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Hi Auctiva Community,

I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that we are making some adjustments to ensure all Auctiva links and tools are compliant with eBay's upcoming policy changes.

As you may have heard in eBay's Summer Seller Update, they’ll be changing their link policy this September. They also have explained that all item description images need to be HTTPS come October 1st.

Here's how we're helping to ensure your listings are compliant:

1. We're automatically updating all Auctiva credit links to ensure they're compliant. No work required on your part!
  • For new listings, all Auctiva credit links now point to an eBay page and are 100% compliant with the new policy.
  • For your already active and GTC listings, we will convert the Auctiva credit links to eBay compliant links, automatically.

2. The Scrolling Gallery is here to stay––but because of this policy change, the experience for your customers will be slightly different.
  • Due to eBay’s new link policy, the Scrolling Gallery experience will be slightly different. It will continue to cross-promote your items and increase traffic to your listings. However, instead of taking the buyer directly to the individual listings, they will now be taken to a targeted search results page that only displays your listings. This will allow your listings to be compliant with eBay’s new policies and most importantly, you can still continue to promote other items in your store.

3. The supersized image page as you know it is going away but we are currently working on a replacement––so stay tuned.
  • As a result of eBay’s new link policy, we can no longer link to the Auctiva supersized image page. We are looking into a solution to replace this feature, however there will be a period of time where “super size” isn’t available. In the meantime, we will remove all supersized image links for new and already active listings, so that all Auctiva links and features will be 100% compliant with eBay’s link policy.

4. Have you placed any non-eBay links of your own inside of your listings?
  • If you’ve put links inside of your item descriptions that do not point to an eBay page, you may need to remove those links. Auctiva provides a powerful tool that can help you find and replace item description information for your active listings.
  • Here’s how to remove a link from your item description:
    - Go to your Active Listings Page.
    - Select the listings you need to remove a link from, or select all.
    - Click the “Bulk Revise” button.
    - Select “Description” in the “Field” drop down menu.
    - In the “Find this matching text” box, paste the link you want removed.
    - In the “Replace with this text” box, put a link to your eBay store, or just replace the link with words.
    - Click “Continue” and let the update complete.

5. HTTPS Auctiva images
  • All new listings now contain HTTPS Auctiva images.
  • For your already active listings, we will automatically update all Auctiva images to be HTTPS compliant.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Team , they'll be glad to help.


Product Manager

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Hello Larry -

Posting listings from your Saved area to eBay should cause the links updates to occur as will using Edit and Relist from the Closed Listings page. The links would not be automatically updated using a Bulk relist but currently active listings and listings posted as noted will have the links updated accordingly.

- Craig
Hello gibsonbk -

In Auctiva and generally speaking watermarking an image is permanent and there is no way to remove the watermark from an image. Depending on the location of your watermark, you may be able to crop the watermark out (if your images are Auctiva hosted, this would then also alter what shows on the active listings) But, if your watermark is more prominent or in a location that will not allow you to do this you would need fresh images prior to the update eBay plans for next March.

- Craig
Hello gibsonbk -

If you need to change out an image on an already active listing you can do using the Replace function on the Image Management page. You'll first need to locate the image in question in your Image Management area and select the checkbox to the left of it and then click on the Replace button (next to the Delete button).

The page will then prompt you to browse for another image and once you select it and make the change the tool swaps out your prior image for the new one using the URL of the initial image, so that change then shows on eBay.

If you encounter any difficulty with this process, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and we'll be happy to assist you.

- Craig
Hello gibsonbk -

it looks like the image you used to Replace with was also watermarked. You would need to use Replace with an image that did not contain a watermark as the image is just exchanged for the one that was already there to use the same URL so it continues to show on eBay. However, the replacement image would need to be one that was not already watermarked.

As noted when using the watermark tool within Auctiva, the change to the image is permanent, so you would need to use a copy of the image backed up prior to watermarking or have a new similar image to Replace with.

- Craig
Hello gibsonbk -

We are not aware of any difficulties with the Replace tool, so it is unclear what may be occurring for you if your listing is eligible for revision on eBay.

If that is the case, please file a support case with the details of what you have run into and the title of the listing involved and our support team will be happy to take a further look into this for you.

- Craig
Hello artful55 -

If you are an eBay UK seller, this may be required information that eBay adds to your listings based on the data in your eBay account. There are differences between eBay sites and some have requirements that others do not have - for example you cannot have any personal contact information in a listing when posting to eBay US, but for eBay UK listings there is a requirement for Business Seller Information to be on the listings.

If you find that this data is appearing on other eBay sites where you list or you have another compelling reason to remove it, you may need to talk to eBay support to ensure that you remain compliant with the eBay site you list to.

- Craig
Smile I so appreciate Auctiva for all that you do and provide for us. I'm so grateful for your services. It seems like ebay has changed so much lately, even on my Auctiva store's link now goes to my ebay's My World page and not to my Auctiva Store page and that's not Auctiva's fault, I know you would prefer it to go to my Auctiva Store page. I just wanted to say Thank you Auctiva for always being there and for making updates so quickly for the newest ebay policies, for us sellers. I wish all the newest ebay changes would go back to the way they were. Things worked better and it's like we've lost sales and customer's since all of the newest changes. I don't see the point for changing so much. I think for those who live outside of America have it better on ebay since they don't pay to ship to us, so that undercuts us also. I've always loved selling on ebay but I'm kind of disappointed in all the new changes. I'm proud of Auctiva for doing so much and working so hard to get our listings compliant. I don't know how I would have made all those changes myself, so thank you again.

Question... eBay has informed me that I have 175 out of over 600 GTC listings that have non-https content, all jpg's. When I go to my live eBay listing, it shows the non-secure link message, however, when I look at the url in my auctiva images folder for the jpg, it show the link as https:

Am I doing something ? or is this some kind of bug ?

Hello Mikemoon -

without looking at a few example listings that have been called out, it is difficult to be certain what the issue is.  However, since you mention that these are GTC's it sounds like you may have added images to the listings at the time they were posted that have HTTP URLs rather than HTTPS ones and there may be images either beyond our immediate control or from another source (we would not be able to update those with our automatic updates) .

I encourage you to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and include a few examples of listings that have this issue and our support team will be happy to look into it for you.

 - Craig

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