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Auctiva Tom~Mike~Jeff.......
We dicussed the cheap listing days before and there was a topic and discussion on making up fake listings and ending them right away to use later.
I've done this all along~~~but I do not sell that much. This worked for me all along with no problems.

Around a week ago or so, I noticed the revise page different but figured out how to go around it so this system still worked.

After listing tonight~~I found out by looking at my seller account~~that we no longer can do this!
Does anyone know what is going on?

Before I EVER did this, (listed like this) I spent hours reading Ebay rules and did not find anywhere where it stated that we could not revise in order to receive a relisting fee. Nor does it say that we HAVE TO relist the same exact item!
In fact I think it encourages you to revise!

I am "VENTING" since I am so pissed!
I can't believe Ebay is taking this away from us too!
Us little guys get fee hikes all the time and now we can't even relist!!
I sell a lot of post cards and I NEVER relist the same card on auction. I put unsold items in my store.
So even in a real listing~~we won't be able to revise!!!

I've been working on this issue all night and have tried relisting several times and it happens like this each time.

I relisted my last item just as it was on cheap listing day and it went through saying I would receive an insertion fee refund if my item sells.
So~~THEN I went right to Ebay and revised it thinking I got around this but ~~NO!
I checked my sellers account and they had already given me a refund for the original listing (before I revised) and charged me the fees over saying it was a revised listing!

Has this happened to anyone else?!
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JEFFS~~~~~~How is this cheating?
I read all Ebay rules~~~asked Ebay questions~~~how do you justify "CHEATING"!?

I read a lot of your posts and Ebay would kick you off for some of "the words" you like to use!
Seems that you are a very bitter person~~~~not one with many nice things to say.

I don't HATE ebay like you do~~~~I just think that if rules are changed~~~we should receive a warning!

To me~~~this is like them raising the fees without warning!
Pepedog--- Don't make me laugh! You're the one that was practacing fee avoidance (AKA: Cheating), and now you're upset not being able to continue it. That's a joke! Just because it was "allowed" in your words didn't make it right. If eBay thought it was OK, why then did they plug up the hole? Why? Because it's FEE AVOIDANCE. And what are you upset about? A nickle? A dime? You admitted you don;t sell much, so what the hell's the big deal? All I do is sell, so a nickle or a dime adds up quickly. The other thing is though, I don't try to find loopholes to avoid the fees like you did.

Listen, when you've been selling for 10 years, have close to 3000 feedbacks for over 7000 transactions, and have 100% positive feedback, you come by and we'll compare notes. I've got plenty to be angry about with eBay, and I'm not alone. I'm not afraid to say they suck. They do. They are a greedy domineering monoply that uses it's position to it's advantage. They nickle and dime us at every turn, change the rules to their advantage, and don't support sellers. Which, has always been funny to me because that's where the money comes from.

Yea, I'm bitter with eBay all right, and I don't have anything nice to say about them. Sorry if that bothers you.

So go ahead, sell a little more. Let's see how long it takes you to hate eBay. Maybe it'll be your first yanked listed when there are 200 others like it that remain. Maybe it'll be that user that accuses you of something and eBay won't stand with you. Maybe you'll just get pissed they raised the rates for no legitimate reason. Whatever. Have fun.
I know I should not STOOP and reply...but I will anyway!

You are totally missing my point!
I originally was referring to..NOT BEING ABLE TO REVISE ON A RELIST....and that it was appearing that I would not receive any credit at all.

What I was doing IS NOT CHEATING!
I paid for my listings and it IS MY CHOICE if I want to list and end this listing within minutes....and relist later when I have more time!
TIME is how this whole thing started for me but last summer comments were made about the BIG SELLERS doing this who list high ticket items!
They make up enough listings on a cheap listing day to last them for three months.

I posted comments here last night which referred to what I just said and were originally posted last summer by another member over this issue but it has been removed! So, I am not going to get anyone upset by trying to post it again.
I will just say that many were doing this.

I do not hardly think that what I was doing would be considered cheating!
Ebay did not consider me cheating or they would of told me so!

I always have listing problems on these cheap days so lately I haven't even bothered to list on these days and this is why I make up listings to use at another time! THIS WAS MY REASON FOR STARTING THIS!
Believe me~~~this way of listing has cost me much more money than I would of normally paid.

I started this topic since I wanted to know if others were having this problem as well......and also since this issue was a topic last summer!
Which I guess you know NOTHING about!

I was very frustrated that night and should of kept my mouth shut since there is always someone like you who as the extra time to twist everything I say to make issues more interesting!
In fact you should of kept your mouth shut as well since you could not answer my questions and knew nothing about what I was referring to.

I am a very honest person and I was very honest and upfront with Ebay over this issue!

We should ALL look for ways to save money on Ebay~~~not just hang around the forums and bitch and badmouth!!
Very unprofessional!

I get upset and I can get very vocal in my writing but there are two sides to all these stories and I want to understand all sides if it concerns me enough!!

I will say this about Ebay~~~if most Ebayers are right about the reasons for fee hikes....I really hope that someone comes along that will have the power to start another strong auction site!!

I was hoping Auctiva would do this!

But so far.....everyone threatens to leave Ebay every time there is a fee hike but where are they going?
Some of these option sites are weaker now than they were six months I guess everybody stayed with Ebay!

By the way JeffS~~~~I have been with Ebay a little over three years~~~~have a feedback of almost 2000~~~~with over 4000 transactions~~~~~100% score feedback~~~NEVER a nuetral or a negative! the math! Comparing my three years to your ten...I think I'll keep my notes to myself!

This message is not for Auctiva Jeff......But for JeffS!
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It's my understanding that "revise your item" has always been intended for sellers to be able toweak and revise a listing of THE SAME ITEM, not a completely different one. If you have been ending a listing and then revising it so that you can use it for a completely different item than the one it originally related to, then yes, JeffS is correct, and it is fee avoidance, and cheating.
OK, I've scrolled down and read *most* of the hateful responses but have a question/comment of my own....LOL...don't we all! *hehehe*

Anyway *pepedog*, I've never exactly done what you're doing as far as starting and then quickly ending the listing so I'm not quite sure if perhaps eBay didn't recognize your listing on their system long enough to be considered a "valid" auction...not sure.

I have however, done this same concept on auctions that ended and relisted them with new, different items and it worked fine...just as long as your starting price is the same, or less. I also do this same "concept" with items in my eBay store. If it sits there for a month or two with no action, I'll REVISE the listing and pull the html and replace it with new html of a totally different item as long as the price amounts were similar....and I've had no issues with doing that.

The only thing I can recommend is to make sure you "keep track" of what listings you "swap out" when doing your relists as I've tried to relist unsold items with new similar items with the same, or less, listing prices and ebay hasn't allowed it....I can only guess the reason for that was because the newly ended item was already a relisted auction.

So, as far as your dilema, I don't have an exact answer, but wanted to mention a few points of my own experiences. And yes, everyone will complain about *this-and-that* and "cheating", heaven forbid....but ya know what, a few years ago I may have been on that "no cheaters" bandwagon, but since FEEbay is grossly monopolistic, greedy and downright sh**ty to their members, I say good luck to whatever you can do while still trying to KEEP that hard-earned money in YOUR own pocket!!

Now with that, I truly do not expect or want to see any hateful comments on me...get a grip folks....we're here to help and offer "constructive" criticism and help, not bash each other on our own personal morals!

I too run a very honest business and offer my buyers deals whenever I can afford to, however, when it comes to FEEbay, they can blow it out if they think they are gonna take any more of my money, I can barely make my bills now!

I've been on FEEbay since '99 and have thousands of feedbacks, both good and bad 'cause we all know you just cannot please everyone, and I used to enjoy it. Now, sadly, it's becoming more like "work" ick...but, when things are going well and I don't dwell on how much FEEbay rips me off, I still have fun doing this.

Good luck to everyone! Big Grin

Kathleen Smile
well! now that some of my auctions have ended (which i listed during the .20 deal day last week), i too am not able to "relist" them for the relist credit. hmph!

my was a "special listing day" when the auctions went live and since FEEbay only charged .20, they're not going to offer a relist fee if your item sells the second time 'round. it's their "loophole" i'm guessing....i don't see why....if the item sold the second time 'round, they would only have to "refund" .20....but since we're now back to "regular pricing days", i'm guessing that would cause "quirks" in their system to try and figure out how to charge people appropriately....

so, in conclusion, i am "assuming" that any items you list on "special pricing days" will NOT be eligible for a relist the second time ' would create *glitches* of some sort in the fee structure...

who sounded good anyway.... Wink

kathleen Smile
dmhcollectibles and all others............this subject has gone in so many different directions that all I can say is........
If you would of been here to read the forums from last summer over this issue, more of you would understand where I am coming from!
It cannot be considered fee avoidance when I ALREADY PAID for the listing!!!
I just preffered to list on another day using my "ALREADY PAID FOR" relist option!!
GEE!!~~~~This is actually very simple!
Besides~~~~I WAS JUST ASKING if anyone knew what was going on and if someone had experienced my problems with relisting from a cheap listing day auction! That's all! That simple!

I don't really need anyone to explain anything to me or give opinions to WHY this is happening If you really do not know~~~~since I have been doing this successfully and know that it has worked up until now!

If you read up above, you will see that one of the Auctiva boys already answered this for me!

There...Said...answered and done! Didn't need all of these CHEATING comments from the peanut gallery!

I am going to read up on fee avoidance AGAIN tonight since I am so sick of being accused of this! It doesn't even make sense since I already paid for this auction and could of listed a million dollar item if I wanted to instead of my 3.50 post cards!

Ebay has also written me and just this week changed the rules on relisting from cheap listing day auctions.

Ebay would NEVER have changed this due to me since they were actually making money on me since I didn't use many of my relists within the 90 days given and also did not sell from much of them the second time around.
My amounts of CREDIT from them were pathetic compared to amount spent.

BUT~~~~evidently from what was posted here last summer~~~many high item sellers were doing this and I would assume this is why these relist rules have changed!
BUT~~~~you can still relist and receive some credit which I will explain.

If you list on 10 or 20 cent days and do not sell your item~~~~you can relist~~~~but you will only receive what you originally paid in insertion fees.

Also~~~~you WILL NOT receive a message on the bottom of your relist page saying that you may receive an insertion fee if your item sells.

I am assuming that it is being kept track of another way and we will also have to keep track of our relist auctions from these special days.

I wrote Ebay and one of the messages back from them said~~~~that my item had not ended yet and I would not receive credit unless it sold.

I wrote Ebay when I did not receive that message at the bottom of my relisted page.

I had just relisted so I won't know for sure until the auction ends WITH A WINNING BID.

So remember~~~~you will no longer see the message of receiving credit from them on the bottom of the page.

I also think that it will NOT show up on your UNSOLD PAGE as relisted~~~~~~so I will be deleting these unsold items as I relist to keep from getting confused~~~~OR add a note.
You probably should also add a note on your NEW relisted auction to keep things straight.

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I dislike what Ebay is doing to us.....but I don't HATE them!
Hate is a strong word and I do feel hateful towards some people I know and I don't feel this way towards Ebay.......but am very frustrated with them.

You are right for being upset when they do things to certain sellers and not to all.

Ebay is NOT like a cop sitting on the highway watching for speeders!
A cop may only be able to catch one car out of a pack of 10 who are all going 85 but Ebay has no excuse to let anyone go on breaking the rules!

I am most upset about the "Fee Avoidance" that has and is being able to carry on by "HIGH Shipping Costs" sellers.

I've written Ebay several times getting back No answer~~No explanation.

I think Ebay should lower all insertion fees and charge a final value fee to shipping charges as well as the cost of the auction.

I think doing this would solve this problem and solve it FAST!

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