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Okay, new to Auctiva, moving from SD. I'm trying to save one of my custom templates from sd, and keep getting an error message that I can only have one description tag in the template. I have NO idea what I'm supposed to do - this is from the Custom Template Warehouse and I use it exclusively on all of my listings. How can I fix it to work with Auctiva? Many thanks, Kim
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Have you seen this thread?

The tutorial was done by a prior SD'er that has since moved over here.

Also I would suggest sitting through one of Auctiva's online classes. (the link is in my signature) Alot of questions are answered.

Plus, have you filled out a customer help ticket. Auctiva Brent is VERY helpful and works very hard. Tickets are answered promptly and he will do his best to help you.

I know, I've been where you are (the been there, done that syndrome) and it's hard going from one service that has no customer service (cept for fellow members) to a service that has great customer service so you don't have to rely on the help boards.

Good Luck,
Thanks Donna. This site is very difficult to work with, IMO. I have submitted several tickets, no reply. Some days, the site won't even allow me to sign in, even tho I'm using the EXACT user id and password as registered. I keep the confirmation email from Auctiva open every day just to confirm that I'm using the right info, too. Very frustrated. I'll read the thread you posted, hoping that will answer all my questions. I'd hoped for a better solution to listing, so that might help me.

Thanks for the reply!

I got 2 tickets answered lightning fast..I'll drop them a note.

Did you take the Auctiva Online Class?

Once you set up your profiles...should be bing, bang, boom.

Alot who don't take the class are often confused to start off with. But once the idea of profiles and how they work settle in..then they're fine.

You are receiving confirmation emails of the help tickets right? Because that confirms that they have received the ticket.

Good Luck,
Hi SilverKim,

The "You can only have one description" tag means that your template references the description in either more than one place or not at all and, since there is only one description field on the lister page, that creates a problem because the description doesn't know where to go.

Please provide your Auctiva user ID and the name of the template so we can check it out.

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I'm just back in after being gone for most of the day.

I sent a customer ticket in your behalf right after responding.

Auctiva Mike answered my request promptly according to the ticket time to me and the email answer to me.

Might just be spam controls on your part.

Auctiva Mike is great at working on the templates and so is Brent. Hopefully you're email controls will now allow email from them.

Good Luck,
Auctiva David
Auctiva Support

Posted Apr 21, 6:37 PM
Since we had a lot of SD users come over to Auctiva awhile back, we actually implemented an automatic conversion of SD templates to Auctiva ones If you just copy/paste your entire template into Auctiva and click Save, it should automatically convert all the tags in it into Auctiva tags
Kim I just moved all my SD listings to over here. I have gotten 303 listed so far, with another 100 plus to do! I had to change my image tags because I like the 400x300 better. The rest was perfect! I had a couple of the same error messages as you. Mine was becuase instead of the [description] I actually had a description typed in.... I didnt know how the templates worked on sparedollar! Took me 2 years to learn if I left the [description] in, it would put it in the ad when I filled in the description box on my create an auction page! So I would go in and change each template to match the description! Boy was I dumb! I did the same thing for the [title] and [shipping&payment] tags! I could have saved myself so much time over the years not changing every darn template to match the ad! Hope you got your problem fixed. It took me a bit of time to move my templates over and change the image tags (because I wanted them different). But now I have about 40 or so custom templates all set Smile Good luck, Steph (sobol on SD)

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