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Hi Choo, Hi Taz,

How is everyone today??

Wow the reply button was excruciatingly s l o w for me just now, then I got the dreaded 'page not found-cannot find server'.

Today at least I have no life, just gonna be a couch potato (thank God for laptops HA). Too much snow & ice outside and nowhere I really have to go.

I think Shirley's away for New Year's, Pete is probably sick, and ninth has been MIA for awhile now. Wonder if he's seen Shirley's new avatar.. Wink
Well Steve I left that one over 20 minutes ago, they all get out of synch causing threads like this to get extremely tricky to follow, and then th e-mail notifications sometimes come through before a refresh of this page shows an update.

What's all this about having a life, new one on me, "I type therefore I am" Smile

Must go dinner (evening here) being dished up, back later. Big Grin

Cor, another just arrived, but dinner first, need food to type !
So Choo you are following the thread by email. I am not sure what kind of delay there is between post and email being sent out.
In your last post you said you just got another email.
If it was Miss M's looks like you have about a 8 minute lag time.
Wow that sure is a lot of email you must be getting then! Wonder why you were not getting them for awhile?
Pete must really be feeling under the weather to not be around. Either that or he is feeling better and did something with his son.?
Being sick during the holidays is really awful.
I had the measles when I was 6 for Christmas and I remember how sad I was.
I've been sick over the holidays since I was older but definitely the worst for me was when I was a kid.
Hope your little boy is feeling better Pete and you were able to figure something special out to do for him
Wow my PC says my virtual memory is running low and is going to increase it, great, now I might virtually remember what I forgot to do today Roll Eyes

Me bored Confused

Not on here Smile afterall how will the time delays interlace this reply with stateside.

Whoops here comes another mail, ah the one 8880 posted from not so sunny Chicago 8 minutes ago, which agrees what you estimated earlier Steve.
Hi folks, just a quick surface before going back to curl up for a while. Thanks for your thoughts! Stevie is MUCH better now, thankfully. I am still feeling like carp, but it is improving, so on my way back. Sally seems to be over it too now. Last night my boy was watching his favourite TV program, You've Been Framed (don't know if you guys over there have that, or anything like it?) - anyway, he came over and sat on the arm of my chair and leant against me and put his arm round my neck, and spent the hour like that! And that from a kid who doesn't think cuddles and hugs are cool - I was well chuffed, I can tell you! Big Grin

Still haven't decided what treat to give him yet, but we will. OK my lovelies, I'm back off to bed for a while now, see y'all Smile
Hi just trying to provoke Ninth Razz into responding as well.

I tend to think on any forum connected to eBay in anyway one is better to keep undercover and BTW apart from references by Steve to you as Ms M (presumeabably a shortening of Member ...)cannot say I recall seeing your name either. Smile

The time delays on this forum need tobe quickened up.

Perhaps we suggest that Auctiva supply us with alive chat room to save overloading the servers with this thread of epic proportions. Big Grin

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