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Good for her! And not before time. I sincerely hope that more of these things are brought to bear.

I have been a business seller on eBay for well over 10 years. I have been a personal seller, selling my own second-hand items, since eBay's beginning.

I don't list anywhere near as much as I used to. I once kept thousands of items listed at all times in my business account; now I'm down to a couple hundred a week at most. I can't remember the list time I listed anything in my personal account.

I'm one of the growing number of sellers who stick it out grudgingly, strictly for the traffic that eBay generates.

Nowadays, I use eBay as a clearance outlet for end-of-season, liquidation, and overstock, again, for the traffic and because people seem to expect that eBay items shouldn't bring a fair price to a seller, and nobody wants to pay what an item is worth.

I have several lines of brand name items and use them to describe my product. That's how people find what they are looking for, after all, and eBay insists that I describe my items correctly, so I do. I have no channel limitation agreements saying where I can and can't sell my items, I take my own photographs, and the items are genuine.

Still, it never fails that someone comes along and says that I am using a brand name outside eBay's acceptable use. What??

All it takes is the 'trademark owner' to fill in a form, click click click and you are shut down. Your listings disappear, your listing fees disappear, and if it affects enough listings, your entire account disappears.

My last round of 'violations' was because my listings made 'unauthorized comparisons of an item to the trademark owner's brand'. There was no 'comparison' to it! It was brand XYZ, it was called brand XYZ, the photo showed the label of XYZ, and I have a standing open order account with the manufacturer as an authorized dealer! The listing title even said 100% Genuine XYZ...

I am convinced that these people do not actually look at listings or contact sellers. They simply do a global search for their brand name and click click click to shoot the listings down. And eBay simply takes their word for it, doesn't even look at the listings, and sends an insulting email telling you that if you think this is wrong, contact the rights owner directly, and oh, by the way, if this happens again, your account is in jeopardy. Never mind that you have 100% positive feedback on thousands of transactions over years and years of PowerSeller status.

The rights owner, as you might imagine, never responds, or does so with a cut and paste 'trademark infringement is a crime blahblahblah'. Well, so is restraint of trade.

If a person sells something as pre-owned, that item should be automatically excluded from a so-called rights owner's reach. But the bottom line is that eBay is doing all that it can to eliminate pre-owned items and non-business sellers, because these do not add to eBay's bottom line. Unless items by their nature are pre-owned, as in antiques or estate items, you are hard pressed to find an item sold by an individual.

eBay has long since given up on being an advocate of its sellers. They demonstrate overwhelmingly, in everything from their so-called Buyer Protection Plan, to their faulty resolution process, to their gag-order on seller's ability to leave feedback for problem buyers, that the buyer is the only valuable part of the sales transaction.

If the seller can't sell, then the buyer can't buy.

eBay has forgotten the statement they alway herald as the cornerstone of their philosophy: We believe that people are basically good.

Well, everybody but their sellers, that is, because anytime someone says something against a seller, it must certainly be true. At least that's what eBay seems to think. The truth isn't in their flowery philosophy, it is in their actions.

So-called rights owners ought to be ashamed of themselves, but no more so than eBay itself.
I have been an Ebay gold powerseller for 8 years now. Ebay treats the sellers horribly. Everytime Ebay sends me a survey I tell them exactly this. They let the buyers abuse us great sellers trying to strongarm the seller by filing false disputes and leaving unjust and negative feedback resulting in lower DSR scores, which demotes the seller and leaves us scratching our heads with amazement as profits disappear with their items in the search that Ebay manipulates. It also leaves a top rated seller with higher final value fees by demoting us out of that program.
I have found that more and more buyers just filing disputes to only find out why their item is taking so long to be delivered, when they only paid for the slower shipping rate, (parcel post) when they have the option of going for priority mail or express mail of their choice. The buyers are also fraudulently filing item not as described disputes when all they are wanting to know is when they will be receiving their item exchanged for a different size. Buyers don't follow simple return/exchange instructions then file disputes when they are left wondering why they don't receive their exchanges. And then leave negative feedback for doing so. Buyers don't think twice about leaving negative feedback anymore, because they know that the sellers cannot retaliate whatsoever. Even though they realize later on when they are wrong, because they never asked for an explaination of what ever the problem was, and now because the seller gets a negative, the seller finally has a chance to look into the matter and resolve whatever was the problem was in the first place. MOST of the time the problem is because the BUYERS DON'T READ THE LISTINGS. They just assume. NOW because Ebay only allows a couple feedback removal requests to the seller, the seller is now screwed because Ebay won't allow us great sellers to request yet another feedback revision, no matter even if the buyer agrees via email and apoligizes and wants it removed. I have had buyers who were so remorseful after leaving spiteful unjust negative feedback, then finding out they were totally in the wrong, even write to Ebay to have the negative strike removed and Ebay still refuses to do so. This is now costing me hundreds of dollars each month. The small sellers left in droves when Ebay changed their feedback policy. Because NO ONE thinks its fair that Ebay just allows the buyers to abuse the sellers this way. ITs a huge problem, and Ebay knows it. But you know what? Ebay doesn't care about us sellers, so they will do NOTHING to change this buyer abuse problem/policy that they created. Ebay encourages the buyers to file false disputes at any whim they choose to, by writing on every Ebay page about promoting the buyer protection policy, and how they will get all their money back including shipping if they just want to file a dispute for what ever reason they choose to. Ebay then uses the dispute count filed (even though they were unfounded and ALL found in my favor, usually because the buyer cancels them because they realize they were wrong to begin with) to demote me out of the top rated seller status that I worked so hard for. Which costs me hundreds of dollars in wasted final value fees. NO ONE thinks this is fair EBAY, don't you get it yet? I know, Ebay doesn't care because they can always get new sellers to replace the ones that have left. I have seen these Ebay rule changes over the years go from bad to worse. And the seller always gets screwed! ! And I pay them thousands of dollars every month for this ? Ebay won't even pick up the phone when you try to contact them ! ! Their customer service is horrible. Have you ever tried to contact them ? It sometimes takes hours! Then the person who finally answers the phone has no idea how to answer your question and switches you to another person and you get put on hold yet again. I believe they try to make you give up on their customer service, which I have. But the buyers demand that you are a mind reader right ? ?
Ebay enforces these policies this way because they WANT all of the smaller sellers gone. They WANT you to get fed up and leave. They have publicly stated so, I have the article if you want to read it.

They do not WANT to waste the time on those disputes and they feel like if you are small enough to be pushed out by this, then you aren't profitable enough to keep in the first place. They also figure that if a seller is big enough to withstand these policies that they will stay, because of traffic. Because... lets face it. Every seller in the market knows that ebay has the best traffic flow of just about any eCommerce site on the net. We know it, and ebay knows it too.

They are currently working towards making ebay an "Amazon" like entity, where every listing is the same, and sellers have no say. They also started the new ebay boxes, which will eventually become mandatory for all sales.... They will even check up with your buyers to make sure that you are using their packaging... This is simply an example of the lengths they are willing to go to create such an atmosphere. They want to be Wal-Mart... not the mom and pops grocery store. Because that is where the money is, and that is the only thing they are interested in.
Delinda I would love to see that article, I have never seen such but would not be shocked at all. I have friends that want to "start" selling small things and I have told them unless you have lots and lots of things it is probably not worth your time and hassle.

Also, hate to sound like idiot but what are ebay boxes? If they are ones provided by Post Office. I did get some about 2 years ago and again last year that had EBAY written on them, but just ordered about 600 boxes from them in assorted sizes and none of those have EBAY written on them? Are there other boxes?

Smugglerblues, I do agree with lots of what you have said. Did you know if buyer opens complaint in ebay, that even the BUYER says I was wrong and drops it it goes against you? I did not until last week. Guy left positive and something about "CHIP" and not authentic shoes (meaning cheap). He said he left bad stars. I told him to contact manufacturer and responded to ebay with 8 sheets on their form which I believe is 8,000 words. The guy apparently read it and decided to back off or found they were authentic. I contacted ebay after he dropped and they said it does go against me.

Also, I use their phone support and have found it faster than ever. Lately I have waited 10 minutes or less on hold. Now sometimes do have to wait on rep to get answer which if trained should not take that long.

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I have the article saved somewhere, I'll find it and repost it.

The ebay boxes I'm referring to are currently being tested as a "greener" option than regular boxes. They are pushing these as being reusable, but anyone who has been on the receiving end of a UPS package knows that usually isn't possible.

Here is a link telling more about these boxes. I believe they gave them away originally, but as I understand it they will eventually become mandatory and sellers WILL have to pay for them. The article I originally referred to mentioned these boxes before they even came out... I remember reading the article thinking, "that will never happen" but then sure enough, about six months later I see these boxes coming out, sounding remarkably like the description in the article...
I absolutely agree with Smugglersblues. I have encountered the same problems with Ebay and their lack of care for the sellers. Every time I express a concern to them I get the response "without buyers we wouldn't have sellers" Well if we are not selling, there is nothing to buy! The feedback and whole DSR rating system is so flawed it is not even funny. Feedback is such an integral part of being a seller, yet buyers either do not leave it or threaten you with negative unless you bend over backwards and sideways for them, BUT they do not have to follow your listing policies regarding payment or return items, etc. My listings are very meticulous and I probably over specify things and when I don't, I provider TONS of pictures, but yet all it takes is 1 person to be annoyed and give you a low rating and BOOM you are already at risk of losing your seller status and discounts. My favorite is the Shipping & Handling, we get marked low for what the post office charges for shipping because the buyer thinks it's too high. I give exact quotes down to the ounces and still have people leave me low marks on this. Back to feedback, it's soooo important but yet it's soooo not accurate. I could do 1000 transactions in 3 months but if only 25 people leave feedback, it first of all doesn't reflect how much I truly sell to let people know and secondly without those feedbacks, my number is smaller so if anyone is leaving me a bad DSR or even a negative feedback, I get socked majorly. (this has happened to me in the past) I have made several requests to have Ebay show the number of transactions vs feedback number so people can see that people just don't leave feedback. Along with that, if buyers choose to not leave feedback, the seller should get an automatic positive and 5 star rating, this would help balance out the ruthless buyers who like to threaten or leave you bad DSR's because they get to be anonymous. I often wonder how I have a 1 or a 2 from someone when my feedback is all positive - WHY? - because they can remain anonymous and therefore it's fun to screw up the seller's good standing and not bring a true issue, if they even have one, to the seller's attention. Finally, well not really because I have alot more to say but will leave it with this.... BUYERS SHOULD NOT BE GETTING FEEDBACK! We can not leave them negative when they are rude, threatening, or don't pay. They refuse to give a seller feedback until they get theirs because they did their part and paid. Yes, they paid, for this they get a star??? This is giving people a false sense of security as well. Say you have a person who has bought 1300 items on Ebay and have 1000 or more in feedback and then they start to sell, it looks as if they are a good seller with a 100% score, misleading.
I, too, have had problems with eBay regarding this issue...I would expect that Coach should be flattered that there is still such a high demand for their vintage handbags. Instead, there is an all-out endeavor to stop those who cannot afford to own one of their magnificent products at new retail cost to enjoy owning one at at an entry level by purchasing a pre-owned one. As for eBay, they are really trying to self-destruct. I don't hear anyone speaking well of them. It seems to me that we are all looking for a different selling venue. As soon as someone comes along who wants us, we'll all be gone! I've only started selling again recently on eBay because they are offering 50 free listings (no minimum starting prices). But even when they do that, they don't allow those who are paying for stores on a monthly basis to take advantage of the auction special. That's really sticking it to the committed and faithful "paying" shop owners. It's really a sad commentary. They didn't grow their business with these ethics. Now that they have risen to their pinnacle of success, they seem to have forgotten those who have made them so. I guess it's the story of American business...GREED.

It is true that ebay did not build its business with these ethics... but it also did not build its business with the CEO that they have in place, which I'm assuming is the source for most of our woes... I'm with you guys, the first place that comes along and wants me, I'm there. I've already opened an Auctiva Commerce store with success. We sell there roughly the same amount that we sell on ebay, but the fees are usually somewhere around $50 a month, versus the $500-600 that we pay ebay... That hurts... REALLY hurts. I dread doing taxes, and adding up our ebay/paypal fees for the year... sitting there staring at the total number thinking of how much money we are giving ebay and how crappy they treat us.

Recent example: A customer (from Canada) purchases something from us, requests us to send it USPS First Class International. We ship the same day he purchased, via the method he requested and three days later he emails me asking where his package is. I explain to him that his package was shipped the same day he purchased, and that it should arrive in a couple weeks or so (from US to Canada is roughly 2-4 weeks). One week and two days after the purchase date he opens a dispute saying that its been 3 weeks and he hasn't received anything. Now, I'm not an idiot I can look at a calendar and see it hasn't been 3 weeks. I explain the delivery times again, with no response from the customer. Yesterday he finally responds to the message claiming its been over 4 weeks and he wants his money back. Check your calendar dummy, its only been 2 weeks to the day! But he wants his money back, and he'll get it. Down the drain goes $150 for us, simply because paypal will side with any customer regardless of delivery times. How fair is this to sellers? It isn't... And through the mess I have to be as nice as I possibly can, because looking at his feedback is like looking at a christmas tree... SOOO many reds, all showing his general ignorance of how the buying/selling process works. So, the flawless feedback we've worked so hard to keep for so long will most likely be ruined by this "bad egg" so to speak.

I hope someone, somewhere along the grape vine starts reading these posts and has the common sense to come up with a better alternative.... Because, when this does happen I will happily take them up on their offer and end this madness.
I had someone file on me recently that she had not received in Russia. She had not left very many red feedbacks. But reading feedback she left for others she had been refunded 13 times in LESS than a month which does not even include the ones you filed on but did not advertise in feedbacks. I wrote her and said, I find it awfully strange that 13 refunds which you advertise in your feedback in less than one month, that has to be a record. Needless to say the next day claim was DROPPED!! And she left good feedback (shocked me).

I then called ebay and mentioned ALL of the refunds that she advertises and supposedly they are going to "watch" the account (which I know is a joke).

Ebay is frustrating. I really think Auctiva should jump into ebays spot!! Ebay wants to dump smaller sellers, Auctiva could take them. I have sold on bay 8 years+ and find each year they become more seller unfriendly. While not perfect, they are sure the best game in town that I have dealt with.

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eBay is now a GIANT pain in the.....wallet
I have been a successful ebay seller and do most
of my buying here also.They used to be great!
Lately everything has changed.
They have taken over my business
All I do is pay them fees.
Like $300.00 a week in listing and final value
fees.I checked out the latest fees and to my
amazement,I found that on an item I sold for
$5.99 the total fees I had to pay came out to
just pennies under $2.00
Know I know why I'm not making any money anymore
Add that to the 30 ads that they just yanked
off the listings no more than 10 minutes after
posting them.
Here is even some worse news
I was using Ebay/PayPal shipping labels
Well ,so many impatient buyers out there
that want there items the very next day.
After a week they file not received claims
Well ,ebay just goes into my PayPal and
gives all these people a refund of my money
They tell me my tracking #'s that I bought off them are no good.
I send them a copy of the emails I received from the buyers stating
Hey,I received your items today
but I got a refund from PayPal yesterday.
So I guess the claim is over.

I'm out they money that I paid for the items
I'm out the fees for selling the item
I'm out the money for the item
I'm happy I spent all that time making the ads
Listing the ads and doing all the shipping
Just out of the kindness of my heart
Then I get suspended for not paying my
Listing fees after spending 40 hours on the
phone to there customer support ,countless
hours on there chat line and probably 20 or
more emails trying to get a refund for the
listing that were removed.
I have copies of the transcripts where 10 of
there so called Specialists and supervisors
told me in writing and to my face that
Yes I will have the refunds issued to you in the next 2- 3 minutes.What a joke.
Myself I have been waiting 2 months for an item
that even the seller has told me was returned
to him,yet PayPal is still investigating
the claim and it is going on 3 months.i'm out my money again.I'm fed up with eBay and plan on
getting a rally going to Boycott them
in the meantime I found an Ebay alternative
and Loving every minute of it.
No more stress from eBay.No more getting bullied or pushed around or robbed
I think all ebay users should switch now
This is a great site.Even better than ebay was
in the start.It costs nothing to give it a try!
I strongly believe we have seen the last of ebay
This new site will be here for years to come
As more and more people get fed up and leave ebay(which thousands will be)This new site will only get bigger and better
So here is your Alternative

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