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I'm surprised to have received this e-mail only to find there's no correpsonding thread in the forums (not even in News?!).

FYI, this was defaulted to ENABLED in my Auctiva preferences.

Offer buyers peace of mind while increasing your bottom line!

Auctiva is excited to announce the release of BuyShield. BuyShield offers product warranties that deliver premium customer care and the security that buyers want when making a purchasing decision. BuyShield is great for sellers too! Potential customers who browse your products will know that you are a trustworthy and serious seller with BuyShield. Buyers appreciate sellers who offer protection from the cost and hassle of items that inevitably malfunction or break.

BuyShield offers your customers instant warranty quotes with a single click of the mouse. The widget keeps the buyer engaged with your listing instead of directing them to another page to get pricing information, as some other warranty providers do. BuyShield makes it easy to offer this service to your buyers. The warranty widget will automatically be added to listings where it is logical to offer a warranty, such as electronics, computers, and tools. Additionally, we pay you ten percent of the profits for all warranty sales generated by your widget.

How does the Widget work? What does it look like?

Warranty Quote Widget


The warranty quote widget is discreetly placed at the bottom of your listings, centered on the page. With a single click, the widget expands down to reveal the price of a warranty for the item in the listing. Buyers have never had such a simple and direct way of finding coverage - your customers do not leave your listing to get the quote.

BuyShield Seller Stamp


Where it is not logical to have the BuyShield warranty widget shown, e.g. stuffed animals, ceramics, and soaps, we offer sellers the ability to stamp their listing with our BuyShield Seller Stamp. The stamp informs buyers that you offer BuyShield warranties on eligible items. To opt in for the BuyShield Seller Stamp, visit the account preference page and enable it.

When will the widget be available?

This service will start in a couple of weeks. We will be tracking the origin of each warranty sale and will credit your BuyShield account for the sales that come from your listings. Starting in 2009, we will unveil our profit sharing system and distribute those profits to you. We want the best for our sellers and their customers. BuyShield is one more service that separates you from the rest!

Happy Listing!
Auctiva Staff

*BuyShield Terms & Conditions

**We're confident the new BuyShield warranty widget will both enhance your relationships with your customers and make you extra money. However, should you wish to opt out of using this free service, you can either remove the widget on a per listing basis by disabling the BuyShield option on the lister page, or change the setting for it in your account preferences.
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a copy of the text from the T and C's of the buyshield
You will be paid ten percent (10%) of the net revenue ("Revenue Share") BuyShield realizes for each valid Service Contract sold that originates from your copy of the Widget. You may be eligible for additional or extra payments from time to time, and agree to abide by all conditions in order to receive these payments . Payments of Revenue Share to You will be made through a payment mechanism of BuyShield’s choice in a time and manner which is at the sole discretion of BuyShield. You are required to:

1. Meet all conditions for payment;
(what are these!!!!!

2. Provide and maintain accurate contact and payment information associated with Your PayPal account;
3. Provide a valid U.S. tax identification number and a fully completed W-9 once payments to You have reached $600; and
4. Pay all applicable taxes or charges imposed by any government entity in connection with payments under Care Plus Program.

Payments will be calculated solely based on records maintained by BuyShield.

back to me

for number 3 im in the UK so how does this apply to me? and should it have been pre enabled in my account if i cannot do this?

what are the conditions to be met? and i have looked at there website, it does not give a very well established look, how long have they been going? are they going to go 'bust' once they rake in enough? and perhaps not fulfill the buyers warranties in which case will they fall on me?

there also this piece of text that is worrying:
You agree to indemnify and hold BuyShield harmless from any and all third party claims

is this saying, that should for example the buyers neighbour gets an electric shock through misuse or damages the buyers computer that i will be held responsible?
or as bad a thing it is to say, that should a fire occour from for example an electrical iron that it comes back on me?

i need clarification
Originally posted by NCSTec:
Hi all,

I can see how to turn this on for new listings, but what about existing listings? Do I have to manually edit each one, or can it be added automatically when I relist unsold items.



We started just adding the warranty widget to new listings. I'm meeting with some people today to consider adding it to all existing listings as well.
thanks megan, im glad someone else can see some issues with the setup as well, before considering rolling this out into all listings, which at first glance i am entirely happy with, until i read further in, but i feel the points i made are valid and will affect everyone including Auctivas reputation should things go awry.
some answers or at the very least some opinions would not go amiss.
another point
why is it that buyshield give no FAQ? and instead leave this to the sellers/buyers to interpret as they please? it was mentioned somewhere that we would have to maybe answer some questions from buyers regarding buyshield but surely buyshield could include a link with the widget for the majority of simnple questions?
why is this not done
Still waiting for an official answer as to whether buyshield offers international cover.

The USA only phone number implies no.

The fact that it defaulted to "on" for my Aussie listings and that it converts AUD values into USD suggests yes.

The fact that the quote doesn't mention what currency the policy cost is in suggests no - or that this wasn't well thought out...

The FAQ doesn't mention it
thanks for your input, but that does not answer any of the questions i have raised, nor does it justify enabling it on everybodies account without letting them know
i, and others, would like all my questions answered even though it is nearly 2 weeks since my first post here.
why is it that all you guys from auctiva, normally extremely helpful, avoiding everyone on this topic? if you dont know say and tell us where we can find out
Hi Rob,

Let’s see if I can get your questions answered for you. Even though you are located in the UK, you CAN sell Buy Shield warranties to customers who are located in the US. However, Buy Shield warranties cannot be purchased by buyers who are not located within the US. As with all sellers, you must adhere to all tax requirements of someone who is doing business in the United States.

Since you are located in the UK, after amassing $600 in revenue through Buy Shield's revenue share program, you would have to fill out the necessary paperwork to comply with US tax codes. The following links provide some useful information on this specific topic:


The "Meet all conditions for payment" requirement you are referring to is just intended to indicate that you must comply with all of the other specific guidelines mentioned in the terms of service, such as complying with US tax codes as described above.

The part of the terms of service that says "You agree to indemnify and hold Buy Shield harmless from any and all third party claims" statement is essentially meant to indicate that, by using Buy Shield, you are agreeing that we cannot be held responsible for issues arising from a misrepresentation of our product on your auctions or website or a failure to comply with applicable laws pertaining to the sale of Service Contracts and consumer electronics.

For example, if a seller were to misrepresent a consumer electronics item he/she sold and the buyer of the item was to file a Buy Shield warranty claim after the item broke, it is possible that the claim could be denied on the basis that the seller violated the law by misrepresenting the item. If the buyer were to sue the seller as a result of this situation, the seller would not be able to hold Buy Shield accountable.

We will be working on improving our FAQ as the product expands and we get a better idea of what the most frequently asked questions really are. Also, while we do have several employees that peruse our community forum with the intention of assisting customers, the primary purpose of our community forum is to provide a resource where Auctiva members can assist other Auctiva members.

In the event that you need to receive assistance from a customer support representative regarding the Buy Shield service, I recommend calling the 800 number listed on the following page of the Buy Shield site:

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hi mike
information gratefully recieved.
i understand that this is a forum essentially for auctiva members but i felt the questions asked would be asked by all so i thought the public domain would be easiest.
i am still concerned with misrepresentation, do you mean that if i sell a cd player as working and it gets damaged during the post that it is misrepresentation or something else?
also i noticed you use 'we' is buyshield now part of auctiva? if so it would give everyone here some reassurance that this is not as i was worried, a firm that may just dissappear.
an FAQ would make many people more inclined to use it as people/sellers do not want to answer questions that could involve legality.

also why was this enabled in everyones account if they cannot use it?

i am very intrested in also knowing if this will be extending to other countries, surely the formula is the same?
Hi Rob,

Yes, Buy Shield is an Auctiva company. If you go to and look at the bottom of the page, you'll see a statement that says "Copyright © Auctiva Corporation. All rights reserved"

If you were to sell a CD player as "working" and it arrived at the buyer's house in non-working condition, I don't believe a warranty claim could be filed. A warranty claim could only be filed if the item arrives in working condition and then stops working within the warranty period as a result of normal use. If you would like an item to be covered in case of loss or damage during shipment, you would need to purchase shipping insurance to cover the item.

BuyShield Extended Care Plans are backed by the industry leading AMTWarranty Corporation and they are rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, an international, third-party credit rating organization. If you have further questions about specific situations in which items would and would not be covered by a warranty, I recommend contacting the warranties department using the 800 number on the following page:

We only support questions and concerns about the Buy Shield widget and website from the Auctiva offices so calling the 800 number I mentioned above is the best way to get answers to sales or warranty questions. The subset of out team that responds to those questions works out of our partner's offices and you won't encounter those representatives on this forum.

Also, as I explained previously, Buy Shield warranties can be purchased by buyers who are located in the US regardless of where the seller is located so anyone who ships to the US can offer these warranties for items listed in warranty appropriate categories on eBay. We sent out an email notice about 2 weeks before we started adding the Buy Shield widget to anyone's listings to give everyone ample opportunity to disable that setting if they don't want to or cannot participate.

apologies for not reading the email it was not noticed but it could have been displayed for when you sign into auctiva, like your 'two easy' page.

i agree with the cd player point but wished to know for sure.

also so that everyone can know the answer without calling could this be expanded outside the US?

and sorry to press the point but is there a guide we could download giving us sonme info on situations the warranty covers?

i ask because your warranty covers used items how would you replace them? and customers would be asking this question most i think.

i hope i dont stretch your patience too far and i am thankful for the answers so far
Hi Rob,

No need to worry about stretching my patience - I didn't intend to imply that it was being stretched Smile

I've just been pressing the 800 number on the Buy Shield website because we can't promise timely answers to every post on our community forum and there are a lot of things the representatives you would reach on the 800 number could clarify for you that I cannot. It would be unfortunate to leave you waiting here for answers when you could get an immediate answer by calling the 800 number.

The limitation that makes Buy Shield warranties only available to buyers located in the US is imposed by our partner that backs the warranties so I don't believe it will be an option for us to expand to buyers located outside the US, but it is possible that could change in the future.

Buy Shield warranties will cover warrantied items that break as a result of normal use during the time period the warranty is purchased for. Nothing more specific really comes to mind but, if you have some specific situations in your head that you are curious if Buy Shield warranties will protect against, I recommend calling the 800 number for further clarification. They should be able to tell you how a used item may be replaced too.

We don't currently have any guides available that describe specific situations the warranties will cover, but I'll forward your desire to have that information available to our developers as a suggestion for future consideration.

At least for the time being, the 800 number is the contact method to use to receive assistance with warranty and sales questions. You're welcome to refer your buyers there if they have questions about our warranties as well.

Hi Alex, I found out it was actually my fault. Accidentally in one of my profiles (I THINK it was one of my Master Profiles, but maybe not), I had YES by the BuyShield logo. I changed it to NO, and then Auctiva support sent me info on how to remove it from my listings. It worked, and I have not had a problem with it since. I will add it to the bottom of this message for you, and I saved the info, just in case. It was easy to do, but time consuming, because I corrected all of my listings. I did not have no where near as many listings to correct as you. But look at each & every one of your Profile templates, and make sure that they say NO next to BuyShield. I may not get to add all of the instructions to this, since I am not sure if there is a limit of characters allowed in the replies. But if not, then I will send another reply right behind this.
Good Luck on getting it straightened out. Again, in mt case, it was my fault with my profiles. Also, I can see where it could be a great thing to offer, but with the type of items that I sell, and the fact that I am not interested in more paperwork, I am not interested in it. I will say that I love the looks of Auctiva listings, and I am hoping that it pumps up my ebay sales, which are dead otherwise. I am a Newbie to Auctiva, and I realyy hope that I can get this thing down, so that I can breeze thru getting new listings on.

To remove BuyShield from your active listings, please do so by revising them via the following process:

1) Login to your eBay account and click the Revise your Item link on the listing.
2) Scroll down to the Description section and click the HTML tab.
3) Hold CTRL and press F to initiate a Find command.
4) Enter BuyShield in the Find field and press the Find Next button.
5) Highlight that <!--BuyShield--> text and delete everything from the <!--BuyShield--> tag to the "<!--End BuyShield-->" tag
6) Save your changes.

Alex, I my listings it was near the bottom of the Description section. At first I freaked out because it sounded complicated, but after I corrected the first one, I breezed through the others. Granted 350 is alot. I hope Auctiva will see the problem here, and add a "CONFIRM" by the BUYSHIELD logo. Or to find an easier way to remove it from the posted listings, doing all of the listings at once, which I do not see how that could be done, since a seller may want it offered on some but not all of their listings.
LOL with this and all of your ebay sales! Have a Merry Christmas!----From Pam at Ruddhobbyshop

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