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Hi Suthrnjewl before your reply I was considering that probably the best form of defence may be to ignore it and not invoice or raise an unpaid dispute in the event of non-payment. Having read your linked thread it looks as though that is the best option.

Better to lose a few fees than to effectively have my eBay selling effectively shut down and suffer phone harressment as well.

Some of my best customers have been from the far east, normally very pleasant in a way only orientals can convey.

Received 20 spam mails from Chinese companies this evening all disguised as being from eBay ask the seller, all forwarded on to

I think I will just let eBay deal with it ho, ho, ho . . .
30 odd Chinese spam mails later I get the expectd reply from eBay (who cares) support

"Thank you for contacting us regarding the magazine you listed and purchased by "# see other thread #", (item number #######). I apologise for the delay in responding.

I understand your concern regarding the members contact details. In cases such as these, I would recommend that you contact your buyer and try to clarify their address.

Kindly note, that eBay provides a market place for buyers and sellers to interact just as a local authority might provide a physical venue for a market to take place. We have limited legal powers and responsibilities.
We provide the listing and bidding systems, but we do not authenticate users, verify items or guarantee that you will receive payment or the item."

We are just the venue .. blah .. blah ... Mad

They had to to sit up and take notice of Micro$oft and VeRo who could sue with mega $$ funding.
Havining forwarded some 50 mails to spoof@eBay now, further replies point out they cannot prevent spam being passed via contact the seller and I repeatedly point out they did not appear in 'My mesages' of 'My eBay' so they were not via contact seller.

I think they deliberately play dumb so you give up and find something more useful to do like demolishing a wall with your head. Confused

And then I get a customer satisfaction survey which I filled in appropriately which seemed to keep repeating itself, sub-conciously it tells me find another wall to demolish ok, will do Roll Eyes
Getting somewhere, having forwarded nearly 60 spam mails to spoof@eBay with the bin Bandits eBay ID he is no longer registered when I checked just now, one less parasite on eBay without making contact with him which seems to be the most important aspect from Suthrnjewl's experience.

Mind you he is probably 1 in a million but every little helps even if eBay are forced to take notice, pure coincindence or not who cares.

All I have to do now is keep filtering out the 30 odd mails a night Smile

And reluctantly close my listings to Asia to try and avoid a repeat occurence, cannot help feel that short of changing my e-mail address the spam could keep coming for a long time yet.
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Hi all update, received confimation from eBay that the CBB is no longer registered, they suggest I raise an unpaid against him now, but once again I think for the small amount it would be too risky as he would know.

eBay must know this person had been bidding for years and not buying more than the occassional penny book. They do not escape a contribution of blame.

Suthrnjewl, I passed eBay support the AuctionBytes link about CBB's and that must have clinched it, thanks for the link and sharing your grief so I could manouvre carefully Cool

I hope Suthrnjewl's posts and mine will help others deal with these parasites.
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It's so frustrating...I can well understand.

I wouldn't risk the NPB. I HAD to do daily 700+ NPB a day for months and months...if I didn't, eBay had me paying fees on ALL of the bids. Plus then I had to wait the 7-10 days to file final credit.

Step lightly.

Keep me apprised of the goings on if more pop up...and I'll hope this is the end of this for you.

It's really jarring on one's nerves...unless you've gone thru something similar you can't imagine how it affects your outlook on owning an ecommerce site.

My Best,
Thanks, luckily I have only cheap items out there at present as it is off season for me. I will make sure all further eBay listing posts are no longer completely worldwide.

Also this sort of problem is why I prefer to stay anonymous here, that is my name here is nothing like my eBay ID, it allows me to at least inform others with minimal risk of further damage.

I am of course making the assumption that a BIN Bandit is trashing so many people in any one day I am lost in the crowd, so I am not going to draw attention to myself with an unpaid.

Mind you I expect there are plenty of other countries with operators such as these waiting in the shadows if the Chinese branch is ever completely thwarted.
The thing that stinks about blocking Asian buyers is it also cuts off a lot of other buyers from being able to bid unless I am missing something?For example you only have the option to sell worldwide, or to certain countries if you eliminate Asia. So you cut Africa totally and some other places also.I did eliminate Asian buyers so hopefully never have to deal with that mess
Hi Taz that's a risk assessment you have to calculate in relation to your wares and the desirability of those wares in those areas you block.

I have had probably only about 5 in 1000 sales go to Asia in the past and I expect that to diminish due to my current wares.

I do not like blocking a large mass of potential buyers but in my case the present tedium of still receiving up to 15 Chinese e-mails a night since it happened and the possibilites of it turning nasty and expensive as it did in Suthrnjewl's case is enough for me to act in this way.
Hi Super, I always specify clearly in my listings and again in invoices that for buyers outside of the UK I only accept PayPal.

You can set up preferences to only accept PayPal but then I find that is rather counter productive many prefer to pay by cheque. Within the UK that is good for me as it cuts out PayPal fees, Smile disadvantage is it drags out the transaction paying in and waiting for the cheque to clear before shipping.

I do not specify a preferred method of payment within the UK like some sellers who even refuse PayPal within the UK as I think that stops a lot of impulse buyers.

If anyone from abroad can only pay by cheque then so long as there profile is sound and the cheque is drawn on a UK bank and in sterling (you the seller do not want to deal with exchange rate details) that is ok by me.

As last resort with a genuine sounding buyer if it is not in sterling then I ask for a handling charge of 10%.

How you negotiate depends on their profile and your gut feeling.

Regarding scams Nigeria is a major trouble maker just search for Nigeria on eBay and Auctiva boards. I believe it is so rife that even if you cannot block them with shipping options even eBay will not take a complaint from Nigeria seriously so I do not bother to exclude them in writing or any other way. It really depends on your wares as from what I have seen the scams have either been related to dodgey payments for moble phones or 'money laundering' type scams after they have your email address from an invoice.

In general it does not seem any real problem selling world wide via eBay UK than selling UK only. Just be aware of the shipping rates info via the Royal Mail website where they even have an eBay sellers page with most of the links you need. Apply the appropriate customs sticker for non-Eu destinations and to label clearly with to, from, rate (i.e. small packet or printed paper). And finally and most important pack more robustly.

Be aware that although surface mail is a lot cheaper than airmail the time it takes for an item to be declared lost can exceed the time limits on disputes for non-delivery and can cause a lot of hassle. I will not ship by surface mail now after some problematic buyers.

I hope that clarifes a few things for you.

Gasp .. Wink
Thank you very much, very helpful as ever. I'll print this one off for future reference as I would like to start selling abroad, but only once I'm a bit more established.

Also I just found this on the eBay announcments:

**An update on improving the Buyer experience***

13 August, 2007 | 04:00PM BST

We wanted to let you know about additional steps that we are taking this year to ensure that eBay remains a safe place to buy and sell.

Having listened to Buyers, we have heard that some Sellers are failing to deliver consistently good service. Those Sellers receive considerable negative or neutral Feedback or cause Buyers to file an Item Not Received complaint, because they are not meeting Buyer expectations. Key areas that Sellers need to deliver against are: listing accuracy, professional communication, and fair prices for timely postage.

eBay has decided that Sellers with low positive Feedback levels – more than 5% combined negative and neutral Feedback or multiple Item Not Received complaints in the last 90 days – need to demonstrate improvement in Feedback to continue trading at current levels. This is an extension of the work that eBay has always done in addressing Seller Non Performance.

For further information please read the Seller Non Performance policy.


The and Teams

Why can't they do that for buyers????? Eek
Hi interesting, but if you look at the power sellers programmme they can almost get away with murder at the higher levels without being penalised to any noteworthy degree because they bring so much revenue into eBay.

They (power sellers) can fool 'young' (low profile) eBay buyers much easier than those with an obviously dubious profile showing plenty of reds and neutrals. (I have only been conned once by a seller and that was a power seller, I took them through the process beyond the normal dispute and won !)

I think they ought to put the pillars of eBay society on tighter reigns first !

By following my guidelines and being accurate, polite, and honest but firm you will not need to concern yourself about eBay's tightening up on small fry who contribute too much bad publicity per doller paid to eBay.

I also believe troublesome buyers are attracted to poor listings like doubly or mis-priced goods in a supermarket, they are out to exploit a loophole in your listing and get it for less than they actually won it for.

So take care of your listing and it will take care of you Smile
Here's another discussion in regards to the improving the Buyer Experience on eBay:,4858.0.html

As was suggested I would LOVE to have a star rating system for some of my buyers...late payments, rude emails, beligerent and pushy..oh yes, the BUYER star rating would make me very happy.

^Taz...I happily cut off Africa. That is the number one country that's been noted for emailing out phishers and scamming emails. I learned that I need to protect myself on eBay as they don't help you protect yourself.

I have found that those that are legitemate buyers will go to my website and buy the item and most of those come from Google Searches.

It is always best to branch out and not have all your eggs in one "ebay" basket..then you can have more flexibility. More flexibility equals more sales. More sales from your site, ecrater, blujay, hibidder etc equal no fee's.

Best of Luck,

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