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I just listed a couple items for local pick-up and when it was transferred to eBay it decided that I was offering free shipping and the local pick-up option was no longer checked off. The payment on pick-up was not transferred over either.

I know for a fact the listings were created correctly here on Auctiva. This can be verified by looking at my saved listings and I just looked again to make sure.

This glitch or whatever could have cost me several hundreds of dollars...and that is not an exaggeration Mad
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I just posted a listing on my second account and it did the exact same thing. It posted the shipping was free and did not transfer over the payment on pick up at all.

This one too would have cost me over $100 if I would not have double check the listing on eBay.

This is also happening during a listing promotion, which means that instead of listing like crazy we now have to stop and double check every listing immediately so the errors can be corrected before someone purchase an item.

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Oh yes, thank you, I filed a support ticket and they finally responded.

They basically want me to leave my listings on eBay without correcting them so they can "look at them" and risk having someone purchase those items and having to have ME pay hundreds of dollars in FREIGHT shipping out of my pocket because transferred incorrectly now would say free shipping.
It took them 2 + days just to get around to responding to the support ticket.

So they want the listing to sit there for days posted incorrectly with free shipping?????????
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Still no resolution.
Now Support is totally ignoring the transfer problem because the words "Gallery Image" were included as part of the issue.
Now that is all they seem to read or talk about and of course it is an "eBay issue" according to them but them they also keep saying they cannot see anything unless I leave the listing up without correcting it.
SO how do they know it is an eBay issue when they say they are unable to see anything because the posted listings were fixed.

They are also totally ignoring the whole transfer issue or that it is changing the shipping and payment option and they still want me to leave the listing up incorrectly.....risking someone purchasing the items and ME having to pay the shipping.
My local pick up item are local pick up for a reason...they are hugely expensive to ship. Hundreds and even as much as over a thousand dollars.....and I cannot afford to take those kinds of hits and so far Auctiva has not volunteered to pay the shipping if they get purchased since they want me to leave up listings that have been changed to say free shipping during the transfer.

Understand I am not posting this to cause drama but as this is fairly normal in getting issues resolved and this is a perfect example of why people are getting so angry with these issues.

It has been days now and and now it is all about getting support back to the original issue since they have decided to only focus on the gallery images and blaming eBay.

This is costing me unnecessary time and money and I do have other things to do besides trying to get support to focus on the whole issue and not setting me up to lose hundreds of dollars by leaving up incorrect listings....which is just not going to happen.
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Now just made another listing and posted it only this time...even though it said it was posted sucessfully on was NOT posted to eBay.

Now I got eBay on the phone and they doubled checked it was not posted to eBay and while I explained the rest of this on going issue they stayed on the phone with me while I reposted this listing....and guess what?? It transferred over incorrectly and just like on Friday it change the shipping to free shipping and took out the pay on pickup option.

Now this is once again confirmed this is NOT an eBay issue and eBay is not happy they are being blamed for everything that is going wrong on Auctiva.

They are also NOT currently having a gallery picture issue and definitely not one that corresponds with this transfer issue.

Now with this last listing it was not the gallery picture that didn't transfer over correctly along with the shipping or payment option. It is one of the pictures in the listing.....again it is NOT on eBay's end.

THIS HAS BEEN WITNESSED AND CONFIRMED WITH EBAY....and a subsequent report has been filed by eBay.

This listing being posted incorrectly had the potential of costing me between $1500 - $2000 in shipping fees because the listing was switched to free shipping.

The very nice person I spoke to also made me aware, which I totally forgot, Auctiva, as a third party contractor for eBay also has a responsibility to eBay and eBay's members and how they are treated and the support they receive here.
It took me until I had this conversation to realize why 99% of support responses on the boards are to file a support ticket instead of answering them on the boards. Because realistically, you don't want the answers we are getting posted on the boards because they are about blaming eBay, browsers etc and not resolving the problems.

I can speak from personal experience that the support tickets are not even being read correctly and the answers don't even apply to the issue a good portion of the time.

Now can we PLEASE STOP passing the buck and putting the blame elsewhere, trying to hide the issue from ebay by not allowing them or even people posting on the boards or not responding to them on the boards and trying to make it look like everything is OK and work on correcting this issue.

And yes...I am angry. This issue could have cost me thousands of dollars and I have been trying to get this issue resolved since Friday and still haven't barely got back to the scripted responses and no one can seem to get past the words gallery picture which was included in the original post/support ticket.
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Hi trinkets,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. I just reviewed the support case you filed on this subject and forwarded the details of the issue over to our technical team for further investigation, but I did ask for some additional clarification to make sure I fully understand the behavior you witnessed prior to when you revised the listings in question.

For example, I posted a test listing through my own Auctiva account using the “Arrange for Local Pick-up (will not ship)” option in the Shipping Tools section, the “Shipping and payments” tab on the listing showed that the only shipping service available was Free Local Pickup.

I'm sorry to hear of your frustration surrounding this manner, but I appreciate you opening a support case to let us know. As I mentioned in my reply, I will follow up with you about the issue as soon as we have been able to find out more.


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