I have been listing all night and my template was working and then around midnight the template area is all greyed out and when I try to fix the template and click in the square I get an error message in the window that opens up instead of template options. 84rms
Norman Sherfield
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Hey, having problems here too...

When I click the Template image during a listing I get the following message.

An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.

I've got a fair bit of stuff to list today and was hoping to crack on ... but this is holding me back.

Grrr! Frown
I am having the same trouble with the listings and have decided that a plain listing is better than no listing, so all my 30 due to go on today are dead plain....at least the page will load quicker! Look on the bright side! I just did 20 5p BIN's, no way was a plain advert putting me off that saving - so go ahead anyway all of you....by the way, I scheduled some with templates a few days ago and they did have templates then so they may come back when the problem is sorted out. Remember this is all free....PS On top of that little problem is anyone else having their paragraphs all jumbled up on saving the listing? Stuff is coming out all over the place and lands on ebay in the same condition so I have to revise ALL my listings every single time - I cannot retrieve the special colours I use of course so they are lost - I would be interested to know if it is just me...stuff at the bottom comes out at the top etc....it is driving me to Trak Auctions again...I do not have time to revise every item every time I list something - now that does make me mad!! Smiling through gritted teeth.....
It would be really helpful if the admins could post a notice saying "We know about problem X & we're working on it. Hope to have it fixed by such-and-such-a-time". I haven't been here long but have run into a few problems, but all but one has been resolved because it's a system-wide issue, not just a "me" issue. Still a great site from what I've seen Smile
It is always nice to know you are not alone! They must be going crazy up there in the office coping with all the complaints! I usually come here to see if I am alone before I ask them for help - that way at least you do not have them wasting time...it is a nice sunny day here so I am going out now to sunbathe! Beats listing!!
I too am having the same problem with no templates, error occured. Maybe they are adding new templates and something went wrong? I did save my listing, and it seemed to be okay when I went back and looked at it. I didn't load it to ebay though, I will later if the problem isn't fixed. I to wish someone would let us know if they are working on the problem. Just have to have some patience I guess, it's free. Roll Eyes Oh by the way it's 10:39 EST.
Let me add my problems. I'm a very infrequent lister -- but when I do list, I list several on the same day (when I'm able to get some time off work). It's such a bite to prepare and then start listing -- only to have it not work! I guess I'll go ahead and prepare the listings and then go back and add the templates after they're working again. Just wish I had a time estimate on when they'll be ready.
This has been off and on for the past week. A few days ago the templates disappeared in my listings. Ones that were saved and used before. When they went out to ebay they had no logo, no terms, nothing! Just the description and ebays info added on.

The problem that Auctiva has is they continue to make changes and updates while the system is live. When something goes wrong everyone takes the hit. What they need to do is test the changes on an isolated system to make sure it functions properly. But apparently that is too much trouble.

I used to think that it was silly to complain about something that you get for free. But now that I know Auctiva gets significant funding from ebay through their partner program I don't feel that way anymore. In fact, it would behove ebay to get on Auctiva's case about these problems since it only makes ebay look bad and creates disgruntled sellers in the process.

Just my two cents worth. I'll step down from the soapbox now.
Here's my rant to support a few minutes ago. We'll see what they say:

OK, you guys already know about the templates not working. But have you been notified of templates not showing up in saved listings? My problem is that I have several saves listings that have been used before, with my custom template, that all of a sudden do not have the template attached to them anymore. Shouldn't be a big problem, right? Until I select those to list again, assuming they are still intact, and lo and behold half of the information for the items is gone once it hits ebay! This is a huge problem in that my logos, terms, shipping info etc. are not available to the buyers. If nobody buys my items because they don't have the info they need, who pays for that? Me! I pay the listing fees for items I know will sell but don't because critical information is missing from the listing due to the templates not being there. This is wrong and needs to be fixed so it never happens again.

You guys have a great system but you need to find a way to test your improvements outside of the live environment. Every single time something goes wrong with an update or change the community boards light up like a christmas tree with complaints. This is not the way the system should be. If I were working for ebay I would be wondering what you guys are doing. After all, ebay funds your program. Don't you think you have some responsibility to make it work flawlessly? It makes the sellers upset, it makes buyers wary and it makes ebay look bad when they system does not function the way it is intended.

I'd be curious to hear the response to this. I think it is in Auctiva's best interest to address the issues that I, and so many others, present to you. It might also be a good idea for some of your staff to participate in the community boards. If anything it would give a sense of good will to those whose only outlet is to vent their frustrations there.

So what do you say guys? Can it be done? Will the problems ever be corrected?
Well I have always supported Auctiva, But the biggest fault they have is like today, it took someone almost 1/2 of a day to aknowledge to us that they have a problem. Something all of us already knew. If a site is going to be available 24/7 then someone needs to be there 24/7 to handle problems.
Originally posted by Help and Sell:

...My problem is that I have several saves listings that have been used before, with my custom template, that all of a sudden do not have the template attached to them anymore. Shouldn't be a big problem, right? Until I select those to list again, assuming they are still intact, and lo and behold half of the information for the items is gone once it hits ebay...

Please fill out a support ticket when you are experiencing problems like this.

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