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I've been recently advised by ebay that because I'm using Auctiva with lots of photos, that my listings will not load properly or fast enough on mobile devices because they are code dependant. They advised me to list directly throuh ebay. My sales have fallen off recently and they are identifying that as one of the the causes. I'm now considering my options on listing directly to ebay.
Is this true or has that been addressed by Auctiva?
Could ebay be penalizing me for using Auctiva?
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This is something that should be confirmed by others including Auctiva.

You might also file a support request and ask auctiva directly if they are aware that ebay is critical of its photos uploading on mobile devices. They may be able to dispel the allegation. I would wait until tomorrow as support on the weekends is pretty slim.

I am not sure penalty is the right word but clearly issues about auctiva photos showing up on mobile devices has been raised in the past.

Thanks so much for sharing this. I hope others will contact ebay and share the comments here.
I would really question what you were told mostly because eBay general service reps can't say anything like that based on anything factual. They have no idea how fast a listing may or may not load for someone else. Part of that would be dependent on the buyer phone, service provider, connection speed etc etc.
If I had to guess they were trying to get you off the phone and told you anything that would accomplish that.

I am also not sure what conversation/question you called them about that would even warrant a response that would have to do with mobile apps or how fast a listing would load. I would guess and I may be wrong but the question has more to do with slow sales and that is because buyers were just not buying your items for a period of time not how they load on a phone. That could have to do with a lot of things and all sellers go through periods where nothing sells.
Moble buyers are only a small percentage of overall buyers anyway.

I haven't looked at your listings but it could have to do with the price, the items, the descriptions, using proper item specifics to increase exposure or that buyers were simply not buying.

Ebay is also not penalizing you for anything. EBay is basically a computer program and doesn't carry out grudges or vendettas...especially for using a listing site to list your items. They don't sit in a room and pick out listings for people using listing sites and say we are not going to give them exposure or anything like that.
I also do not know what your conversation was with them. BUT on MANY occasions have had ebay reps tell me not their problem, for things, that I need to go to auctiva, usually after going to auctiva lst and being told to go to ebay. Then when I asked more questions, they would ask WHY I use auctiva and suggested listing through them that I would have less problems. Of course, at start of this it was when we had to pay for extra ebay photos so obviously they would produce income from that if I did not use auctiva.

I have since been told this for many things, mostly in transferring, but have heard for anything that messes up. They do not like to deal with issues with other carriers, as I am sure it is easier for them if we list directly with them. Using them to list they are "IT" which does not put us in the middle of their and auctiva battles over "who is to blame".

But you do not have a the features auctiva offers by listing through them directly.

Just my thought...but ebay really discourages use of auctiva and possibly other carriers (I have not questioned them about others since this is only one I use for ebay listings)
lookandbuyme--somewhere in my memory i recall that the templates were causing slower or non loading on mobile apps. i also recall that a completely white background was more conducive to items loading faster for mobile users (not to mention that google is pushing toward white backgrounds).

could be my memory acting up...but i think these have issues have definitely been raised.
Listen to what ebay tells you. They are correct.
Whether or not they did it on purpose. Who knows
I have not listed from here for a couple months and I can tell the difference instantly between Ebay & auctiva.
Embedded photos will and are a problem when viewing on ebay from different devices.
If the person is on a standard home computor/Laptop you are fine
Any other device is questionable.
Hi Crystal3,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. EBay did make an announcement within the last couple months indicating they would be making some changes to their mobile app and/or website that will cause images embedded in listing descriptions not to show up on mobile devices and it sounds like the eBay representative you spoke to may have been attempting to make you aware of that.

Any images that are placed within the regular Auctiva Image Selection section on the Auctiva lister when listing an item technically become embedded in the description so, in order to ensure those using mobile devices can see enough images to make an informed purchasing decision, it is best to submit all your main images to eBay's Gallery too.

If you would like to submit more than one image to eBay's Gallery when listing through Auctiva, just check the box next to “Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images” on the Auctiva lister page and you will be able to select up to 12 images for that purpose - just like when you post items directly through the eBay Sell your Item form.

If you would prefer to only submit your images to eBay's Picture Hosting and *not* embed any in your listing descriptions, that is a possibility as well. In order to do so, you would simply not select any images in the Auctiva Image Selection section and only choose your images in the Optional eBay Gallery Images section below.

I also cannot be certain exactly why you were advised to list directly through eBay instead of using Auctiva, but I figured I would share my thoughts on the subject. I hope this helps!


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