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Hi, hoping someone can help..(Danno). Is anyone experiencing a situation where an item has been sold and can be viewed under "sold" under the my ebay view & also showing on the active page as ended at the same time??? Ebay can't seem to fix it.

At this point I am assuming it is my custom template as it is only happening with the use of this template. The template also has a 2nd template that was made from the html & is slightly different and is happening on that one as well.

Listing # 300237914310 has been pd for & shipped and is still showing on my active page & says "ended" where time left is.

Listing 300237555265 has been bought but not yet paid as buyer is still shopping. It is also in both places as well.

Combining the invoice doesn't fix it, nor does archiving the transaction. This is driving me insane...any help would be great! Thanks in advance, Suzanne Confused Confused
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Hi Suzanne,

The common factor on both listings is the page within page embedding that was the cause of code drop-out (lost code including background) when you use the Revise listing editor at eBay. When I re-did that code for the problem background loss, I noted the <html>, <head>, and <body> codes were apparently a problem for eBay, as those codes were being removed during Revise. I've seen other Auctiva members have the same code problem, but not a listing status problem.

Have you had any checkouts on listings where we updated the code to fix the background with that Style snippet I created? If those are working correctly, it's at least circumstantial evidence that the Template is involved.

HI Danno, thanks for the quick reply! No, I am not having any pproblems with any other templates except these. The confusing part is that although these are the only two listings that were affected, I have had a few listings using both templates that haven't done this & worked fine. In all cases, none of them had any revisions made to them at any time. Would looking at the html for the template help? I think it is the coder had an issue with playing music on the template & was able to fix it on my end but for resale on her end, she couldn't get it to work properly. I did contact ebay & they said they were trying to remove it, but they cant, yet they say it is their issue? What do you think?? Thanks much, Suzanne Eek

When you first suggested the problem (other thread), I thought it was eBay's (not Auctiva's). The fact the code used, is normally rejected by eBay, is my only concern. It's very possible the condition for eBay accepting that code by accident (shouldn't be allowed by the template editor) is temporary, and it certainly could be a problem with the new listing page design (no JavaScripts, etc.).

If it's working in some cases and not others, then it may simply be coincidental. that those two have a problem. I did look at the code, and it seemed the end of the description section looked a little odd (and I saw the music player embed). The only thing that honestly concerns me is, code that isn't normally allowed could cause problems with any parsing their system does for whatever reason (including end-of-listing).

It would be best to consider modification of all your templates to remove those unaccepted headers and use the CSS method for background. I was hoping that could be done in tandem with the redesign (if any) for the new eBay listing page layout.

I don't mean to ramble; I just hate to have you start making changes only to restart the effort again in a few months. Coder time is MONEY. I just don't have enough evidence that the code is the cause of the status problem.

However, I do think Auctiva needs to tighten-up on the code allowed by the template editor. That's needed to prevent these drop-out problems and to meet the new safe-code design initiative.


Hi Danno, thanks much for the info...although some of it confuses me as my computer skill understanding is limited. I I understood most of what you said. After spending an hour with live chat aka helpless desk their techs said they are experiencing large amounts of listings with this problems and they have a couple of servers that are causing it and it should be resolved in the next day or two...note they did feel it important to list is under announcements.

They also said their developers have reviewed these listings and it isnt the templates. Like I said, for now all of my custom templates have been fine as long as I dont revise...I can live with it for now. My coder had to close her store for a while for family issues so Im kind of hanging now & dont know how to redo them.

I thought you might find this interesting...As I still feel it could be the template, yet ebay is admitting it to be their issue they also have noted that many are from Auctiva, that aside I have listing 300239700854..this has been bought & not yet pd for using the same template and it is not on the active page & moved to sold & worked fine. Can you take a peek & see if you see anything different about this one? Thanks again for your patience & help, Suzanne
Hi Danno, sorry for being blonde lol the correct # is 300239702854. Also I forgot to mention that both listings with the problem were store inventory items (30 days not gtc) and this listing is an auction format listing. Figured it might matter. I also have no problem sending items from store to online auction. Hope this helps. Thanks again, Suzanne
Hi Danno, no it was always an auction format listing. When I send items to auction, I always do it thru ebay (dont know how to thru Auctiva)and as long as I dont revise anything all the templates stay intact even this one and are gone once they are sold. It could be coincidence but I thought it was odd that it only affected the store items for that template. Both of the problem listings are still showing on active sheet in my ebay view and one even shows 1 person watching. Makes me wonder...Do you think its a store thing? I sent a few to auction to see what happens. Thanks much, Suzanne

Nothing obvious on those two either.

Bad news. Frown I was investigating whether eBay has any published policy on the page embed or placement of background outside of the Description section of the listing and found this policy.

If you look at the "Some Examples" section for NOT PERMITTED, it states....

"Manipulation of areas outside the listing description, including changing fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. in areas such as eBay headers, footers, etc.".

It might be best to get your templates changed now rather than wait.

Hi Danno, by any chance do you know what I would have to do to the templates to be in compliance & if my storefront & about me page are a problem? I have forwarded this info to my coder, but she had to close her store & is away to take care of her mom & I dont think she will be back soon. I dont want to have it all yanked & as I could barely understand the ebay rules, with no html knowledge, I dont even know what to do. All of these were purchased recently and she still has an ebay account. I am hoping she will help & am assuming I have no recourse thru ebay or paypal to get this fixed?? Any thoughts on how I should handle this? Thanks so much for all of your help I really appreciate it, Suzanne Smile

Not sure about the Storefront & About me. I'll take a look. The difficult part about policies is, there are soooooo many, they seem to change daily, and eBay is judge, jury, and (you know the rest). I honestly was trying to avoid this until you had time to work with your coder on redesign. In truth, the greater concern might be a sudden problem with listing due to detection of the problem and rejection with some API error. You might also find your listings are suddenly using the new format (which would also reject some of your code).

The problem with the background is pretty much the same problem we started with. I did try that test of placing it on just the Template's background area (not whole page), but the side-effect of the Store Search and Cat boxes at left, caused no background in that section of the page (remember). That little Style code snippet I created, is also a full page background, and not allowed.

This is a problem I'd have to give some thought to. With the new page design, you'd probably have to rethink the page layout for all your templates anyway. That's the sad part, as I do like your designs.

I wanted to try and capture a new design page to use as a model, but haven't seen one (recently). I'll have to see if anyone at the eBay Forums is reporting them on their listings. I think I gave you a link to sample on the old Forum thread.

Hi Danno, my apologies...I don't understand what you mean...Did you mean the storefont & about me page would be less of an issue? Thanks for the compliment on the templates. They are created from my personal photos which I have & the songs I also have on itunes. Basically I would like to keep them intact. I can live with out the background (page within a page) effect as long as I could keep the main pic and the song. If I cant get her help I will be up a creek, as I bought these with unlimited support because of my lack of knowledge. She placed all of these in Auctiva for me. Do you or someone else on Auctiva offer services to correct these? I originally was looking for someone who created templates that work with Auctiva without using their design services to save on cost. I also thought about trying to find a software so I could make my own that a 5yr old could understand hehe.

I did get chosen for the new search but opted out because it confuses me. I havent had the new listing problem yet although when I see and API error it is usually in Auctiva. What is an API error anyway? The only problem I am having is the uploading pics...I cant upload anything unless I crop & resize before I upload. My camera probably has a setting for it but as you can see Im not mechanically inclined. I have a canon powershot a620 7.1 megapixel camera, I love it but dont know what I have to do to get the pics sized properly for Auctiva. Ive never had a problem till now & Auctiva keeps telling me to close my browser and retry & some other stuff that isnt fixing it. Any thoughts? You are a sweetie & have the patience of a saint! Thanks, Suzanne

By "I looked", I did mean the Store and About Me pages.

I can help. How many templates do you have, so I can get a handle on the size of the problem? It looks like they used just two or three basic layouts, so a fix for one should work for a group. It's mostly REMOVING code.

You can actually make basic templates using Auctiva's template editor. I prefer something more full screen and with code checks. There are some freeware downloadable HTML editors.

API (Application Program Interface) is how eBay and Auctiva programs "talk" across their connection between systems. API error is when eBay sees something in the conversation (listing code) it doesn't like. Eek

An Auctiva member just had all their listings cancelled due to links policy violation and has to change EVERY LISTING in their Auctiva library. You don't have that problem TG. Not a happy camper. Frown

Auctiva seems to be having uploader problems, so it's not necessarily you. I have a trusty Kodak EasyShare Z760 (6.1 MP). However, to stay under the 1 MB limit, I usually set the camera to 1.7 MP (lowest setting). If you are running Windows XP, there is a trick with Microsoft Paint that's included with Windows to resize the pictures. I posted that tip a few days back in the Image Hosting section. It's about 2/3 way down 1st page of the thread.

Hi Danno, thanks so much for your help. I understand now. It appears I have 24 templates. Another issue I have is that 6 of the templates that were created by her do not have the slideshow enabled on them as she did not know how to do it at the time so she created 10 templates for that 1 template ie 1pic, 2pic etc. Those need the code added to include the slideshow & the other 9 can be deleted. the remaining templates all have only 1 per template & a few are the same just with a different song.

Not sure of posting rules on boards but saw link to your store & sent the info to you. They are noted. If these are modified are active listngs using these templates affected? Also I did use the xp fix for my pics...I discovered it by accident hehe, but it works! Thanks much for your help, Suzanne Smile

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