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Over 9 years as a power seller, I can say Ebays own image hosting site, has gone down. Used to do it pretty often, they didn't refund any lost fees as I recall. Most of my auctions end with the items sold so they couldn't be relisted, and the monetary loss would be hard to determine. Auctiva, while it has gone down a handful of times over the 3 years that I have used it, has saved me thousands in picture fees, where else can you get 24 pics per auction for free? It's frustrating, but I am more disgusted with all of Ebays new policies than I could ever be with Auctiva.I will still use Auctiva, nothing is perfect 100% of the time.

The service is FREE. If you loose money because of glitches it is because you chose to use this service. This also happens with paid services because computer systems are not flawless. IF you are a seller that has hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake you should buy your own server and host your own images. Yes, it is inconvenient but it is so funny to see how quickly some people forget all of the FREE and great benefits we get from auctiva. It happens, relax, deal with it or use a different service.
Very well said, ColorMeNew...

I was sitting here reading all these responses and was thinking the same thing.

Things happen, nothing is perfect 100% of the time. Just because one pays for these services or the services are 'free' does not guarantee there will never be a glitch, issue, down time, ect.

If someone knows of such a site, that is where they should go. I think most all of us understand that if you have auctions ending now, this is most unfortunate. But, hey things happen.

I have used Auctiva for almost 2 years as well and have never had an issue with images or anything else for that matter. Likewise, this service has saved me tons of money in photo features over the past two years.

It's only just doesn't seem that way right now! Relax & have a little patience. This too shall pass.

It is more frustrating to hear all of the complaints, yet once the Auctiva issue is resolved those people still STAY here. I'm sorry but I save HUNDREDS in the images I can place in my listings alone! But honestly, if a seller has such a huge empire that they would go out of business with these sporadic issues . . .then it is their responsibility to have safety measures, etc.

All business have risks and all similar services have occassional down time. Stop complaining and take the good with the bad. I have over 3500 listings and although it is frustrating, it won't kill me. I am very grateful for this FREE service and ALL of the great features! I dont use pay pal I have my own merchant account to accept credit cards--with Auctiva I can link the processing FREE without having to pay for an integrated shopping cart/checkout. So to all you complainers, I understand it is frustrating, but just take a chill pill it is not that serious, if it is, then you should find an alternative.
OMG! I'm freaking out! I came home from the flea just now to 9 emails of people asking me where my photos are! ALL OF THEM ARE SHOWING RED X's!!

I can't believe this!! I feel like crying even. As bad as things are when pics are there, this sucks!!!!!! And it appears it's been HOURS so far. I wonder how many hours??? 12?? or is it like 3?

OMG.....I wish I stayed w/ my last company now! This never happened! What's the difference if Auctiva is free but loses $$ w/ no pics or pay 25 to a site that this doesn't happen and MAKE $$??

I hate to sound ungrateful but I did put total TRUST into Auctiva. Now I am not so sure which site I should list with. ???
Hi All, I just checked out Ink Frog and they had the same problem today. Apparently a whole datacenter is down at Amazon, which is where they store their pics? Anyway, they were able to reroute their servers and their pics are now coming back on line. Auctiva may be set up the same way so that's why they're down? I hope that Auctiva can reroute as well, and soon! I had grand listing plans for today as well as current auctions out there, now with no pics. Eek
Color Me Knew

Amen,you are so right....
Hey I live in Florida and I have learned by now if it's not a "hurricane" then life is good...

I too am grateful this service is available. I would be lost without it.

In the 'bigger picture' (no pun intended), Auctiva will get this restored & for some another crisis will come along as soon as this one is fixed.

*Note, some might need to take 2 Chillpills & call Auctiva in the morning!
Not sure I have the right to comment here, as my sales are so small and so this hick up doesn't affect me terribly. However, I do feel some things being said are very harsh indeed.
I think Auctiva are great!
I have watched a relative who uses a rather expensive (in my opinion) host and he has way much more trouble with it, than I've ever had with Autiva.
I hope they can and do fix it though.
Hope this is helpful to some - I keep an offline photo album of pics of auctions listed, so am loading pictures directly on ebay to replace at least the gallery pic. It's not much, the Auctiva window is of course still empty, and only the picture gallery picture shows up on the listing, but at least there is SOMETHING for your customer to look at when the listing is pulled up. Not being a computer genius by any stretch, I'm not sure if this change will have any repercussions once the service comes back up, and it won't help the folks who have listings ending within the next 24 hours, but a bandaid at this point may be better than nothing.
A situation like this occurred almost three years ago. It had nothing to do with sites like auctiva ebay etc. two major servers got into an issue over the other using there bandwith or something like that and the server pulled back . This effected many people all over eBay and major web hosting sites. Grrr now I have no excuse to not vacuum this afternoon and get everyones laundry done here until the picture situation is fixed.
Could also be something simple like a slight change in eBay software that Auctiva has to conform to in order for the software to be back up and running.
Good luck everyone and Thank You Auctiva people I know you will get it worked out again.

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