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Hello Community,

Some people have posted here recently about various problems they are having with templates, and custom templates.

I want to remind everyone that if you are having a problem with a template, including custom templates where your tags are not working, you can file a support case and the support techs will do their best to give you a hand.

Please be aware that our support techs are not graphic designers and they aren't set up to help you make your template look "good" or to help you change some part of the design of it.

But if your issue is of 'my custom template doesn't work in Auctiva' variety, then please do contact Auctiva Support, as they can help you figure out what your problem is.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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Originally posted by barbarac8150:
In the template section on the listing page it says that "scrolling has been disabled" what does this mean, how can I get it fixed? I can't call or file a support case because I only pay $9.95 a month, and Auctiva cuts you off unless you pay for the premium $19.95 account.
bararac8150, you CAN file a support case under ANY of our plans. It is only live chat support and telephone support that are limited to the Premium plan.

Here's the link for you to file a support case.
Here are all of the supported tags for custom templates:


































Hello hippohile1-

We're not aware of any difficulties with our new templates displaying correctly on eBay or any trouble with them getting posted to eBay. If you post a listing from Auctiva using a template, that template should be on your listing if you use Create Similar. If this issue with the template not remaining from such a listing occurs on eBay, you may need to contact eBay support for assistance - if the template posted properly initially when sent from Auctiva but fails to load on a relist or create similar on eBay, eBay should be able to let you know what's going on.

If there is an issue with part of this on our end, please let us know the details of what is occurring with the template or posting you're trying as well as an example or two of a listing that shows the issue in a support caseand we'll be happy to look into it for you.

Hello hippophile1 -

You are welcome to add HTML to your descriptions as you see fit on the lister page by changing the Description Editor to HTML mode, which you can do by clicking on the Source button on the editor. You can also customize templates or add a custom template to your account using options from the Custom Templates area from the listings menu.

If you would like to see changes or additions to our existing templates, please feel free to submit a request at our recently revitalize Feature Center, located here.

You should be able to post listings that use no template or custom HTML without difficutly, please note that if you opt to use no template when posting from Auctiva you will not be able to add a Seller Details profile to the listing.

- Craig

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