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For days I have been trying to list. I have no problems until I get to the description of my item. I am unable to type anything. I tried to click on "switch to: HTML" and "View: Full size editor" and nothing happens. When I hold my cursor over HTML the message at the bottom of the page says "javascript: Listervoid". Also checked my old listings - all descriptions are missing. I've saved, tried checking for errors, updated Java and IE but no help. Since no one else seems to have this problem it must be me! Could I get some help plllleeaase????
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Text editor has returned! Not sure how, but it seems to be working. I searched for Text Editor help and found an old message (1-21-06) with the same problem. Damien G suggested going to the Beta Test page. Although I could not access this page I read the info, and when I came back to new listing there it was! Not sure if it is relevant, but maybe it will help someone else! Cool
It's done it to me before in the past and I just stopped using the website for a while and then came back to it and it worked. It's now doing it to me again... I've gotten through one auction but when I try to go back to the others I can't see the description or box at all. I was wondering if the website was just down or if they were updating... I don't know? It's kind of annoying and a hassle, all you can do is wait.
This happens a lot. I have opened a ticket and have been told it's my browser. Thats a bunch of garbage. You will get a pop up saying that something was not able to load. Once that happens the description box is blank. You have to log off Auctiva, close the tab (if it's Firefox) and then open a new tab and start all over. Something was changed. I have always thought that when the online version changes, there should be a message on the log in screen saying that changes were put in. When I worked in IT we always had to do that. The "ghost description" as it has been called just happened to me for the second time today and its not 6AM yet
Hi Community,

As hard as it may seem to believe after reading the comments on this thread, we actually aren't experiencing any technical problems that would account for this behavior. If you continue to experience this problem after clearing your cache and closing and re-opening your browser, please contact our customer support team and we will troubleshoot the situation with you.

There could be browser setting/add-on issues, internet security software, connection issues or a variety of other things that are preventing the description editor from loading completely. The same "solution" won't necessarily work for everyone in this case.

You can reach our customer support team by completing the web form on the following page of our site:

It's day number 2 and sometimes the description area in my listing is missing and sometimes it's there. Auctiva always seems to say, clear your cookies or it must be your browser. Well guess what it's not! I've tried using different browers and it doesn't make a difference. I sit down to do a lot of listings and problems!! I am really getting fed up with not getting any LIVE HELP! Does anyone else feel that way? At least with ebay they have LIVE CHAT or you can always speak to a LIVE person. I have been having many problems with Auctiva lately and really thinking of leaving!
Hi Luvu4evason,

I have read over the messages you posted on this forum thread on 9/14/10 and they look fine to me. I do not see anything that could be perceived to appear to be in another language. If you are seeing something different, there must be something strange going on with your machine or browser that is causing the message to display differently.

I also reviewed the last 5 listings you posted through your Auctiva account and did not notice any problems with those listings.

In any event, if you need further assistance with your situation, I recommend contacting our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" button and we'll do our best to troubleshoot the problem with you.

We do offer Live Chat and phone support to users who are subscribed to our Premium Plan so you would be able to access if you were to upgrade to that plan. If you wish to upgrade for the current month (as opposed to for next month), our support staff would need to make that change for you.

This is retarded. 260 people have viewed this thread, and as usual, Auctiva assures us that it's your system/software, not theirs. I filed a support case at 2:00 a.m., got their CYA "it all looks good to us" a few minutes later. I posted a screen shot to prove the problem hours ago, and nobody responds. This is the only paid service I know of that won't even provide phone or chat support unless you pay extra for it. A company with software as buggy as Auctiva's should be providing phone and chat support to anybody who pays for their service. This is getting ridiculous.

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