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Help! I am a Vintage Clothing seller. I use an HTML code for all my listings. I just change the pictures and text for each new item. Lately, my text has not been changing when I list on Ebay. My pictures change, but not the text! I have had to stop and re-list several auctions because of this problem. Am I doing something wrong?
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Sorry for the confusion. I am new at this. I made my own HTML template through a HTML code writing service. I then pasted it into the Auctiva Item Details section. I saved it as one of my Master's and then reuse it. I change the details (description, size, etc.)and insert pictures as needed. This is where it it not saving my descriptions. It saves the original template information, but nothing new I have typed in.
Thanks again...I am at my wit's end!
OK....I think I understand the problem better.

If you have created a Master Profile with an Item Details profile that has "locked" the code for the description section, that explains why an update/add to the description is dropped, i.e. it's being overriden by the Item Details.

In order to get the code working, it would be better to create a real Template using Auctiva's tag system. In that method, the [DESCRIPTION] tag used in the template will then use any text or HTML added to the description box in the one-page lister and insert it at listing time (or preview).

I do an assist in the Forum called "Coffee Challenge" where I help a member create, revise, or convert an existing non-Auctiva template. If you like, I can work with you to "Auctiva-te" your template with Auctiva tags and get it fully functionial in their system.

If you can store the template by copy and paste to the practiceboard (my prior link), that's a start.

Hi Tina,

I took the code and made a start. I needed to remove that extra code and do some cleanup first. There were a few structural problems that needed attention, so the remove of the description text and your Details and Mesaurements table would work.

This is an in-progress view of the template.

I've replace the 8 images with Auctiva URL tags. I added the [DESCRIPTION] tag, but didn't remove the current code. I saw a readability problem with the fuchsia on gray and thought it might work better on white (just a suggestion). I boxed those sections and rounded the corners for a softer look. I also saw the tables had pre-conceived CSS class tags. I created a Style sheet for that section using the tags (and added one more), which cleans-up the code and makes those elements easy to change.

I've done some quick checks with IE7, Firefox, and Safari, but need to do template tests with Auctiva's builder before it can be used.


Hi Tina,

I'm glad you like it. I hope you don't mind my few tweaks to the look to help the readability and style.

I need to run some additional tests to make sure the code builds correct at Auctiva and (hopefully) it will be ready for you by the mid-morning tomorrow.

I'll give you some step-by-step instructions and will be around tomorrow for the holiday for questions.

This template will work similar to other Auctiva templates. You use the one-page lister to select it as a "Custom" template from your Template library and then add pictures and description from those sections of the one-page lister. I will split the code into two parts: 1) the base Template which needs to be copy and pasted into Auctiva's Template builder as the core HTML, and 2) your Description section code which you copy and paste to the one-page listers description box as HTML code for that section.

I've done some things that will hopefully simplify use for changes in the description section and make it look identical to the final listing during update. The code that gets moved there is everything from that title in the new white round-corner box to just below the table of mearurements. That's the section of the description that I recognized needs revision for each listing. This is very similar to other members designs that I've helped, and a few I've created from scratch.

With the new IMAGE tags, you can optionally select 1 to 8 images with the #1 - #8 image selections in the one-page lister (more can easily be added with code), and it will automatically add your images to the code. Since it uses the URL tags, you can either select Auctiva hosted images or another hosting service, like photobucket. OH...I noted your are using the 3:2 aspect ratio for your pictures, like other vintage clothing sellers I've assisted. They are a little large at 691H x 461W. Usually, I recommend around 550H, so lower res monitors can see a full picture on screen.

Good Morning Tina,

Testing completed.

Here's an update on that prior posted composite:

I made one minor text change. You had language accepting "Money Order" in the Payment section. That's now a eBay policy problem and can result in listing cancellation or worse. I deleted that sentence.

Here are the Template and Description section pieces



You can view the HTML code by clicking the "Edit this document" link at the bottom of the page on each.

Step-by-Step for creating Template:

1. Click on the Template link (above) and select the "Edit this document" link at page bottom. That will provide a refreshed page including a box with the HTML code at the top of the page.

2. In a separate/new browser window, goto the LISTINGS tab page at Auctiva and click on the "Create your own Template" at lower right. This will take you to the Template builder page.

3. Fill-in the new Template Name (I used "Crush Vintage" for my test) at the top of the template builder page. Note, the window box underneath for adding code. That box is by default in HTML view mode.

4. Return to the practicewriter window with the HTML code and with a Right-Mouse click with cursor in the window, do Select All (all the text will highlight) followed by another Right-Mouse click and Copy.

5. Return to the Template builder window and placing your cursor inside the box on the page to create HTML code, do Right-Mouse click followed by Paste. You should see all the code appear.

6. Under the code window of the template builder, click on the "Save and Preview" button. That will produce a pop-up page with a test preview of the template. At the left, select 8 Images from the drop-down menu, and you will see 8 test Images appear. That demonstrates that the [IMAGE#_URL] tags are working. Also, look at the very top of the description section and you'll see some text demonstrating that the [DESCRIPTION] tag is working.

7. You can close the preview page and exit/close the template builder page.

8. Template is now locked and loaded, i.e. it's DONE! Smile

Step-by-Step for adding Description to Listing:

1. Click on the Description link (above) and select the "Edit this document" link at page bottom. That will provide a refreshed page including a box with the HTML code at the top of the page.

2. In a separate/new browser window, goto the LISTINGS tab page at Auctiva and click on the "New Listing" at upper left. This will take you to the Auctiva one-page listing editor. Note, you can also get to the editor from the Saved Listing page by clicking on an existing listing.

3. Locate the Item Description section of the page and select the "Switch to: HTML" to place the description box in HTML mode.

4. Using the copy and paste method from my prior instructions for the template code, copy and paste the description HTML code to the description box. You should see the code appear. Switch the box back to Standard mode to see and edit changes for new listings.

5. Description is now ready for action, i.e. it's DONE too! Are we having fun yet? Big Grin

To add your template to the listing, use the blue Select Template box. The pop-page has a Select Templates drop-down list at the upper the Custom group to locate your template.

To add pictures you your listing, use the Image Selection section of the page and click on the Select An Image box. I know you are using a Master Profile. However, the ITEM DETAILS of a MASTER PROFILE will lock that section, so you need to create or update your current one to remove that piece.

I'm around for questions for most of the day. I have some errands around 4 EST, but should be back around 6 or so.

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Did it! Your instructions were perfect and easy! Looks great...I could have never figured that out on my own. Just a few more really dumb questions: Can you walk me through the Listing process now? Do I insert (cut and paste) that Item Description for each listing? Do I insert the new Template design also? And how do I get my pictures into the Template? (I use the Auctiva picture downloader) Thanks for your patience with me!
Hi Tina,

Are you somewhat new to eBay selling and Auctiva or is this your first listing? If you are experienced in using eBay's one-page listing and revision page, it's very similar with a few enhancements to operate Auctiva's special features.

There are several methods to list from Auctiva, but the simplest is to use either the Post or Schedule buttons at the bottom of the one-page lister. Those buttons do what they say, post immmediately or post at some future date and time using Auctiva's free scheduler. Those functions are also on the Saved Listings page, so you can do them as a selected batch.

You would need to add that Description with any text change to each new listing. From the Saved Listings page you can "Create Similar Listing" of a saved listing and use that as a base for the next listing as a quick method to avoid that add each time. Look for the Icon in the Action column for a current Saved Listing. Effectively, it duplicates the listing. Since you're doing vintage clothing (unique items), the use of Profiles needs to be chosen carefully to avoid the problem you encountered of inability to change text or elements that are necessary for the next item. The three base Profiles that would most help your current method for unique items would be the "Marketing Tools", "Shipping", and "Checkout" (left side of Profiles tab page). Those three are the three lowest sections of the one-page lister. Think of the Profiles as automatic fill-in info when you use them. That's why the Item Details was giving you a problem with the Description, i.e. it was forcing reuse of old info that was unique to the other item. You might want to blank-out or fill that info with something to avoid accidentally using a wrong measurement or text on a new item, e.g. fill with +++ as a placehoder/reminder. Just a thought.

Yes, you insert the Template for a new/blank listing page with that blue Template box, per my prior post. You can tell it's working by using the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the page. If you use that duplication method I mentioned above, it should already be there.

If you are using the Auctiva picture upload in the one-page, it will automatically add them in the order you select them in the uploader box (at least it ususally works that way).


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