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Can anyone tell me why my background disappears on any of my custom templates whenever I need to make a revision to a current listing? I have several different templates and this happens on all of them, but only on active listings that I am revising. The best example would be listing# 300234950528. If you scroll through listing you will see the faces on the white background.....if I were to revise it I would be left with just the tan center scroll part and the white would become solid white. Any help would be great...this is so frustrating! Thanks in advance, Suzanne
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Hi Suzanne,

I haven't forgotten you. I just needed to study the problem for awhile. Here's one thing I've spotted and need to do more code checking and analysis before I can absolutely say it's the problem.

The background you are using extends beyond the area of the listing that eBay normally allows for change, i.e. it's showing at the very bottom below the Description section in the Other options and links (page bottom) . I'm thinking that wouldn't normally be allowed and the Revise editor is catching and dropping the code. That suggests the entire page is set with that background instead of just the Description section. It's possible the submission from Auctiva didn't catch the problem (if it is a problem) at the time the code was received at eBay.

That's my best guess at this point.

Hi Danno, thanks for the reply. I just thought it would be better to put the question under a separate discussion since I now have the slideshow issue resolved. As I stated previously I having no knowledge of html & forwarded your reply to the person who made the template. I have the html for the template if it would help you to look at it. If so, how do I post it so you can see it? Thanks much, Suzanne

Did you notice that even the background for the entire practice board page used your background when you tested your code. Wink That tends to verify my prior suspicion (first glance).

I noticed immediately that you have an HTML header, i.e. you're embeding a page within a page with these <HTML><HEAD> to start your code. I've seen that often cause problems with other templates. It's usually due to using an HTML editor (like Frontpage) to create the code (on the assumption the Template is a compete page by itself and it's meant to only be a frame within a page). I know this is jargon to you, but I hope that hint might help your coder look at the cause.

I'm going to port it to my editor for a better look and post back.

I did notice that also...I forwarded to her to look at as well. Here is another that is a bit different but does the same thing: listing #300232062042 2nd practiceboard link
You will see that the lisitng looks much more different than the template. Note also that this occurs when I send an item from store inventory to online auction, but ONLY if I make any revision ie price, description, etc. Am I making you crazy yet? Thanks again for your continued help. Sincereley, Suzanne
One thing we've discovered when dealing with revisions is that there is something about eBay's editor that does not play well with Internet Explorer. Revisions done in that browser would have problems similar to what you are describing, but revisions done with Firefox did not.

So that may be part of it, or I did notice that neither of the references to background images in your Practice Board examples seemed to be directed to the correct locations. Do the following seem like they should be right?

Edit: I take that back, it looks like the second image is correct.
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Hi again,

I have the code on my tester and do believe the problem lies with use of "HTML" "BODY" and "BACKGROUND" element. In a sense, you're coder is attempting to use the entire page for worksheet rather than the Description section and only that frame (the limits of the template).

My suggestion would be to use CSS Code inline STYLE on a new (whole section) table and attribute "background-image" for the background of just the table. I'm getting it to work on my tester, but not the practice board. Give me a few more minutes and I'll either get it fixed or give it back with at least my best attempt to fix.

you guys rock!!
Neil...thanks much for your info...I forwarded to my coder to look at ...they do odd, but I dont know what I am looking at.

Danno...I think you are correct.....I looked at your link to the practice board & it looks perfect!! It appears above the blue line & looks more uniform. Thanks for the comment..I chose the music & that is a mothers day pic of my daughter & I. Now, how to do I copy & paste what you put in the practiceboard into my Auctiva so I can try it out? I tried copy/paste & its telling me its protected...sorry for being stupid...but it looks like I protected it from myself. Please help! Thanks again for your time & patience, Sincerely, Suzanne

Yep, that little Java Script at the front got you. Big Grin

Here's a secret bypass for that "protection" .....

If you take your mouse cursor and highlight all the code in that Practice Board window by starting at the top and moving it down the page until it's all highlighted, and then find and use the CTRL and "C" keys in combination, that should do a COPY function. Then paste (like normal) to a new blank template at Auctiva.

I'm hopeful that fixes the problem. I hope Neil can give it a glance and nod that it conforms to their's and eBay's coding standards too.

My daughters are all grown. Time to take my oldest grandson to the park for a few hours before dark here. Back later to check on progress and look at the other case you posted.

Hi, Ok, I have created listing # 300235166992 using the fix you suggested. Looks great! Spoke with my coder and we share the same issue...although your fix now allows me to revise an item...the background only shows on top & underneath the listing and wipes out the background on the sides, thus defeating the purpose of having the beautiful look of a still background with a scrolling listing template.

Coder states that the problem is due to editing in the standard view....I am editing as follows. Example I want to change a price or add a buy it now to an open listing. I click on listing from ebay page, the click revise your lisitng, the scroll down to price box & add/change price. (All the while the editor is still in the html view/tab)I havent touched or clicked it in any way, then scroll down to end and save,the, post with changes. Then once posted the background disappears. Is there a way to keep the template so it will scroll/move while still keeping the back ground?

Also I have tried this in IE & Firefox with same results. Hope you are having fun with the grandkids!

This looks like a challenge but I am sure that you or Neil will be able to fix. Thanks much & let me know what you come up with after you view the listing. Thanks again, Sincerely, Suzanne

The change I made was to move the background from the full HTML page to within the boundary defined by the template. The template area does excluded the expanded left side due to the Store Search and Cat-box frames and the area below the description where Auctiva adds the SG. I also removed the <HTML> <HEAD> and <BODY> tags that might be the cause of eBay's editor deleting code, i.e. the page within a page issue. The <BODY> tag was where the background was anchored. I'd have to make a comparision of before and after change, but the evidence of your ability to change without losing the background does at least confirm it's part of that code that is dropped.

I do believe you have access to the code that includes the framed area for the Cat box with customization of the Store template at eBay, which is also embedded in the description section.

I don't know if there is a method to force the whole page with background (as before) that can survive the editor's checks. I can try using a STYLE on the page, but don't know if that would conflict. Neil/Auctiva might have a suggestion or thought on what's been done. I'll do some more checks and tests.

Hi, you are correct, your change did allow the background area to remain after the price revision was done...seems like a margin type issue. The code you are referring to...are you looking for the html for the store front? If so I do have that, just let me know. Also have you seen my About me page? It too has the background feature but is set up a bit differently and has minimal scrolling..take a peek & see if it helps I also have the html for that as well. Thanks so much for your continued effort & help. Sincerely, Suzanne
I'd like to make sure I'm examining one of the listings that had a background before revise edit dropped it. If I'm correct the code I removed should be missing from those, i.e. rejected by the editor.

What's a good listing number to look at that is similar to the one you initially posted on this threat?

The area in eBay where you customize Store page is also where I believe you can customize use of the Search and Category appearing on a listing page. It was that feature I was looking for, to see if the background could be tied to that instead of the entire page.

I'm peeling the onion, as there are layers within layers of code here to examine.

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I went through several of your listings that appeared to be missing a background, and did confirm that those HTML codes are indeed removed. I have a new piece of code that I'd recommend you test and see if the eBay editor will accept and possibly restore backgrounds (fix the broken ones).

Here's the code, which you insert at the beginning of the Description with the edtior in HTML mode:

<style type="text/css">
body {
background: url("") fixed;

You may need to retype this code, as copy and paste from the Forum will add extraneous text.

Just subtitute the link inside the " " for whichever background is missing. This code is essentially equivalent to that code that's removed. It uses CSS Style coding, which appears to be acceptable to eBay and Auctiva from some of my tests. Note, I used the attribute "fixed" to make sure the background doesn't move with the scrollbar.

When you test, just insert the code and use the Revise listing PREVIEW to see if it's working. If this fix holds, I'll pass you updated code for the template.


Edit: I stored the code at practiceboard to make it easier to copy.
Hi Danno,
Sorry I was gone for a bit. I have a stupid question...but wanted to be clear that I understand...I am supposed to use this to edit/revise a listing that is "broken" to restore the background correct? Or did you want me to use it on one that is still intact? Also I always revise thru ebay as I dont know how to revise thru Auctiva...should I be revising this way? If not how should I do it? Thanks so much for all of your patience. Sincerely, Suzanne
Hi Suzanne,

Yes, I'm hoping that little piece of code will fix the broken auctions (those missing background from use of eBay Revise listing). IF that code works, it's also a possible fix for the templates that produce the conflict.

If you can tact that piece of code at the beginning of the description section using the Revise listing editor in HTML mode, and then use PREVIEW....I'm hoping that demonstrates a fix. If it fails to work, DON'T SAVE the listing to back-out the change. I'm hoping it will restore the background to method your coder was using with a different technique that is acceptable to eBay's listing editor.

Note, I added the code piece to practiceboard and put a link at bottom of that last post. I wanted to make it easier for you to do the copy and paste for test.

Hope that all makes sense.

Fingers crossed. Smile


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