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Just 2 hours ago, I called Ebay.  The person on call was not an American but she did say that she is seeing my Gallery pictures just that they are not going into place....):!     As always, she said it was a tech problem and she'd have to report it.

I'm not buying that.  Always a tech issue when there's a problem.  I am certain Auctiva is not sending them correctly and their not going into place. Just thought I'd share how hard I have been trying to list and relist.  From Both my Stores, Same Issue!  I sent my Report to Auctiva Yesterday Afternoon.  Somewhere on their site, it said they only respond Mon-Fri 8am/6pm.  Come on Monday!


Not sure as I store mine in Picasa.  Fine tune them and post them when needed.

I see TONS of listings without Gallery. We're not the only ones!  Ebay will surely have to fix soon!  It happened to me Yesterday morning. First time I noticed.

As far as listings, you need to check your Seller Hub page.  All of us received an extra 50,000 listings for July.  You should have lots remaining.  I could never uses all of those!


Basically we're paying for something that we're not receiving.  Once upon a time, Auctiva was quick to respond.  NO MORE!  Even had a note that unless your a subscriber to their Preminum Service, they only answer 8am/6pm M-F.  ??

Good Luck if after hours!  Your correct that they reply only after its fixed or they place the blame on Ebay.  With so many out, may not be Auctiva.  I see Crazy Lister has no Gallery.  Several others also.

Maybe later on today......

Hello Community,

Apologies for the delayed response.

While we are not aware of any particular difficulty on our end that would have caused the gallery image to fail on eBay our engineers are investigating this issue at this time.  It is unclear why your Gallery image would fail to appear if the Header image is showing on your listings on eBay as they use the same image.

Please understand that there have been no recent changes on our end that would account for this difficulty and our engineers are looking into it as rapidly as they are able.

You may be able to correct this problem in any listings that are affected using the eBay tool here.

We will update this thread as soon as more information becomes available.

Apologies for the difficulty this causes.

 - Craig

Hello again,

Please be aware that the eBay tool places your request in queue and may take some time to have an effect.  If you have trouble with that tool, please keep in mind that we are unrelated to eBay and are unable to assist with the operation of the tool.

As noted our engineers are looking into this issue as rapidly as they are able and we will update this thread as soon as more information becomes available.

 - Craig

Seems the issue is with Auctiva.  Somehow their Gallery Photos are not being sent properly for Ebay to Grab them and place on site.  Now, is it Ebay or Auctiva.  Guess that depends on whom you ask.  Auctiva is not "Seeking Solutions".   Ebay has "turned it over to the Techinal Dept"  In the meantime, paying Customers can NOT LIST!  Now what's a person to do?  Trying to adjust to Managed Payment only to be hit with NO LISTINGS!  Toooo Much for a Monday!

Your Suggestions did not work.  Just called Ebay for the Third Time.  

They continue to say "they're looking into it".  Don't see any issues on their side.  Same as Auctiva.  

In the meantime, I can NOT list as I'm not getting any solid answers to my questions.  My son sells using InkFrog.  His Gallery is displaying.  My daughter sells using Ebay listings.  She has a Gallery.  So that clearly tells me it's Auctiva. I have looked at others listings where Gallery is not displayed.  Most are using Auctiva.  I thought about joining the Pro-Plan but Auctiva says only TWO CALL a MONTH!  Not helpful when issues come up.  So I continue to wait. 

Now you say you're looking into the issue.  It began on Thursday night.  This is Monday morning.  Too much time for me to have to deal with this.  

Hello again Community,

And thank you for your patience in this matter.

While our investigation continues, there are a variety of posts and responses on the eBay community forum at this time related to this issue and it is unclear at this point exactly what the issue is.  It currently does look like an issue on the eBay side.   An example of such a post can be seen here.

Our engineers have been reviewing our end and have been unable to locate an issue that would account for this since the other image data appears to be being received as it should and displays in the listings themselves as expected.  As the investigation continues, we have also reached out to eBay directly so we can work together to get this issue resolved as rapidly as possible.

When more information becomes available, we will add to this thread as needed.

Again, you patience is appreciated.

 - Craig

Hi Community - 

an update to this issue with gallery images. 

Our engineers received a response from eBay where they acknowledged an issue relating to the gallery images beginning at the end of last week and that they are reprocessing the requests that have failed.  No time frame was indicated, but this should mean that missing gallery images should be reprocessed to show as expected and that future posts occur as usual.

 - Craig

So if I read this correctly, Ebay will be correcting the listings that are in place now and all Gallery photos will show when now listing?

Not happening for me.  I've had one listing out there since Thursday night.  Three calls to Ebay and still not showing.  I just relisted an auction and no gallery.

Sure hope they fix soon.  I feel as if I'm being Ghosted!

Hello Upperlevel, 

Unfortunately no further information or specifics have been made available.  Given the extent of the issue as noted in the eBay community forums, it is very likely that there is a large volume of reprocessing to be done.  If you continue to experience difficulty you will need to continue with your open tickets with eBay support.

 - Craig

OK!  Here's what I'm finding.  Ebay did NOT fix the Gallery on my active listings. Therefore I ended those.

At approximately 7:00PM, I tried once again to list and the Gallery did DISPLAY!  So it only took Ebay 4 Days to find and fix.  Maybe Auctiva assisted?

Reguardless, it seems to be up an running once again.  Now, I only have Managed Payments to look forward to....sigh


I agree seems to be working for new listings however existing listing have not been fixed despite what eBay reps were saying...

In the meantime Auctiva replied to me advising to use eBay tool while I clearly indicated when lodging  the case that it does not work.

Wasted weekend chasing eBay and Auctiva for useless answers...

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All my listings started Saturday still have no pictures. But I tried just one new one this morning and it worked. Trouble is what do I do with the 100++ auctions that I launched Saturday? The only listings I could fix are ones without bids. And that would not be practical as it is too much work to transfer pictures from Auctiva to eBay. They are no longer available on my PC.

If eBay cannot fix the gallery pictures by tonight, I will have to end all those auctions and restart. They are all consigned items and I doubt the owners will be happy with picture-less results.

"New listings work, and existing listings are now for 50% corrected by Ebay, seems they're running a large repair job"


has any Auctiva user had ANY of their Gallery pictures repaired? So far none of mine are fixed. I generated them Saturday around 7 -9 p.m. I fixed a few the hard way but it is too much work so hope eBay does their job.

As someone who has used Auctiva's services(multiple stores) for quite some time, I know that this issue occurs a few times a year.  I don't look for who's at fault, I just work around it.  Here's what I have learned.

  • Always keep your photos available for a period of time for issues just like this one.
  • Your listing is fine.  The only thing affected is your gallery image.
  • If you are able to edit, go through revise listing in eBay.  Delete the gallery image and upload the image from wherever you have it.  For me, it's on my PC.  This works 100% of the time.
  • That eBay tool that allegedly fixes your gallery image...never worked for me in this situation.
  • Make it a habit to look at your listings in Seller Hub on occasion just to check.  This issue doesn't give any warning, it just happens.
  • It can be a pain, for sure, but it sure beats ending/relisting your items.  Especially when you have many of them.



Hello lodeniko,

If you change which account you have tokenized to your Auctiva account, the active listings from the initial account will not update as we will no longer receive the notifications from eBay related to them, so they will remain indefinitely on your Active Listings page.   The Active Listings page is what supplies the information for the scrolling gallery, so the gallery will display information from the other account or, given time, items that are no longer active on eBay.

There are no means to end the active listings without the notification data from eBay and we would not be able to remove or disable them for you, so we strongly suggest that you do not tokenize to a different eBay account while you have any active listings showing in your Auctiva account.

  - Craig

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