everyone is friendly and helpful. Smile Thank you!!!

I'm contemplating changing my store window too. In fact, I'm thinking of not using it at all or changing to the one that doesn't scroll.
I think Rick has the right idea(s) and I'm going to follow his suggestions. Thanks Rick!

I did a page load test and the scrolling window slows down the page load time a LOT... That's not good! So basically people might be bailing out on my page(s) before they even load all the way??? that's a terrible thought but that would explain why my sales are DOWN since using the Auctiva scrolling window. I thought it would increase my sales??...

I have been tracking sales of a competitor and they don't use auctiva or even post multiple pics like I do, and their auctions always end higher and have more bidders than mine (what a pisser!) I realize there are several factors that might cause this (more feedback, returning customers, etc) so now I am now going to test if it relates to auction end date/time and if not, I may ditch the store window all together and see if that increases my sales again.
So, I'll play ginuea (?) pig and make some changes and post again in a week or two and tell you how my test(s) went.
Wish me luck!

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