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This thread isn't meant to garnish responses. I won't be answering any subsequent posts.
I appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

Did you know it is a felony to hack into someone else's computer, website or data system?

Did you know it is a crime to call places like CPS and report someone without 'real' cause as a means of harrassment?

Did you know it is crime to stalk and harrass people? Like sending pizza to someone's home as a joke (when you aren't friends and don't even like one another), calling CPS on someone for fun or breaking into someone's computer, etc.. All crimes and punishable in a court of law. The law, you remember the law, right? If not, you should.

Did you know all of these deeds carry a trail leading back to you (the criminal) that cannot be erased?

Did you know many believe what you put out comes back to you? I think it's called, karma. Although, some might call it justice. Heck, maybe it's both.

Did you know 'your' karma is on its way?

You're spinning webs that will strangle you one day. You're building a long list of those who will attend your fall. Enjoy yourselves while you can because your fall will come and when it does, you'll fall hard. You'll have no one to blame but yourselves. There aren't enough prayers to get you out of the mess you've made.

Did you know 'sometimes' the hunters become the hunted?

Well, if you didn't, you do now.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some people should be content watching the grass grow. Instead of committing felonies.
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Originally posted by starrynight:
What happened to that post??

I didn't see the post as bad in any way. Heck, I thought the same thing (about the word mix-up), but didn't post earlier because I thought you prefered there be no replies. Now that there are replies... I'm appalled that anyone would do the things you've described.

Since I'm posting, what is CPS?

I didn't see anything wrong with their post either. I mean, we all make typos, misspell words and use improper grammar from time to time. It's good to know we have a special group of people who are out their ready to aid each and every one of us in our quest of perfecting the English language. That's why I thanked the wonderful Spell / Grammar Checker of Joy for their prompt and courteous attention.

Of course, the only SCOJ/GCOJ I have had the pleasure of knowing hail from far beyond this galaxy. Good to know we have them here as well. Anyway, maybe it had something to do with my bringing up the IP address? Who knows for sure? Only they do. No matter. I enjoyed their post so much, I quoted it.

CPS stands for child protective services.

Yes, it is very appalling to 'know' there are people out there who do indeed 'do' these types of things. Sad as it is, they do.

I suppose the best the rest of us can do is make sure such nasty deeds do not go unpunished. Thus, not only insuring our own safety but the safety of any potential future victims as well. For every action there's a reaction. Beyond forum life is a world of law. Laws are meant to be enforced or they are meaniless.

I intend to give 'meaning' to the law that applies in this situation.

Okay, that's all I have to say. Have a great day. Smile
Let's get one thing very, very crystal clear...CPS was 'not' called on me and has nothing to do with me. They were called out to visit another individual (on your attack list) as you well know.

I don't make enemies 'along the way'. Whoever did what has been done to myself and to others has left a very tangible path that leads directly back to them. I have been asked by the authorities not to discuss any evidence and so, I won't. It is really out of my hands at this point. Besides, no one has been directly accused of anything. However, there are few people who are passionately denying much for being so darn innocent. It really boggles the mind.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, they 'are' innocent. Time will tell.
In answer to your question.

The title, The Biddy Bunch (not my creation) was never assigned specifically to anyone.

Just as guilt for these 'crimes' has never been specifically assigned to anyone.

Perhaps, it is better explained this way.

Ever catch your child with chocolate on his face and hands, asked him if he ate the only cookie left and he replied, “What cookie?” The neighbor kid isn’t crying, “What cookie, what cookie!” He didn’t eat the cookie and would feel no reason to protest. If he did protest, I would think he got a portion of it because my kid shared it with him.

All the protesting is sort of like that. I hear the neighbor kid crying out, “What cookie?” It’s the manner of denial when no name was mentioned, no finger pointed, no one specifically accused, but all I hear from this group is, “What cookie?” If you don’t have chocolate on your face and hands, don’t sweat it, if you do its indelible chocolate...

What is all of this, The Tell-Tale Heart?
Quite frankly, your interest in this thread, how I handle this situation and all of the dramarama surrounding your exclaiming, "I didn't take the cookie!" (a figure of speech) is very puzzling. I mean, why are you here?

This thread hasn't revealed any specific suspects or evidence (as if I would) and yet, here you are reading. Time after time. It really is amazing. This type of arrogant, invincible behavior is what brings down criminals time after time. They tell one too many people of their criminal antics. Or they just can't resist returning to the scene of their crime. As for my not being very bright, this remains to be seen. Another common flaw of any predator is underestimating his or her prey. It doesn't matter if the criminal(s) know if the FBI (not me) is coming or not. They left a trail that cannot be wiped clean. Whether they know or not is moot.

Scare tactics aren't my Modus Operandi. I'm not playing any games. I take the attack made on me (and others) very, very seriously. If you're feeling nervous and are guilty, you should be.

I see no remorse. None. No, "I was wrong, I'm sorry. Forgive me." Which only leads me to believe said person(s) not only feel above the law, they also feel entitled and or justified in their criminal activities. Afterall, it is a common trait of criminal behavior to habitually place the responsibility (for their crimes) someplace or with someone else. Often the criminal views themself as the victim. With that being said, one can only expect that left unpunished this person or persons will carry out and potentially escalate this behavior in the future.

You've taken all of your chips and bet on double zero (tough odds). If you think for one minute I will set back and do nothing after being attacked, I suggest you think again. When pushed, I push back. The difference being, I do it within the framework of the law. Like I said, no remorse. Very telling indeed.
Actually, no one has specifically accused anyone. If you feel persecuted and or accused, one has to wonder why. Anyway, if you feel a real crime has been committed against you this is the place to go. It's where I went. It's who eBay hands over their information to when a complaint has been made concerning account break in / take over.

Internet Crime Complaint Center (FBI)

Just remember this, reporting false crimes against you is also a crime in and of itself. The razor's edge is sharp, tread lightly.

Now, I'm off to eBay Live! Smile
Just so you know, I have documented the threats made to me recently and if ANYTHING happens to me, my business or my family I will know where it came from.

These games have gone on long enough and I pray that more innocent people aren't harmed by this nasty bunch!

Why the managament over there allows these people to continue to harass and harm others is beyond me.

Very sad Frown
The forums are officially unmoderated (I think). Our government tells us certain places in the ME are hotbeds of terrorism. Well, I'm telling you that SpareDollar/Inkfrog's AHL is potentially a hotbed of internet stalking, harrassment, terrorism (to cause fear) and criminal activity. I'm not sure (yet) what can or cannot be done to this business as I haven't given it my time. My main focus is on bringing the law in to capture whoever has done these criminal activities against myself and others. If at the end of the day, this company can be held accountable and or be it. As SpareDollar/Inkfrog hasn't given myself or others affected by all of this the respect of a reply to correspondence. No right action has been taken.
Originally posted by cakethings:
I just don't understand why this has to be brought over here onto the Auctiva community.

I am unable to post in the forum this group posts in because the registration is closed.

What little I've posted here served an important purpose that I'm unable to go into at this time. Besides, not much has been brought here by me. This thread shouldn't matter to you or anyone. Pass it by.

I've posted many positive and helpful threads prior to this thread. So, for me to post this here and at this time, was important or I wouldn't have done it. I've pretty much accomplished what I needed to accomplish here with this thread.

I'll end this thread by saying this, be careful who you talk to online. Some people are troublemakers who end up convicted criminals. This is my goal. To bring justice where injustice has been committed. We have laws and I intend to see them enforced to their fullest extent. Hopefully, the next time (it might take awhile) I post on this subject it will be to disclose who each and every one of these troublemaker(s) / criminal(s) are. By then, it will part of the public record.

Afterall, lawnmowers don't lie.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding regarding this thread.

Thank you. Smile
Wow, they never stop over there do they? Being one that has been stalked, slandered, and harmed I am apauled that they continue their games.

Sorry your going thru this along with anyone else "they" come in contact with. The walls will fall in due time and for me it can't happen soon enough.

The BEST thing I ever did, was leave SD and ALL involved in that tangled web.

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