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ebay is always changing the rules about links, so be sure to refer to it fairly regularly.

(btw, ebay considers text such as '' to be a link, even though it's not clickable. same with images that have .com in them that arent clickable)

That being said, their policy about links in listings is at

Currently, the policy on listings is:

One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing. This outside of ebay page cannot contain other items for sale outside of ebay, but CAN have links to other items for sale outside of ebay.

One link to your email address that opens an email client for potential buyers to ask questions about the item in that listing

Links to photos of the item for sale. This gallery page may also contain discrete links to other pages that offer items for sale outside-of -Bay, but may not contain descriptions of or links to individual items on other sites.

Links to your eBay (including your eBay Store) or listings
Warning - this is where people often get in trouble for keyword spamming, by having links such as ones that say "view my earrings" in a listing for pendants, etc. if you do links like that, do the words as an image rather than text.

Links to your About Me page (in addition to the About Me icon already provided by eBay)

Links to your “Add to My Favorite Sellers and Stores” page

Links that provide credits to third parties (see various restrictions)

One link to your listing terms and conditions (providing that the most relevant information is within the listing itself and this page may not include any links to Web pages outside–of-eBay)

About Me page - rules are at

The About Me page may not promote outside-of-eBay sales or prohibited items, nor may it contain links to commercial Web sites where goods from multiple sellers are aggregated by a common search engine (ie:

You may link to your own Web store or Web site. However, you may not directly offer any non-eBay merchandise on the About Me page itself.

So, on Me page you can say "Visit my website" but cant say "get xxxxx from my website"

Stores policy
Note: I couldnt find a links policy for custom store pages, so would assume that it's the same as links policy for listings (but dont know if that's the case or not).
welcome, glad to help. any more questions, feel free to ask. there's always at least one of us (donna/suthrnjewl, westvatexan, rick, wahm, magie, starrynight, btps, others, and myself) usually around.

spend too much time on here and you'll be answering questions yourself in no time Wink

btw, you probably figured it out from the info above, but basically there's two ways to refer to your website in listings.

put an "About Us" link in listing that goes to your Me Page and then on Me Page put a "Visit Our Website" link.

put a link in listing that links to the same item for sale [see posts below] on your website for 'more info about item'. This more info webpage cannot have the item priced cheaper than listing on ebay [see posts below] and this more info page cannot show other individual items for sale, BUT it can have links to other items for sale off-ebay, such as a navigation bar with category links that takes person to various categories of items for sale off ebay, a button that says "view similar items" and it shows similar items for sale off ebay, if it's a ring in silver, and you have gold version also available - a link that says "get it in gold" that sells the gold version off ebay, etc.

Also worth noting, when doing a "more info on item" link, the off ebay page needs to provide more info than the ebay listing. reason why is cause ebay's policy of "the primary intent of the link must be to further describe the item"

and, if you use images or logs for links, logos for such links cannot be greater than 88x33 pixels.

hope all that made sense
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well, i know they say you cannot offer the same items on your site for less than on ebay. and from the way i'm reading the current policy on links, the 'more info about this item' page can have the item for sale. just cant offer other items for sale.

i could be totally wrong, but that's the way i'm reading it

i've been too lazy to actually test it. except when i had some of father's barely worn flannel lined jeans up for sale. and those i put a link to the mfg's site as a 'more info' link. and it was for sale there. and those listings stayed up. (but it didnt point to my website, pointed to mfg website)

I guess I should add, though that your mileage may vary.

My suggestion would be to have link to website with more info about item, but not directly offer that item for sale on that page. And to have links to various parts of website on that page. That'd be my suggestion/recommendation. but the way i'm reading the rules, having it for sale on the 'more info' page is okay as long as there's not other items offered directly for sale on that page and as long as the item is cheaper on ebay.
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course, here's another policy of ebay's that i recently violated and listings didnt get pulled

"Including contact information (e.g., email addresses, domain names, phone numbers) in the listing title or description"

recently had listings that had phone number in them. (current listings dont)

upon further digging, this policy there's two versions of it. one says "in title, subtitle, or item location" and the other version says "title or description"
well, i called ebay. and the woman I spoke with had to read the rules herself, and her interpretation was that the further info page couldnt offer it for sale directly.

so, according to her, my interpretation of the links policy was incorrect.

she did agree, though, that can have links to more items for sale on the more info page.

Reason I interpreted it the way I did is because it says "This outside of ebay page cannot contain other items for sale outside of ebay". Notice the "cannot contain other items for sale".

Her reason for interpreting it the way she did was because of this bit under "additional info" on the links policy page "Linking to Web sites that offer to trade, sell, or purchase goods or services, or including links for any purpose other than those listed above is not allowed"

Which, I dont fully agree with her interpretation, to me it's saying that you cant link to other sites in your listings, with the exceptions noted above (one link to more info, etc), but since it's ebay's interpretation that matters... Wink
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depends on what the 360 page has and whether your putting the link in your listing or on Me Page. Big Grin

from looking at your 360 page, i'd say you can put a link to it in your Me Page, but cant put a link to it in your listings.

and possibly on your ebay store pages? it has this for allowed links on store home pages and store custom pages "Links to pages off eBay that provide information about a member’s store or service, provided the link and pages are not promotional in nature of items not offered for sale on eBay "
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
but since it's ebay's interpretation that matters...

Yeah, and it's not even this lady's interpretation that matters -- it's whoever has their finger on the button when someone reports my/your listing for a supposed violation. Really, it's like asking a question at the post office...
how very true! I've said it before, and will continue to say, "ask 5 ebay employees the same question and you'll get 7 answers"
""Yeah, and it's not even this lady's interpretation that matters -- it's whoever has their finger on the button when someone reports my/your listing for a supposed violation. Really, it's like asking a question at the post office...""

LOL, you got that right Rick!....I tell ya the truth....I have found I get more visitors from putting a link on my website to my ebay items...than I do putting a link on my ebay listings for my site. I have all but stopped linking my site to my listings...something Ive always done...though I am starting to see a drop in visits to my site...Im going to start adding it again to my listings soon and see if the visits go back up...then I will know for sure if not linking is the cause.
My hand got smacked by eBay for having my 360 on my ME page.

But then again, I have a "stalker" type person that reports whatever links I put on my ME page.

Then I have to get the eBay phone number and start "whining" and ask for a clarification. One day a certain link is available for use and the next time, it's not.

I just wish they'd make the rules short, sweet and to the point without so much room for interpretation of whomever answers the phone. Or whichever rep receives the report that I'm breaking eBay's flipping rules regarding Me page links.

Ok..I'm done ranting!


You'll only receive an email from eBay noting that your ME page doesn't comply. They don't delete it or put a black mark against your account, that all you need to do is delete such and such from your ME page.

EBAY doesn't have time to scour ME pages for links. The only time they find these things is if you're reported. And I doubt seriously if you'd be reported. I have someone (a competitor) that watches every move I make and either copies it or reports it.

My Best,

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