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Photos not posting to eBay

LGabbard ·
Anybody else having issues with photos appearing in your Auctiva listings but not uploading to the eBay listing? I’m very frustrated right now and can’t figure out how to fix this. I’ve regenerated my token, ended the listings, reuploaded images to Auctiva and tried resisting all to no avail. Any suggestions?!

Re: Photos not posting to eBay

auctivacraig ·
Hello LGabbard - We are not aware of any issues where images would fail to reach eBay if they are added to listings as expected, so it sounds like we will need to have a look in your account at some of the listings in question to be able to know what is going on for you. If you have not already, please file a support case that includes some example listings where this issue has occurred so our support agents can have a look into it and assist you. If you have already filed a case, please be...
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