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I used to have relatively bearable problems with fonts but recently it has become a VERY time consuming task to fix all the problems and it literally adds 40% of processing time on top of the usual. I use a specific font for my listings but when I click the "post" button the font goes to Ebay all in one big mess, it is different in type and size and I have to cut it out, change it and then paste it back.

I would like to know if there is any point in waiting for Auctiva to do something about it. I have filed tens of support cases and I think only one or two were resolved, the rest were ignored or brushed off. I understand that any company management does anything for money, they are there for that very reason but maybe there is a seasonal mass lunacy coming some time soon that will make those people be very confused and they will fix this out of being mad? Obviously their normal state contradicts their own promises, money is above anything...
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I had noticed that problem occasionally too. After switching to the other description editor awhile back I have had no issues with my sizes or fonts, but that may not be your problem. If you're not pasting in your font into the description in the listing, I don't know why else it would be so messed up. -- I'm sure you are already aware, but for anyone who doesnt--it's well known that if you cut/paste in any MS word-type programs to the auctiva lister, it adds a bunch of hidden code that will result in a big mess on ebay. What did the support people say to do? They have always answered the few questions I've had very promptly. I had a lot of issues with various sites after I installed the lateset firefox and had to go back to a old version. Confused
Hi chillipepper,

I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. While I cannot be 100% sure what is causing the behavior you described here without being able to reproduce the problem, I just looked through the description HTML of your most recent saved listings and immediately noticed they all contained a good deal of Microsoft Word formatting code and that is most likely the problem.

The main problem with this type of code is that is is not always displayed in web browsers the way it appears within Microsoft Word. On top of that, it is hard to predict how that code will interact when it is combined with the standard HTML produced by our description editor during the editing process.

In any event, I believe you will be able to avoid, or at least minimize, the problems of this nature moving forward by making sure that you do not introduce any proprietary Microsoft Word formatting code into the description editor.

If you have a standard piece of text that you paste into the description editor when you begin each listing or something of that nature, you could recreate it using a simple text editor like MS Notepad or as a profile within Auctiva so you can continue using it without introducing any of this code.

I hope this helps.

of course, it does NOT help. I tried to creat listings from scratch with the same problem there. How difficult is it to keep the same font format without making a mess out of it? It is actually easier to NOT change it then to DO change it. If you post the format in the very same form as it was written without changing it, then your servers will save a lot of effort and as a result will wear off less. Unless you have a sepcial interest otherwise, I know that it is a common way to make more money, just keep on squeezing as much as possible by doing irrelevant or unneeded work instead of doing the right thing. Makes me sick to watch such nonsense going on anywhere in any large business.
LOL! It strikes me funny that we're still posting about this issue. (Not laughing at YOU, just at the fact that we still have this problem and it's still being ignored) My last support case on this was about 2 years ago and I'm still struggling with the font problem. It is a MAJOR PITA. It will never be fixed. I don't even use Word, or add script of any kind, and it STILL messes up. Sad to say, I guess I've gotten so used to it I don't pay attention anymore...
Unfortunately Auctiva's editor eats up too much of my time as well, otherwise I'd jump right in and complain about the last 2.5 years, but I've learned that my typing problems and glitches on these boards over the years is a useless waste of my precious time, so I DON'T. But I neither, use Word and it's still a CONSTANT BATTLE with their editor, creating or editing my descriptions. Well, back to work. Time's a tickin'. Just know that Auctiva continues to close their EYES to this HUGE, LONG-TIME, TIME-WASTER OF OURS.
This problem is a continuing frustration since I first put in a support request on it many moons ago. The response I received was not to use MS Word then paste into listing template. I do not use MS Word. I use Notepad exclusively. For example, on a recent listing, I imported my text, blocked it and chose a font. I previewed the listing to confirm that all was well. However, a couple of days after the listing was posted I had occasion to open the listing in eBay, and guess what! Halfway through the description the font changed.

If nothing else, what one sees in Auctiva's preview ought to show what the listing will look like in EBay. Might as well take the "Preview" button off the page - it's not much use, is it?
My font issues are worse than ever the last few days...I always type directly into the description area. I never copy from anywhere. Don't add any script. As I'm typing the font will change ALL BY ITSELF. The size changes too it's completely frustrating. I COULD just type in the default and change it when I'm done, but it's too small for me to see clearly (since there is no spellcheck)

And now a new problem today...Margins also change all by themselves and WILL NOT be fixed no matter what I do. I always use most of my text is centered but I have 2 sentences that are right justified that I cannot get fixed.It looks awful but I have to leave it, don't have time to keep messing around. SIGH Confused
Same here.. just changes while you type. And IF you have to go back and add a word, especially at end of line it almost always changes font! This has been going on FOREVER!!!!!! I have centering issues too where some will center and other parts will not. Of course, again, we have no SELECT ALL so it highlights all of listing and can be centered on entire text.

Auctiva, what is status of fixing this?????????? Been way tooooo long!!
Hi Community,

I have been hesitant to respond to this thread lately because I don't feel I have enough information to know what is causing these issues for everyone who has contributed, but I do have a couple ideas of what may be causing these problems for some of you, aside from introducing unsupported formatting code into the description editor.

The first issue is the one "lookandbuyme" me referred to which can cause the formatting to revert to the default when you move from one like to the previous one is something that we are aware of. However, that behavior is inherent to our description editors and I do not anticipate that we will be able to change how that functions.

The other issue I am familar with that could be contributing to these problems is that, if you have the "Auto Save Description" option enabled in your account, the description formatting may change back to the defaults used by the editor when the description text is saved automatically.

While we do hope to be able to correct that particular issue with a future update of our software, I am not sure when we may be able to get the work necessary to resolve that problem yet.

If you feel you the behavior you are seeing may be the result of that problem, you may be able to avoid the spontanous formatting changes by disabling that feature, which can be done by mousing over the "My Account" tab within your account, selecting the "Acct Preferences" option under "Settings", selecting "No" from the drop down menu next to "Automatically Save Description", and then clicking the "Update Account Preferences" button below.

If the issues I have gone over here do not seem to explain the behavior you are seeing, we would really need to see the behavior occur in order to have any chance of determining exactly what is happening. In that case, please contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" option and we will do our best to help you out.

If you do contact us about an issue of this nature, please include as much detail as possible about what may be necessary to reproduce the problem because, if we are unable to see the problem nor reproduce it, we will not likely be able to determine what is causing the behavior.

Mike while I appreciate your answer, and honestly to me, NO answer to me ='s we DO NOT CARE!! Just talk tot he hand!

However, this has been issue for a very, very long time. (couple of years I believe, correct me if I am wrong) The GO AROUNDS for every issue are getting out of control!! Every problem results in a go around which is costing us MONEY!!! For everything that is NEW AND IMPROVED seems something was dropped. (spell check at one time, NOW the one go around that helped us fix this issue in reasonable amount of time)

Please, please, please I beg you please quit re-inventing the wheel over and over and then fixing the wheel, and fix some of the go arounds!! Those are the things that cost us MONEY!!

I am telling you the go arounds are NOT a solution to all issues and are very frustrating "FIX".
I too, have this problem, ALL the fonts I try (you know how you try one to see how it looks then don't like it)... well ALL those stay in the HTML & when I settle on one it doesn't work. OR it only changes PARTS of the text tho I've "Selected All" to change all. Frown

Indeed, I am using the Auto-Save because I can't afford to lose listings I've spent time creating. EVERYBODY uses Auto-Save for god's sake!! Auctiva should fix this!

I have to go into the HTML, manually search for the word "font," go to each & EVERY instance that I DON'T want, highlight the wrong HTML, and Delete. It's driving me batty & making me very unhappy. It should NOT be THIS tedious! This keeps the site from performing professionally IMO, and makes my auctions look stupid & unreadable when I don't spend an extra 15-30 mins on correcting the fonts in EACH listing! 8((

P.S. I compose my listings here on Auctiva. I do not use or employ any other code & paste it here.
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