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Hello All -

I am pleased to be able to announce that we now have an HTML5 based scrolling gallery available for your use. Since this new scrolling gallery is not based on Flash technology it will display on mobile devices AND, on desktop, does not require the user to click on a play button to view the scrolling gallery.

You can enable it in the Account Preferences area of your Auctiva account. Click on the "Enable the Modern Scrolling Gallery" option.

Once enabled the new Scrolling Gallery will be used in your listings. Any existing, active listings will not be affected.

Original Post
The HTML5 Gallery announcement is great and it will be good to see the scrolling gallery on Apple mobile devces. However, what is the situation regarding users who paste the old gallery html into their auction listing template instaed of having the gallery automatically added to the top of their listing. I believe that still uses flash. Will this also be getting the HTML5 treatment and if so, when?
Regards, Gary
Hello Gary_Harrison -

if you adjust the account preference for your account to use the new gallery, the code that will available to you from under the Manage option of the Gallery tab will be the HTML 5 gallery code.

If you make this change and have already active listings and want those listings to also use the new gallery, you can file a support case from under the Help tab of the site asking us to remove and re-append the gallery to your listings and we can run a command to help with that. However, please note that if you have positioned the gallery other than above or below your description, replacing the gallery may cause it to show in either the above or below position depending on your account preferences for the gallery.

- Craig
Hi Craig
As a seller -- I am very glad that the HTML5 Scrolling Gallery is now working correctly.

I also think I have finally managed to eradicate the broken Visit Counter from all my (re-)listings. That was hard work and only possible because I understand HTML -- most sellers won't have a clue how to remove it.

As a buyer -- I am really annoyed at seeing broken Scrolling Galleries and Counters all over eBay. I can't believe that this is good for Auctiva's image. Can you not just roll out the new gallery and at least disable the old one, even if you can't safely remove it from live listings?

Hello 50040Leviathan -

If you refer to the Sellathon counter and have had difficulty removing the HTML for it, please let us know in a support case and we can send you the appropriate steps. Alternately, we can run a command to hide the counter - but there is no tool to remove the HTML for it from our end.

The new gallery has been set as the default gallery for new listings very recently, so you should not have any new listings going out with the old gallery unless you change your account preferences to do so. The new gallery will also be applied to relists done using Auctiva - the old gallery code will be removed on relist and the gallery code added.

- Craig
Hi Craig
Yes, I did mean the 'Sellathon' counter.

I have NOT had problems removing the code, I'm just fed up of having to keep checking new listings based on old ones (which may have included the counter code).

Hopefully now the new gallery is the default, the old gallery will disappear from everyone else's listings. (I refer you to the comment in my previous post regarding Auctiva's public image.)

In time, maybe the broken Sellathon will go the same way.
I am also disappointed with Auctiva's service.
I have thousands of images re-listed through Ebay but no longer in use that Auctiva doesn't want to help me delete.Their "exclude images in active listings" on manage images used to work to identify active images but no longer does.
Now I am paying for thousands of images not in use and they just say I can delete them one by one.I regret ever joining Auctiva.
Terrible company.
Hello feather -

Unfortunately, our service is unable to track images as "in use" if you relist via eBay, while it does track those images if the listings are relisted via Auctiva, as noted in the opening screen of the image deletion Wizard.

However, you can delete multiple images at a time or all images on a page you are viewing when selecting from your stored images as well as having the option to delete images related to a Saved Listing if you delete the listing.

If you are unsure of the specifics of using either of these methods to reduce your image hosting, please feel free to file a support case or continue with an existing one and we'll be happy to provide you with any clarification.

- Craig
I just signed up to Auctiva because of the new modern HTML5 Scrolling Gallery. The old flash based one was not supported by Apple devices and showed a blank box so I stopped using it on other ebay ids a long time ago.

I am testing the new HTML5 gallery. I discovered that it is not "smart" like the old Flash based one. By "smart", the old Flash one knew what eBay site the buyer was viewing the listing on and made all the listing in the gallery open up in the buyers site. The new HTML5 opens up in the sellers site and not the buyer site.

I am in Canada and list on Canada with shipping options to the USA so that my listings is visible on USA. A buyer on USA viewing my listings and clicking on any item in the HTML5 gallery will be taken to the listing on Canada and not to the USA version. The USA buyer will see Canadian $ pricing with no US $ equivalent. If the buyer is wanting to purchase the item, they will be forced to login to Canada. Some buyers will be suspicious of the site because it is different looking and may think they are being scammed. If they do buy they will continue on the Canada site and be confused as to why things look different and wonder what happened to their USA site.

I also remember that the scrolling gallery changed the price to the currency of the site logged into.

I think that the new HTML5 scrolling gallery needs to be "smart" again. Why is it not? For any seller where the listings are viewed outside their country, having the potential buyer leave the comfort of their site is not good.

Other comments I have on the new Gallery.

I would like to see options to increase the number of items per row. Currently it is 5 across, I would like to have 6 (or more) across as it fits better on a 1024 wide screen leaving less wasted white space. I would also like to have more than two rows show without scrolling down in the two row gallery. Ideally, I would like a static grid of 6 items in a row with 6 to 8 rows down. A static grid with many items is better than the scrolling gallery because it allows a buyer to scan across all of the items quickly. I know there should not be too many items so 50 like the amount available would be nice. I would also like an option to have larger thumbnails and fonts. I find the size of the thumbnail small to read on my computer display (1440x900 pixels)

I also noticed that the two row gallery has a blank line after the Auctiva promotion for the gallery under the gallery. I would like this blank line to be removed. It messes up the appearance of my listings as a blank line is put before my HR line separator in my listing. Please see my listings 161993375890. No need for this blank line.

PS I am using a trial Auctiva account for thirty days. My intention is to just use the free tools on a free account. I am inserting the HTML5 scrolling gallery code in my listings manually. I have turned off auto appending of the scrolling gallery and counter to my listings in my account preferences. I am an experienced Auctiva user from way back so I am familiar with your system. I have made my own Auctiva templates and such years ago.

PS I opened a case with customer support on this issue also. I post here in these forums for others to know about the "smart" issue.

PS Where is Auctiva Mike? He used to answer a lot of posts in these forums. Just curious.
Hi ukidnme$ -

It sounds like you may need to adjust the Header Text for your gallery. You can do this after logging in to your account by selecting 'Header and Logo' from the Stores menu of your account. Just change the text in the text field there and save it to update the gallery.

If this does not resolve the issue, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site with the details of the issue and an example listing so we can take a look into it for you.

- Craig
Hi richardcm -

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you have found. I have forwarded your comments regarding the "smart" gallery and the other items you mention on to our product management team for their consideration regarding the functionality of the modern scrolling gallery.

Auctiva Mike is still a part of the team here, however his responsibilities have changed and he is no longer regularly on the forums.

- Craig

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