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top bid confirmation

RogerTK ·
I thought I had submitted a top bid--and paid the $5 fee--but I got no confirmation of my bid. How do I ascertain that my bid active?

Re: top bid confirmation

auctivacraig ·
Hello ROGERTK - It sounds like you are referring to Auction Sniper as opposed to Auctiva and this is an Auctiva forum. However, as Auction Sniper is a sister company, I am able to let you know that you can log in to your Auction Sniper account and on the My Snipes page of the account you can check the "All" and/or "Active" tabs in the My Snipes section of the page and if all is ready to go your snipe will show with a status of Ready. This indicates that the service is ready to place your bid...
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