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Ugghhh I thought it was just me...I'm ready to tear my hair out with this thing. I FINALLY got past all the security warnings, no files, and all the other BS and the pics don't even upload into the listing. They just upload and then I have to click on them a second time to get them into the listing. I'm SO SICK of all the tinkering that goes on, ebay is bad enough, I didn't expect it here too. Can anyone tell me what exactly was wrong with the old uploader??? At least it worked, whatever this is is garbage (YES I'm really mad!!)
Hi Community,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. As “esp” pointed out, we have identified an issue that is causing the new uploader to freeze for certain Mac users when the “Upload” button is clicked and we are currently working on acquiring an update for the uploader to resolve that issue.

If you are encountering that behavior, you could potentially work around the issue by continuing to use the previous version of the uploader using the direct link I provided in my previous message.

You may also be able to work around the issue by using the new uploader through the Safari browser so, although we do not list Safari as an officially supported browser, you may want to give that a shot if you are keen on uploading directly from the lister page.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue is causing.

Hi member_8880,

I'm sorry to hear of your frustration with the new Auctiva Uploader, but it should actually not be necessary to select the images you upload once again after you have uploaded them from the lister page so I am uncertain why you may be finding it necessary to do so.

As with the old uploader, if you upload one or more images into your account from the lister page, the pop up windown which contained the uploader should close automatically and the images should be placed in the appropriate boxes within the Auctiva Image Selection section.

Although I realize that you may not have had any trouble with the previous uploader, there were a couple significant issues with it that were impacting a good deal of customers and we needed to update the uploader to resolve those issues.

If you continue to encounter difficulties with the new uploader, please continue to follow up with our Customer Support team directly through the support case you have opened and we will be happy to continue working with you.

Sometimes it won't even let me upload any pictures, I just keep trying, and eventually something takes hold...I am done for the day, can't take the frustration anymore...I am still waiting for someone to reply to my case...I think they we should have a choice if we want to use the old or the new uploader....the old uploader may have had glitches in it, but it looks like the new one does too....oh well..until I hear from someone about my case, I am done.....I guess I will have to go back to good old ebay...only 12 pictures though Frown
This is my 2nd day of trying to list stuff. I don' t understand why you guys need to mess around w/ the site. Now , I can't get that stupid column on the left side to expand most of the time. I finally got it to expand a bit and then I wasn't getting any of the photo files. Ihave at least 2oo files. It's telling me TOTAL FILES 120 and allowing only 99 files to show. Of course, none of those are the ones that I need. Ebay is running a free promo right now and I am sure that there are other ebay sellers here losing money. So auctiva, why don't you give us back the old version.
I did get it to work for an auction. I didn't start the auction yet because I wanted to write here but I did get the photos to load. Now I got the file that I wanted but I had to guess. I have 5 files that start with the letters aaabb and I had to click on 2-3 of them to find the one that I wanted. The entire name did not appear. Also why I was picking the photos, besides highlighting the photo, I had to click the tiny box . THIS IS SO RETARDED. If highlighting was great before, why do we have to do another step. The reason that I pay you guys was the ease of uploading photos. Now you are making it hard. I might as well save money and use the Ebay listing system. You guys need to fix this mess rightaway. Yes, I am mad. FIX this now. OR at least bring back the old version. You had it for years. Why mess around with something that is working?
Still problems for me too...I am going to have to start smoking again.
Support is trying to help me but nothing is working. I have never had such a major MAJOR issue with Auctiva before. I can see myself being stuck with the basic html uploader cause I'm pretty sure this new thing is never gonna work for me.
I updated Jave and Adobe and that opened a couple lil doors but it's still unusable. So in the meantime I have just spent 2 days messing around with this and got exactly NOTHING listed.I asked if there was a way that those of us having problems could use the OLD version...I will post the answer when I hear back .
Hi 8880/Mari

have you tried the link Mike posted the other day? it is the old up-loader (not the basic one)

"Also, we have made the previous version of the Auctiva Uploader available at so you should still be able to access it as a workaround by logging into your account and entering that URL in the Address field of your browser."
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Hi Ed,
Thanks, yes, I already have it bookmarked. But it's still a hassle...I like doing my listings one at a time and I can't do it that way now so my whole routine is thrown off. Or just adding one pic to an existing listing, not easy any more Frown And alot of my displeasure is because why do I have to jump through all these hoops when I used to have something that worked fine??
I've tried 3 different browsers and updated things that didn't need updating, and I'm still having problems. I guess my point is why should I (or any of us) HAVE to go through all this?
Picture issues again?!!! I am just so tired of having to adjust to Auctiva's incompetence. We switched to iMac and other mac systems because you are almost a fool to buy anything else. We have people in a line to purchase Mac products but are swimming in Windows based systems because no one wants them. So, to use Auctiva I cannot use Safari. Clearly Auctiva cannot figure it out. I have a state of the art system and had to add another operating system to my Imac to be able to continue to use Auctiva to upload our images. The process is burdensome. Now even that does not work. So Here I am again, unable to use a system I opted to pay for rather than the free system offered by Ebay. It is exasperating to hear Mike in Customer Support say that they corrected errors for others by creating problems for us. Either get your act together quickly or you will not even have to admit you cannot. We will leave. Your cumbersome system for Mac is just too financially damaging. Instead of listing, I am spending my time registering in the forum so I can complain about your continuing failure to create a program that works well with an iMac.
Hi kellbuck,

I checked our support case records and the only case I was able to locate in which you reported receiving errors about contacting the "web master" was filed back on Saturday, September 14, 2013 and we did not hear back from you since we replied the following day.

We have since located a problem with one of our servers which appeared to be responsible for generating some errors of that nature but we corrected that issue Monday, September 16 and I am not aware of any specific issues that would explain why you may still be receiving error messages of that nature at this time.

In any event, I will let our technical team know that you are still encountering these errors through your existing support case on the subject and we will make you aware of anything more we can find about your situation through that case.

Hi Mike..I thought I filed another case yesterday, unless it didn't go thru...I just checked and I have no open cases..the problem is still exits...I am trying to list some things now, and it will not allow me to even load two pictures at one time sometimes...I just keep trying, and eventually, it goes thru...but I cannot upload more than 2 pictures at a time, or the error still comes up..My ISP told me that he thinks Auctiva's server is too busy...I don't know

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