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WHY is it that auto insurance is all of a sudden enabled on all new listing pages???

WHY can't we be informed of such changes?? A LITTLE COMMUNICATION would be nice and we have asked and PLEADED for it countless times.
This effects our listings and could effect what we are paying out and we need to be aware of what is changing so we can CHOOSE to disable it or not. And why is it "automatically" enabled?? That should be a choice we make since it is something we pay for.
Why do we have to take the time to disable it when we didn't have to before??

Personally now I have to take the time to go back to other listings I just created and make sure it was not automatically enabled when they were created.

NOT all of us automatically want Auctiva's insurance.
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Was just coming here for this VERY REASON!!! I am quite irritated, as I do not insure most of my items, as honestly, some are not worth the time I hear it takes to file a claim with auctiva insurer. So I sure do not insure items that would NOT be worth my time. (ie if amount is that small I would not spend hours dealing with insurer I do not insure). Even when I do insure some I do through ebay as some of their prices are less than auctiva (i.e, today I shipped Fed Ex package $2.55 fed ex insurance, $3.70 in auctiva so there are differences - $1.15 saved by doing through ebay on this item.) In all fairness, NOT all ebays are cheaper some are less on auctiva.

Also, some people insure through ebay and would be paying twice for insurance not realizing this was thrown on with no notifiation.

Something about this is NOT right!! You do not add something that costs us extra money without telling us so that we can make the decision if we want this. There are alot of people who ship same weight item that would NEVER look at this and be charged.

Auctiva....several questions?.

?? Biggest do you think it is fair to your customers to sneak this in on them??? No announcement anywhere at this point?? I sure do not.

?? When was this done?? as I need to go back & check my listings so can go in and fix them, as I DO NOT want my packages automatically insured? I am very hands on and like to do things myself when they involve green in my pocket.

?? Why can't we be notified when you make a change that is going to cost us money if we do not just happen to catch it????

?? I did a lot of relists today, what does this do to those???

?? Do I need to go in to those and now take this insurance off??? IF this affects old listings we need to know how to get the insurance off if we do not want it. (I have my settings set so if I want it I go and buy it now shows insurance is enabled? When did this take place, I have not really done new listings lately.

Also, there are sooooooooo many fixes we have asked for it it is quite irritating that something like this would be thrown in as another income producer when we have been suffering go arounds for so long now.

Hate to sound MAD, but think about it... from our standpoint! I find this deceptive to say the least!! I realize it is auctiva's sandbox and they make the rules, but this is very dishonest and trickery in my opinion.

EVERYONE should be informed of this change via email, as well as logs in and announcements, facbook, blog, etc., so that we buy or not buy knowing that we have to opt out or pay for this service. This should be announced the same way the price plans were introduced when auctiva started charging. ANYTHING less is deceptive in my opinion, as without noticing this, this could have cost me extra money.
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Well it seem it has changed my shipping profile to enable the shipping insurance.
So the shipping profiles also need to be changed back for the automatic shipping insurance to be disabled.

Something is very wrong that whatever has been done is changing our setting in our accounts/settings pages and in our profiles.
These are not areas that should be accessed or changed by anyone but the account holders.
I just went to my account to check my insurance settings. It showed "enable" checked at top and shows last updated on January 7, 2013. I KNOW I did not check this box on January 7th. I had to investigate where it was today to even check it. Was the system changed on January 7th and we were not notified? Here is partial cut/paste showing that, as I do not know how to put a print screen on auctiva or would put entire page.

Enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance
By selecting this box, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. Last Update: 01/07/2013

Would someone check their date and see if when their page shows updated or is this just an isolated issue for a few of us?

My shipping profile date was from 2009...and it was still changed "without the date being changed" until I fixed it last night when I finally found it changed there as well.
For the last three years I have NOT had the insurance enabled

Not sure about the other dates. I was soooo irritated, annoyed, angry for having to find, fix and then go back into other listings to see if it automatically enabled there that I just don't even remember.

We really NEED to be informed when changes, updates whatever are made as they are seriously messing with our accounts and we need to be able to check our accounts PRIOR to accidentally discovering problems after the fact....or in this case....costs us money we did not really agree to spend on something.
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Hi lookandbuyme & trinkets,

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. We did not make any changes that should have modified the actual insurance settings in any user accounts, but we did update the lister page to include a statement indicating whether your Auctiva Shipping Insurance settings are enabled and it appears we need to clear up the way that information is presented.

At the moment, if there is a statement which says “Auto-Insure Rules (Enabled)” in the Shipping Tools section of the lister page in your account, it simply means that your account is set up such that you *can* purchase Auctiva shipping insurance policies if you would like.

In order to confirm your insurance settings are configured as desired, just mouse over the “My Account” tab within your account and select the “Auctiva Shipping Ins” option.

As long as you have “Do not automatically purchase insurance” selected for in the “Domestic Shipments” and “International Shipments” sections in the “Auto-Insure Rules” area, our system will not automatically generate insurance policies for your items unless you specifically select that you would like to insure them automatically during the listing creation process.

Also, the statement displayed under the “Enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance” setting on the Auctiva Shipping Insurance Settings page just represents the last time the Terms & Conditions were updated and is not related to when the setting was enabled.

We apologize for the confusion surrounding this matter. I have discussed this with our Product Management team and we are going to work on updating this text to avoid any further confusion as soon as possible.

Did you read the part about the shipping profile being changed or the shipping insurance page being changed?? The listing page was not the only thing mentioned.

Those things were stated above and the issue was not just with a change on the listing page. The listing page should not have changed at all since my profile was set not to purchase insurance and I have not updated my shipping profile in the last 3 years.
So since I know did not change my setting and since they were changed sometime in the last couple days, the exact same time as the update Auctiva made and you are denying that the update changed my settings despite them being changed...who changed them then?? Is it just a coincidence that the changes occurred the "exact same time" as the update??

The shipping profile and the shipping insurance page both had to be reset NOT to purchase insurance....which is how they were, how I had, originally set them up and how they have been for years..up until the last couple days.

There was no confusion on my settings were changed to "purchase" insurance. The confusion seem to be on your end as the update DID change the settings and you seem to be unaware of this even after I had explained it.

This would have cost me money had I not noticed it immediately, which would have been a very bad thing.

This is also one of those thing were communicating would have saved hours of time just in trying to figure out what all was changed and having to reset it. It would have also eliminated the anger that went along with this.
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Mike, while I was concerned about this and still am since this sure took away from listing last night and this morning, trying to figure out what was going on and what I had done to cause it, and attempts to fix it. This takes time and time is money in our business.

The way this appeared was that we had to purchase insurance on EACH and EVERY listing, (or disable on each one I when I tried that it went back to enable) of course, since I did not know how long ago this had been done, panicked thinking I was paying insurance for items I would never insure.

I am not sure that Auctiva really "gets it". My bigger concern is changes and updates without letting us know. This has been discussed soooo many times. It is hard to operate stores with changes made that we are clueless about.

There were several other threads on lack of communication of features, updates that affect us, this is not first change that just came up unannounced and put us in panic mode. Of course, a lot of us list at night and that is when problems seem to be discovered with changes. So by the time we get information, we are pretty worked up. In another thread is Rebecca's post said something about changes and hurting people's feelings if not asked about changes.

I am putting that in another thread, as I have question about it and do not want to hijack this thread any more than I already have.

I am not saying me or any of us need to be asked about how you run your business, but I feel when changes occur that affect our listing the community should be notified.

Now others may not care nor want to be told of changes, updates, new things on listing pages, etc., But for those who do want information, then it would be great like last night, to have been able to check announcements and not wasted so much time trying to figure out that this was a planned change. If announced we could have zipped there, saw that if we are enabled in our preference area that it would not be additional costs, would have saved us headaches for sure.

Sure hoping that we will be informed of changes in the future.
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