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Hello MBK,

Unfortunately, at this time, there is a known issue with the images enlarging within the eBay app on Android devices.  Our engineers are aware of this issue and at this time the issue appears to be within the eBay app itself as the supersize feature operates correctly if you visit eBay on the browser of your device.  The feature also operates as intended elsewhere.

I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding this issue becomes available.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

 - Craig

Since a good percentage of ebay shoppers view via mobile phones and half are Android uaers, I'd think this is pretty important to get with eBay and get them to fix something or change code issue on your end. ALL your customers have this potential dilemma of people leaving your listings when then can't view the images. Since your crew is at this big eBay convention going on, maybe it's a great time to bring it up.


I'm sorry about the ongoing issues you've been facing with supersized images in the eBay app for Android devices, and the lack of communication.  However, I just posted a new listing with a Listing Template design and checked it on the an Android device on eBay's mobile app, and found that the image successfully supersized.

In order to find out what's specifically causing this issue for your listings, can you please file a new support case here and provide the following details: the listing id number, the name of the listing template design and the "Layout" option you're using. You can find this information in the Listing Template window of your Saved Listing. 

These details will help us debug the issue, so if you can provide them it would be greatly appreciated.

Again I'm terribly sorry for any inconveniences may be causing, but appreciate your patience and understanding while we look into this. 






Images (1)
  • The title of the template design and the Layout setting

I did open a new ticket yesterday...

  • Case ID: 673500
  • Assigned Agent: Martin
  • Updated: Nov 13, 2018 03:10PM PST
  • Created: Nov 12, 2018 08:41PM PST


I just put up a new listing (173639377253). It was an old listing that I had saved but I changed the template (Name of template :fairy  Layout: Creative Display Skin: default Images: 15) and posted it. The issue with the images on the android app are still there. When I click the image it then opens it, hovering over the list of images but I can't stretch it. On an iphone I have it stretches fine.
Does the listing have to be totally from scratch? Is that the issue?
I also did a create similar listing (173639516156) from an old one and picked a new template and the same issue occurs. The only image that can be enlarged on either listing is the Image 1 that eBay uses as the main picture.

This one has template name: art deco Layout: Creative Display Skin: Gold Images: 11

Hello again,

Thanks for getting back to us with the additional details, we certainly appreciate it!

I've taken a look at the listings you refer to and can see the issue with the enlarged images.  It appears that the issue is not specifically with the images supersizing as intended from our templates, but the actual zoom feature on those images when using an Android device.

While there have been some minor changes on our end to the template layouts since you originally posted the listings the issue does occur with listings created from scratch as well as prior saved listings and appears to be specific to Android devices as you have noted.  It is unclear what is causing this issue to occur, so we have gone ahead and created a work ticket for our engineers to investigate this issue and I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding it becomes available.  I have also added your support case details to the ticket and we will update your support case as well once we have more information on this.

Thanks for taking the time to get us the further details and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

 - Craig



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