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Itjustme. .thanks for that show of support.

Same to you Edneff HATE is pretty strong!!

Patbrock, I am glad you are in "LOVE" wih autiva and will never leave them. I sure have not been lately. I also consider myself an experienced user. However, staying or going with ANY company is a BUSINESS decision not a love affair. If my bank, etc., does not cut it you think I am IN LOVE with them enough to stay if they stay the same no I break up, even though. . like the song says "breaking up is hard to do" Most are looking for growth, needed growth not just fluff. (do I care what color the bank paints their walls, NO!!) I want the bank to handle my needs. Auctiva, ebay or any other company, when they can't keep up with "NEEDED" changes and cut it business wise, then I will sure go. I consider myself an experienced" user, I can't believe you would be stay if everything stayed exactly as it is today... that would be like shooting yourself in the leg. Who in their right mind wants status quo????? Most of us want to grow not stay planted and unless auctiva can keep up with ebay changes then status quo is what we will have.

Again, Patbrock, please you or butterflies send that link that people were begging for this??? Where is it? We are begging for items, but this cosmetic overhaul that was total 98% flop that you say "I will like it IF"... we don't know that?? Unless you know what exactly is going to change. (may like it IF I knew what was going to change). Hard to psyche up for something that could be introduced worse than lst. Yes, it IS auctiva business to do with as they wish and that is what they have done which is fine, but that does not mean we have to shut up and smile at things that are not helping with our productivity.

As far as new people, a new the last thing I was interested in as a newbie was a listing page with all of the glitches. Frankly when I started I did not care what it looked like, I was busy learning how to use the "system in general". Sure was not looking for cosmetic things.

Furthermore, IF these forums do not make new people RUN lately I would be shocked. IF I were new and peeked at the forums I would run for my life. NO NEW and IMPROVED features make up for the lack of answers we have received in the last year on forums!!! Sorry. . but I think some of these changes that are random just run people off rather than bring in the herds. I am all for growth... but I am for "MAKE NEW FRIENDS BUT KEEP THE OLD!!!" Just like cable carrier, they are into promotions, etc., for NEW members but they are not overly concerned about retaining their original ones. Well, that is what I get from here lately.

My question, once again, pretty darn simple and only other members have come up with 2, YES 2 changes that were positive and do not need to be re-done. And those 2 changes could have been added to old page??? Then perhaps there would have been resources to do other issues that we have been begging for for months and months.

Why can't auctiva tell us specifically what they are SELLING?????? Simple...this is what is offered:

1. . ..
2. .
3. .

NEW AND IMPROVED as they have put it did not cut it. They have shown us NOTHING NEW and NOTHING IMPROVED and can't even tell us what is NEW and IMPROVED???? (head scratch)

GREG T... . I "RALLY" did - cute!!! Smile. I will slap myself in the face for you for such a stoooooppppiiiiddd comment!! Thought. . .at least ASK the people if it is needed that will use it. Given a list of things we can do.. .I would bet a "NEW and UNIMPROVED" listing page would be say down the list of votes. This got ZERO votes because it was sure not in the feature center for votes and I never saw a forum asking for it, though a couple of people did!! Sure wish they would step up to the plate and send the masses of forum requests for a new page like this.

This is like my hubbie driving a shiny 2010 car and coming in wanting same car in 2011 but it has NO new features and he wants me to buy that crap, that he NEEDS it!! Need a little bit more than a shiny overhaul for cosmetic reasons.

Hopefully auctiva will at least attempt to SELL this!!
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I couldn't care less about 'cosmetic'. I want functional. I want speed. I want things to work like they are supposed to. I don't get much of that here, sorry to say. I'm still waiting for my saved listing to open up so I can get to work on it...I opened another window to come here while I wait. I would be overjoyed if my fonts would for once STAY THE SAME. If I could actually finish my work QUICKLY here. That doesn't happen anymore. And I know I'm not the only one who has had these problems for a long time. It's not my NEW computer, it is Auctive. Only here do I have such problems. I would think these functionality issues would be looked into before any cosmetic changes are made.

Sorry but I just had to vent today, this is getting ridiculous Mad fas as I could see the New and Improved listing page was PURELY cosmetic...lookandbuyme, I come here all the time too and I have NEVER seen anyone asking for a new listing page either Roll Eyes
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Member_8880 - speed just does not happen anymore, and its not you. I sell on 4 sites, 2 of which use online listing software, and I'll tell you it is like night and day. None of the other 3 are as slow as Autiva and surprise, none charge you either. While Auctiva will tell you otherwise, I have to believe it is a server issue. Over the years it has almost always been a server issue, be it images or the listing software. I too question the judgment of rolling out "new" features that no one asks for, when there are so many other problems. IF the issue is the servers, then the programmers probably can't do anything about it. I do however fault the programmers in their lack of testing - which has been a long time gripe of mine. Personally, I don't expect Auctiva to ever get better with their resonses. Server upgrades cost money and I don't think they are looking to spend it. It will be interesting though with a relatively new player in the market that provides software to list on ebay, whether Auctiva will seriously make upgrades or operate on the logic that since we can't put the competitions name in our posts, it will take a longer time for people to leave. Frankly, I think any new user over the past couple of years does not remember when Auctiva was better. Certainly very few remember Mr Poster. Batch software to list will ALWAYS be a better option. If word does get out there and this "new" listing site is better word will eventually get out there and Auctiva WILL take a hit. If I were Auctiva I would pay attention to the gripes. They are NOT the only game in town anymore. Once I get some time after the holidays I will be checking out the competition. As it is now, when my auctions end I save them in Turbo lister, as most every other site imports TL listings or a .csv version of a TL listing. Will make it much easier in the long run.
lookandbuyme for President!

Thank you for so eloquently staying on top of the issues. Your commitment and zeal would be assets on either side of the forthcoming prez election.

greg, member 8080, womandi,and ed...thanks for letting me know that its not just me on my periodic gripes/comments.

that's my post thanksgiving message and now back to business.

ps there is a new program, that uploads to ebay, whose name we can't say, that is capturing a lot of attention. For those who read Auction Bytes, where Auctiva gets some fair press, the new program is mentioned in detail. it's NOT just you (LOL). I have problems all the time but I have found it's a waste of time to even open a support case anymore. It's always 'clear your cache, yada yada...

Don't get me wrong, I love the options I have using Auctiva (free scheduling, saving my listings practically forver, etc etc) but when it was free it was more functional.

Greg T...server problems would make sense for ONE of the things I deal with on a weekly basis. After listings are scheduled to ebay I usually see 3 or 4 that have no gallery pic. So I follow ebay's instructions to fix it and lo and behold...SERVER UNAVAILABLE. (Auctiva server that is) It's a real PITA cause it happens every week.

I must be blind...I read AuctionBytes all the time, never saw what you two are talking about. So I went there and actively looked, STILL couldn't find it! I must still be recovering from Thanksgiving Smile
I might mention ALL of my saved for a long time listings were ruined with some of their most recent changes. Totally unusable and unrestorable. It is for that reason I more than likely will pack it in once I try out the "new kid in town" in January. The reports have been glowing - but one must see how they deal with a larger customer base.
Quick note.. I am LMAO!!!! (not at you member_8880) at us crazies actually doing this, guess what game, guess like they say humor is the best medicine!!

Let's keep the game going!!

lst part word.. . If you hold up all fingers on one hand and one finger on other that is first part of this. Then a word that rhymes with hit and starts with a b!!

HOpe this helps, though am enjoying this game!!!
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They have been getting good writeups - but I seem to recall some other sites getting respectable review the last time Auctiva REALLY angered people when they became a pay site. They wound up changing their pay structure when enough people complained. Now its service has deteriorated to the point that you wonder what you are getting for $10. Yes, scheduled listings, but at what price? I can tell you though that TL is no picnic. I still have yet to download the new version that allows 80 characters for fear of what it might do. I need to do that on another PC as I do do work for another lister as well as my own. For him I use TL. I figure I have nothing to lose by trying it for 30 days. Its just setting everything up. There is something quite unique about Auctiva though. send me a msg on FB and I'll tell you - in case you don't know it already. Got to jump on TL now. Have 200 listings to upload.
6 bits??? (HA- I thought shave and a haircut was 2 bits) Drop that anvil on me now...I STINK at this. And later when I find out I'll say 'oh DUH' Smile

OK it's late & I'm tired but Greg I don't see any way to msg you??

BTW lookandbuyme...some of us had a crazy goofy thread going (for almost 3 years!!) in The Lounge, about halfway down the page. Title is
POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all! There's even pics from Ebay Live on page 146. Some of the posts were so funny I laughed til I cried. It's still getting views.

OH DUH!!! Told you I'd say it, lol. I see it, when I went to another window for a sec, right on top of the AuctionBytes page. Gah, somebody slap me Roll Eyes
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