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To maximize the potential of eBays 10 day listing with the maximum exposer you can list your item on Thursdays and get two weekends for buyers to look at your auction. Auctiva updates their site every Thursday night. This prevents sellers from listing items on Thursday night getting the two weekend benefit. I think Auctiva should change their updating night to possibly Wednesdays since choosing 3,5,7 or 10 days on Wednesday does not give maximum exposer. Answer the poll and let Auctiva know what you think..
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I understand you have the ability to schedule your listings, however If you want for example to schedule your listing on Thursday night for 10 days to end Sunday night again to give you two weekends of exposer, Auctiva would be down for maintenance for the time you requested your listing to start. The problem I run into is not the ability to schedule my auctions, its having them start on Thursdays nights for 10 days.
Originally posted by alta77:
...Auctiva would be down for maintenance for the time you requested your listing to start.

Sorry, maybe my stupid pill hasn't worn off yet (others agree with you according to the poll), but I just don't understand your problem. Thursday night maintenance is for about 4 hours starting from about 10pm PST or later. Before 10pm on Thursday nights the site is fully functional. Do you mean to say you want your listings to post that late at night(after 10pm)? That means they will also end that late at night. Since prime exposure time and bidding time is much earlier than that, when people are still awake, why can't you just post, or schedule your posts, earlier than 10pm? What am I not getting here? Do you live somewhere other than the USA, or do I need a whack on the side of the head. (Won't be the first time.)
I'm going to chime in here with ninth_wave...I agree to leave well enough alone. Auctiva does it's maintenence at the same time Ebay does theirs which is late at night in some parts of the U.S. (Midnight and on, where I am) Have you ever logged into Ebay at this time and seen those annoying little banners 'some of your information is missing at this time'? The way this is set up now is no accident. As has been said before, no matter what time maintenence occurs it will affect someone somewhere.

BTW ninth, if you ever need a whack on the head just ask Big Grin
OOH Gratuitous violence. Can I sell tickets to the event? Of course i will have to film the event also for future video sales. Ever here of Bum Fights? We can have eBay Brawls! Maybe we could even get Meg to endorse them!
By the way Alta77 this will not change, Auctiva has done this, this way forever and they say they have no plans of changing it, it is the best and most convenient time as far as they are concerned.
And I tend to agree myself. What earthly reason do you have for ending auctions at that hour anyway? Those are the WORST hours to sell.
DUH...I just realized something (yeah I'm a little slow at times Wink )
It doesn't matter at all if your auctions are scheduled or ending during maintenence time...they are still there, they don't just disappear. I'm a night person, I'm always up late, my auctions have never been MIA during the maintenence timeframe. You just can't do any WORK on Auctiva...does this make sense?
Even though, as you say, the site seems to stay online enough to host your photos (the rest of your listing resides on ebay's servers)(not sure about the template graphics), that really doesn't address whether or not Auctiva will actually post a scheduled auction during the maintenance period. How do we know the scheduling function still does its thing during that time? Maybe an Auctiva worker or another member with direct experience needs to tell us. Inquiring minds want to know.
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Right you are ninth, I was wrong (now who needs a whack on the head Wink
Here's a copy paste of part of the answer I recieved from support:

>> We have scheduled this time in synchronization with eBay and after conducting studies that shows that is when our site receives the least traffic and, therefore, impacts the fewest customers. We also have many customers in the United Kingdom and Australia and they are taken into consideration as well.

Listings that are scheduled to post during that period are going to fail as, we loose connectivity with eBay servers <<
Originally posted by member_8880:
Listings that are scheduled to post during that period are going to fail as, we loose connectivity with eBay servers <<

That answers the posting question(Thanks for doing the research), but raises a question as to the reliability of the photo hosting during that period. It might not make much difference in our time zones due to the late hour, but other parts of the world would certainly feel the pinch.
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Originally posted by member_8880:
And anyway, we (at least I) dont know if ninth is he or she ??
Fess up, ninth Wink

I didn't realize it was so not obvious - oh the glories of online anonymity (thank you spell-checker). Now you've got me worried, all full of self-doubt. Anybody else like to take a guess? Maybe I should do a poll. Trapped like a rat! Eek
Darn, I should've come back sooner.
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I'm here! Thanks Member! I voted on the other thread. I think ninth is


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