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Very Interesting, what is annoying is how ebay ranks the dsr I am currently hovering around 4.8 and am ranked middle here is how it is defined check this out.....really kind of upsetting:

What is a Rating Tier?

eBay has published data for DSRs that puts sellers into one of five tiers:

1. Top 10% – WOW! The top 10% sellers are a rare bunch and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Look for lots of perks as a top performing seller.
2. Top 10-25% – Congratulations! You are in one of the top tiers and most likely will enjoy several advantages to the competition.
3. Middle 50% (between Bottom 25% and Top 25%) – These sellers are average. They most likely will not face trust and safety action, but also will not be advantaged in search results.
4. Bottom 10-25% – These sellers should work diligently to increase their DSRs and stay out of the Bottom 10% tier.
5. Bottom 10% – These sellers most likely are close to or have already faced Trust and Safety non-seller performance.


PS. So when you look at it from this point of view who really benefits from this??
Who benefits? eBay of course, especially when it can be used to control their income (power seller discounts and search ranking). Conflict of interest anyone?

I've been reading elsewhere that the star numbers, which we interpret as 1 to 5, don't really mean "1 to 5" in simple terms. The number is not based, apparently, on a simple average. The results are based on some sort of bell curve, so "middle" would be on the peak of the curve. Anyone who knows how bell curves work know that most stuff lands in the middle.

A good example of this is on shipping time where "4" is rated as "Quick". How can it be then, from the beta page we saw appear yesterday, that a 4.1 was enough for a seller to have a warning placed on their page that said "This seller has low ratings for shipping quickly"? Obviously the entered rating of "quick" which we see as a 4, doesn't mean the same thing, as 4.1 is interpreted as "not quick".

A lot is going on behind the scenes.

Anyway, I thought all should be aware of I've entered my email address so I get notices. I'm not sure in what form or frequency they will come (daily? on change only? Who knows?). I'll just wait and see.
I'm not sure in what form or frequency they will come (daily? on change only? Who knows?)

Pretty much just whenever your DSR changes. I've received 5 since I signed up in mid-December. Not a terribly spammy email, just shows the Rating, Rating tier, and Number of ratings for each category. As free services go, kinda' nice.
Originally posted by Henrietta:
They fixed it by 'awarding every one a 5'

Now that makes me wonder what else they are 'fixing'

They only "fixed" it after a savvy buyer caught it and complained on the boards. Suddenly, after word got out on the boards, an "Announcement" was made that they were have problems with the DSR ratings but were working on it.

Do you think they would have "fixed" all the DSRs to a 5 if they hadn't been busted?

They're so busy back pedaling they can't see where they're going.
You call it what you want, but several pages had all sorts of annoying display bugs on them. Feedback for one had a big help box that would pop up when you accidentally ran over a "?" in a circle and wouldn't go away. That's been fixed too.

Being that I'm a programmer, and been at it for 30 years, I can recognize mistakes. Some I can forgive, some I can classify as lousy programming. One thing I can say about eBay, they do both, and regularly.
Well Ebay has done it !! listings are now shown by DSR ratings. How can they really rank me by shipping if I have now control over the USPS delivery times. Only Priority is getting delivered fast. I sent a package 3-3-08 1st class as of today it is still NOT delivered. And this is MY rating for shipping?? Someone help?? Frown I do Ebay as a hobby for fun Smile it NOT fun any more. I do NOT want to be a Powerseller DD
I'll tell you what I find interesting. I just tried your experiment, but I never actually clicked "search", because I noticed that my "Sort By" is set to "Time: Ending Soonest". I then pulled down the list, and I do notice that "Best Match" is one of the options, but NOT the one I'm getting by default.


I think it's because I saved the URL long ago as a bookmark, and the URL contains "Ending Soonest" as the search type. Here's the URL from my bookmark:

I suspect "sofindtype=13" is "Ending Soonest".

Now, if only one could spread the word to the millions of eBay buyers to bookmark their search link set to anything other than "Best Match"!
Oh boy, something good for a change. I just got my first DSR Watch email, and it was about me. My Shipping & Handling star just went up +.1 from 4.7 to 4.8, so now I'm, 4.8 across the board. I guess if I were a power seller, I should be very happy because I'd get a 15% discount, but since I'm not one of the "elitists" I'm just happy with my own performance.

I thing eBay should extend this discount to ALL sellers who maintain good customer service. Obviously they think non-powersellers are some sort of low life.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I started printing the postage amounts on the USPS label instead of hiding it. This way the buyer sees the postage amount matches exactly what they paid and you're not screwing them for extra money.

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