Ok boys and girls, since our seasonal silliness is only intensifying, let's milk this thing out a little longer. Here is the big POLL of the day. (I would say poll of the week but I don't want to seem overly self-inflated due to all this attention).
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Ahh yes Ninth and since Evil Santa is giving you a Louisville Slugger (Now do not go Carrie Underwood on us)I shall cast my vote for the Male! I was going to hit God only knows but I think I know too!
OHH I just noticed I made Premier Poster status during all of this silliness! Thanks guys I feel SPECIAL now!
Hiya Ninth!!
OK I voted...can't wait to see if I'm right Smile
Thanks for being a good sport ~ we did get a little carried away didn't we??

Darn...I wish I could vote twice 'cos I'm still not sure......
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Go to the maintenence poll thread in the 'ebay talk' area and read the last page & 1/2.
Don't know if it's just seasonal silliness or if we're all just goofy Wink
Only three votes! Folks, you've had hours! I'm not running for president! That will never do. This calls for a recount, the delay will take a day. Frown
OMG only one vote? What kind of democracy is this? Ole GW would have never made presidink if they only allowed one Floweridia vote!
Well ninth, I guess you'll just have to tell us tomorrow...so far it's unanimous. I hope we're right or you'll probably never speak to us again Big Grin
Oh geez....I just remembered I'm going out in the morning so I'll probably miss the revelation. At least I'll have something to look forward to when I get home Wink
So we have one vote for a Lass and one vote for God only knows( Hey Ninth have you cast your vote yet?) Strange only 4 of us commenting and six votes. Time to start trying to buy the Floweridia vote Ninth. HIT the CAMPAIGN trail! HIRE a campaign manager, inquiring minds want to know!
Well I'm back...and no answer yet (pouting)
Ninth, I swear it wasn't me who voted for 'God only knows' Big Grin

Wow, this goofy thread has had 194 views and only 6 votes ??? A campaign manager is definitely in order Eek
Hey Miss Member! You're back! Now I'm leaving. lol I'll get you an email off later today. Smile

Ninth could always ask the dark side girls to manage the campaign. I'm game. Big Grin
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin I seem to have started something with the 'Dark Side Girls' (ha, chance'd be a fine thing! Cool ) I think Shirley and Miss Member (I wonder what her name really is?) will forever be known as the DSGs!

@ninth_wave - c'mon, the suspense is killing me!

Sorry Roll Eyes I'm stuck on a boring global conference call listening to a lot of people prattling about nothing of any importance... so I'm being mischievous Razz
Hello all you rabble-rousing message board junkies, Dark Side Babes and Thread Hijinxers: Miss
Shirley, HandlePete, Evil Santa, and especially Miss Member who started it all by instigating a
certain Whack-a-mole on the head outburst of internet violence, not to mention stirring up a
(ninth?) wave of self-doubt to infect not only my long-held sense of gender projection online
(what, you were expecting a coherent sentence?), but even my semblence to earthly beings such as
yourself has been brought into question! (Mars indeed!)

Since you have all done such a inspired job of cajoling me out of my innermost online secret, I
will now and forthwith reward all of you breathless readers with the jaw-dropping moment of
universal truth you have just been dying to know since yesterday - are you ready!

OK that was the big buildup, now for the seriously anti-climatic truth: Sorry to disappoint all you
doubters, and cheaters who voted both ways, but the I'm afraid the majority wins this one. The
Ninth is definitely a guy. (Phew! Glad that's over.) Anyway I hope no one is too disappointed,
because if you are I'll send Miss M to whack you with a piece of Aunt Bertha's fruitcake! And if
that doesn't get you straight, there's always my new Lewisville Slugger from Evil Santa)

To all of you fine keyboard jaspers out there, the poll has been a great fun for me, and I hope a
bit of diversion for you. Thank you all for participating, and for your patience, not only in
waiting for the not-so-big revelation, but for wading through all this incredibly overblown
nonsensical piece of prose, which will finally end with these words of wisdom: If you want a long
and happy life, DO NOT eat that fruitcake. Wink Wink Wink
Great fun Ninth, thanks for the bit of diversion. Still going to find out who voted God only knows. May need to borrow that Louisville Slugger Ninth. Either that or take the Dark Side Girls lumps of coal back and give them to the miscreant.
AHHHHH.....As soon as I read 'dark side BABES' I KNEW i was right Smile Guy all the way!
Thanks ninth for putting up with our foolishness, but it was alot of fun...not much else to do during maintenence, eh?
And if anyone gives you a hard time you just let me know, I'll grab the other dark side babe (I like that) and we'll give them a whackin' for ya Wink
Geez, look what I started with a simple sentence! Who woulda thunk it? Smile

Oh, and keep a'wonderin Pete...that's MY little secret Big Grin
Originally posted by member_8880:
AHHHHH.....As soon as I read 'dark side BABES' I KNEW i was right Smile Guy all the way!

And here I was trying to be so clever and string the answer out until the middle of the post, and now I see I gave myself away on the first line! Can't get anything past you Dark Siders!
bleh! fruitcake!

I knew it! hmmm, and I wonder what Your name is... lol Thanks Ninth, for the fun nonsensical piece of prose. Big Grin Nothing anti-climatic about it. And we'll never tell. hehe

Taz, you can have my lumps of coal. I still just want the snow. lol Grab your gloves everyone and let's have at a good ole fashioned snowball fight!

Pete, you still on that call? Come on. We can sneak up on 'em! You too Miss Member! We dark side babes MUST stick together. lol Razz
Well MR ninth_wave, to be absolutely honest, I had been leaning toward guy but was still a bit unsure.....although after I saw that sentence I KNEW...I think 'babes' is something a guy would say more than a girl would say..??
Anyhoo, very glad to have this much fun (this is the best board I've ever posted on) and glad we now know a little something about the mysterious ninth_wave Smile Smile
Got loads of snow here Shirley I will go outside and try to wail a snowball to the The Panhandle. I would have Rudolph deliver it but I just got done making deer jerky and cannot find him???
I am aiming 2 that way. One for the suspense and one for the poorly ran campaign. Only 7 votes out of 286 hits. definitely needed that campaign manager!
Yes, Miss Member, you sure can. Smile We'd have done an awesome job for Mr Ninth!

Taz, you made jerky out of Rudolph? What if it snows Christmas Eve??? What's Santa gonna do? You better enjoy that jerky! Big Grin

Wait till the wind's just right to help hurl it along. Then I'll aim it on over to Ninth. lol
Hey this is Reno, the wind here will hurl it right back at you. Only ChiTown is windier, I mean we are talking not fit for human habitation in the winter. Right M?
I throw like a girl anyway, so I'd miss even with the wind in my favor. lol

Wind... I know about it comin' off the Rockies. It's literally batten down the hatches when ya know a Norther's on the way. brrrrr
Originally posted by SolelySucculent:
I throw like a girl anyway, so I'd miss even with the wind in my favor.

That's what makes you so adorable.
Only ChiTown is windier, I mean we are talking not fit for human habitation in the winter. Right M?

You got it ninth! Add snow & sleet to that....ugh you get the picture Eek

BTW, pass me those snowballs, I throw like a guy (best softball league in my area)
Hey ninth,
I just read on another thread that you used to live in Alaska...so you're quite used to the snow and cold. (No wonder you live in the desert now Smile )
Even the worst Reno weather is paradise compared to yours. Maybe I'll just hang out here for awhile, thanks anyway.

Yes, Alaska can be quite extreme, you've got to hand it to those folks up there. They are tough with a capital T.
YES!!! I got it right! Well, so did most of us I guess Smile Glad to hear you are a guy ninth, that means I haven't totally lost it in my old age.

I'm finally off that dumb call, and then went straight to bed, now back up and back online working at 0700 Frown

I have to say I like the sound of the Dark Side Babes - even better that DSGs. Big Grin
Originally posted by handlep:
I have to say I like the sound of the Dark Side Babes - even better that DSGs.

Hey, we're guys, right?
Hi Pete, I was wondering when you'd show up Smile
So it's 7AM there huh? 2:10AM here in Chicago as I'm writing this...looks like everyone else has gone to bed...me too pretty soon.

I wonder who voted for 'God knows what' Big Grin?? I know I was tempted, if only to tease ninth again. As soon as he said 'babes' I knew, but I like DSGs too!

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