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This will be a bit long-but I need to get it off my chest! thanks for listening...

Ok- so I sell a lipstick for a total of $2.75 including shipping..sold on June 19th, buyer has 100% feedback and over 100 score. The buyer never pays until July 2!! I require 5 days for payment. I did nothing..because of the good feedback..I figure they just forgot..gave her a break.

I send lipstick next day of payment. After 4 days of receiving the item. She emails me the following:

This lipstick is used. I don't care about the outer case and that was disclosed. However, the lipstick itself is used. I want a refund via paypal including shipping charges. If you wish the item returned, you'll need to add those shipping charges too.
Thank you.

I email her back with the following:

Hi, I am sorry you had a bad experience, as I believed honestly this has not been used, and would NEVER sell especially cosmetics used. Please return the item, so that I can take a better look at it, to see what I have missed. It should cost no more than $1.25 or so. Upon receiving the item returned to me, I will be more than happy to refund you, including shipping charges both ways. (just include the receipt for shipping charges, so than I may return them to you). Again, accept my sincere apologies, and I will resolve this issue for you, as I am true to my word. Thanks, Donna

She emails be back:
Send me your address please so I can send the lipstick back. I'll inform you of the shipping charges and I'll be keeping the receipt. Sending this back is a lot of trouble to recover 2.75. My schedule is very full, hence the reason I buy lipstick, etc. on ebay. The easiest way to handle this would be for you to believe my 100 percent feedback and refund what I've spent and I throw the used lipstick in the trash.

Now - yes alot of trouble for a stupid $2.75!

Yet she paid late!!!!!! Very LATE!! Then she says is used!! Then she refuses to give me a receipt for shipping charges!! What company refunds an item (no matter the cost) without the return of the item. She is very demanding!

She says is a lot of trouble with her busy schedule. Oh so I am doing nothing..HA!

What about the seller who- takes the picutre-writes the auction-ships the package-mail it..hello...This is more of a headache for me..what does she think..she CAN just charge me what SHE WANTS for shipping I THINK NOT!! She does not want to return the item. Why not! If she claims it to be used. I want to see see what I this was MY lipstick and not my color..and I did not use it!

I was very nice in my emails- yet she is very stern. And very difficult...

Ok- I know just get rid of her and pay her the $2.75..normally I would do just that..but she is mean and paid very late...

maybe after I calm down..I'll do that..but right now I am very upset...Maybe I'll wait the two weeks to give her a refund, like she paid me! (no,no, I can't - I just too nice)

What do you think..why is she so mean? I have benn very nice to her. Why do you think she needs to keep the receipt?

Any advice?????

Is just principle at this point...
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Hi, if the item was as new and still sealed and you are sure of that you have two options :-

1) For good will only just refund the winning bid value, normally one does not refund p&p.

2) Stick to your guns ignore the bull and she can raise a significantly not as described dispute which you should be able to win. If she is so busy she will not have time to raise it anyway.

And whatever you do do not leave feedback until the buyer has left it first.

Only communicate via eBay's contact buyer or the dispute mechanism, certainly not directly, keep it all traceable.

If she is just being stroppy and too busy nothing willl come of it, personally it seems to be hardly worth the hassle to pursue it and perhaps it is best not to sell items of this type on eBay anyway Wink

P.S. If someone had not paid within 7 days and no contact I would have just raised an unpaid dispute and let it run, as soon as it gets personal you are losing control of the situation.
Hi, thanks for the advice, The lipstick was a GWP (gift with purchase) these are are not sealed. Any I have sold many of these, and there are a ton of them on ebay-not sealed. I was not going to fight her-not happy- I will refund the small amount-her additude its the problem. I told her I will return the shipping both ways-yet she has a problem giving me the receipt for the shipping costs-why? I only want it returned so that I know that SHE HERSELF did not use it and just doesn't like the color, and now wants a refund! (normally cosmetics are NEVER REFUNDED) Thanks
Hi CG - You were being very nice, and professional, in your emails to her. Let's face it, she is being a bit of an uncooperative pig in return (is that too harsh?). My contrary view is this: I don't care if it is only $2.75, I would never issue a refund on a "defective" or "not as described" item unless it is returned first - just on general principle if nothing else - besides, it seems un-businesslike and unprofessional to make exceptions to your business policy just because of her very one-sided demands. I would say returning the item first is pretty much common practice everywhere. Do you have a clear return policy stated in your listings? Even if you don't, your request is very reasonable, generous, and standard practice - her's is typical buyer scam behavior. Stick to your guns! If you do refund her, be able to verify the date and amount ie. use paypal. Good luck and don't stress. (We're behind you all the way!) Wink
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Hi ninth.

I have had 'pig' customers especially one who bid rashly and demanded a major discount on an item which was listed as damaged for restore or repair. It was almost as though he intended to outbid others and then get it knocked down to want he wanted. With hindsight it was probably an attempted scam.

I held fast and got my first and only red to date in two years of selling. With this case of a small amount I would judge the buyers profile and their feedback, not always the most accurate way to asses but the only one available before making a judgement call.

Generally I would only process a refund without return if I had made a significant mistake in the listing and the return postage significantly outweighed the items value.

Every case has it's merits to consider this is why I give a very clear and simple returns policy which allows me to judge the merits of the buyers concerns.

Ultimately we go through the hassles and complications of eBay, Auctiva, Sellathon etc to make money but when time is consumed over a few £ or $ that is costing us even more money it is better to shut the problem down. Then block them to prevent vandalism of subsequent auctions afterall there are plenty of decent buyers out there so attend to them instead.

Part of this problem as I said above is in selling unsealed personal hygene related goods especially in this sue mentality world we live in, it's too risky.

I certainly enjoy these boards there is plenty to learn, see you around ninth Cool
I agree with all of the above, unfortunately some people are born to complain. I used to work in a restaurant that served a limited menu to about 200 a night. Some people thought it was great, and some complained just for the sake of it, but it was the same meal!

I'll definitely be filing unpaid item notices after the 7 days is up as suggested. I hoping that this will give the buyer the message that I'm professional, organised, and am not worth trying to scam - well that's the idea.
Wow! Thanks for all your support..I just ended up giving her a paypal refund.. I do believe she has done this before...and Karma will catch up with her. I really believe in Karma. What comes around goes around. I have learned a lesson too and if this ever happens again, I will be alot more firm and I guess I do need to create a better refund policy, I just really haven't had and real issues until this *%$#@ buyer.

Thanks to all who took the time to help me Smile

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