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Bit deceiving

alipanties ·
The main reason I signed up again was for the 1800 templates you offer with your advanced and elite package - there is no such number and they quite frankly are boring unattractive templates. I have hundreds of saved listing with the old fantastic templates but you can’t use them. Very disappointed and you need to change the number that you offer on your welcome email as it is false advertising and if I had known I would not have signed back up.

Re: Bit deceiving

auctivacraig ·
Hello alipanties - Apologies for the delayed response and for the email content you refer to. While the references to our old template system were removed from the website, there are, apparently, still some email on the eBay Only side where the prior templates are referenced. These template had to be discontinued previously as a result of the changes on eBay where active content was no longer allowed. Our newer templates are compliant with eBay's current requirements and are also mobile...
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