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Originally posted by itsjustme:
I am trying to move closed auctions into my ebay store. When I click on "move to ebay store" the category choices don't come up and the auction price doesn't disappear.

What's going on?

Mine hasn't worked for a week, I asked support and this is what they said "I'm sorry to hear about your continued trouble with this. I checked with our engineering team regarding this issue and they have recorded it for correction. At this point, we expect to have this issue resolved as part of our upcoming site update that will take place toward the end of July." So I wrote back to them and said I wasn't happy with this and this is what they said "I'm sorry that you are not happy about this, and I will forward your comments in this regard to our management team, but your interpretation of what I said is correct in that we don't expect this issue to be resolved until near the end of July.

While I understand this is a major problem for you, there are only a few customers of ours that have brought this up as a problem so it just isn't a particularly high priority issue when is comes to our user community as a whole." So what they are saying is THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!
Scott--thx loads for your input.

This was my response late yesterday. It's almost funny.

"Posted Tuesday, 6/23/2009 4:00 PM Hello,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter.

Unfortunately, I am not quite clear on what you are trying to do. While in the Auctiva closed listings page you can import listings, relist and delete listings, there is no option to move an item to your eBay store.

Are you using or Auctiva Classic?

Please provide some clarification and I will be happy to continue assisting you.

Thank you,
Auctiva Customer Support "

Can you believe this support person thought there was no way to move items into my ebay store?

I sent another message under the same support thread with step by step instructions on how to move closed items from auction to fixed. No response as of yet.

This is a major issue. I have between fifty and hundred listings to move.
good luck on getting a response. I only had 7 at that time, so I went back to ebay and did bulk relist there but what a pain and with ebay, if you don't remember what your starting price was, your screwed. at least with auctiva it gives you the starting price and lets you change the price if you want... I wonder about the support team sometimes. They don't know how their own product works and you have to explain to them step by step how it supposed to work. I've had that happen more than once. They shouldn't be allowed to be on the support team until they know the product and can answer the questions correctly.
I also have problems with deleted items showing back up. After I relist an item, I delete it from my closed items, then the next day or two or even next week, the deleted item will show back up in my closed listings?? Can anyone explain that one? Auctiva support can't.
I tried to make a couple of suggestions to another auctiva user today.

A couple of times I made the mistake of relisting it by accident from the closed listing section. Its a good idea to delete those as they sell. Of course that happened when closed listing could be bulk relisted. Wink

Also check your auto relist profiles both on ebay and on auctiva.

Finally, if you have more than one quantity (assuming they are fixed price), they auto relist.

Otherwise its magic. Confused Smile
I don't have any auto relist profiles setup. and 99.9% of my items are only 1 in quantity... The only thing I set up to auto relist is my ebay store items to relist every 30 days...
so go figure... they told to clear my browser cache, which I did, which I knew had nothing to do with it, which didn't work. I guess it is magic Eek .
Hi womandi--

They are telling me 6/29 is the fix date and i cringed at that. I also explained that this has always worked up until a few days ago or as Scott said, last week.

Not sure why an update is required to fix something that worked all along.

Since last week I've had a series of other issues including uploading images. The first image I upload that log in period, requires me to go in and out to expand my files where the pic is. It is the weirdest anomaly. I have to click upload and cancel two to three times til I can get to my file.
I have to click upload and cancel two to three times til I can get to my file.

Yes, all this week I've had problems uploading pics, for the first time ever. I find when i refresh, it takes me to a log in screen, then I'm able to upload.

All this week whatever I do I have to log in multiple times a day when never had to do that in the past.

All this week can't select store categories when relisting from closed listings.

Annette--Thanks so much for your candor and evaluations.

It would be helpful if Auctiva gave another PR presentation regarding all the bugs over the last couple of months. I keep thinking bugs will diminish especially now that Auctiva Commerce is up and running and there would be more time to devote back to the listing program.

Instead the bugs are really impacting business.
I don't know if this is where I need to be, but I am so frustrated as well. I could always go into my Closed Listings folder, make whatever changes I needed, and relist from the same page. Now if I try to relist any closed listings, it gives me the option to edit, but only the changes from ebay listing to ebay store. And it doesn't work anyway. That was the one thing about Auctiva that I really liked and used all the time. If I can't edit and relist, I have no use for it. Does anybody know how to edit these listings and relist them?

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