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I believe somewhere in this thread I posted that I wondered if we could have 5,000 hits by New Years! We have BLOWN that one away!
I am truthfully quite surprised that Auctiva Jeff has not stopped in to say hello or to tell us to BEHAVE ourselves!
Edit: AHHH see what you started Miss M all this ESP and stuff and now I have gotten stuck in your head. "You are getting SLEEPY" keep your eyes on the gold watch.
believe somewhere in this thread I posted that I wondered if we could have 5,000 hits by New Years! We have BLOWN that one away!

I remember seeing that too somewhere, but NOT gonna go back & look for it! At least we are entertaining to some, and probably ridiculous to others. Oh well Smile

I bet Auctiva Jeff would LOVE to contribute to this thread, but I'm sure it wouldn't be 'proffessional' for him to do so. (Too bad, too)

And BTW I don't need a gold watch to get 'sleepy' Big Grin Got up way too early today!
Yeah but how will I mesmerize you if I do not first HYPNOTIZE you?
OH my single life is changing me in so many ways!
Hurry up New Years Eve. Wonder if it is true what they say that what you are doing at midnight New Years Eve will follow you through the New Year?
OH great now I have to worry about being stalked by a 23 year old HOTTIE all year.
I just may crawl under a rock instead!
Sorry Taz, but I'm 'mesmerize-proof' these days Big Grin

I remember (sorta) what it was like to be single, SO long ago Big Grin

Choo, I would think they'd shut us down if there was any dangers to their servers, right?? I'm sure they will eventually, I'm getting the feeling this thread's gonna go on forever.....

edit---I'll bet they have ALOT of new customers because of this.
Hello there all you wild and wacky denizens of the BIG thread. I just know you really missed me (not really) but it seems like I have been doing the light fandango all over the Reno/Lake Tahoe playground. It's nice to have people in from out of town, but it can get awfully busy showing them around, not to mention a drag on the pocketbook. Well it will definitely go back to the usual boredom after the 1st when they're all gone. (Boo Hoo).

I've just been doing a lot of quick reading trying to get caught up on all the posts but it is nearly impossible, this thread is gigantic! I 'm glad to see Choo back in the game (you were gone a long time, Choo). Pete, glad you and your's are over the worst. There's nothing worse than being sick, especially during the holidays. Taz, great save getting Miss S out of that playground fiasco. I copied the link just in case it happens to me. Great move. Speaking of great moves, sounds like you're revved up to make a few yourself.

Miss M, what's with a frozen rats? Is hubby a demented psycho or what? (Rhetorical, you don't need to answer that). Glad you are getting a day of sunshine at least. Miss S, love your new avatar, and the cookies sound delicious, can't wait to try one or two (or three or four). Wink

Anyway it's good to be back on the big board with all you highjinxers, but now they want to go to the casinos at the Lake and win some more money. Personally, I suck at gambling, it's just not my thing. If I don't check in by New Years, then I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year, may we all get rich in 2008! Yeah! Big Grin
Good luck at the gaming tables Ninth, my sister lives in Vegas but I have never made it out there. One of these days I guess.
I am going to have to re-read a few things I missed the frozen rats somehow?
Happy New Years Ninth and everyone else!
Edit: OK went back and found the rats. Having had a pet shop before Miss M, my guess is you guys have a snake or some other meat eating reptile? Either that or your hubby picked up some frozen rats as a favor for a friend with one of the above?
I do not know how I missed that one as that was the post were I figured out you were married. Gee figured out? That just does not sound right, it was there in black and white!
Hi Taz - Vegas is a great place to visit, but I haven't been there for years myself. I keep meaning to get down there. I'd like to add my vote for your current avatar, definitely the best one.

How could you miss the frozen rats in the freezer? Miss M only mentioned it in one post, so it was easy to miss. I'm dying to know more about that, but don't want to push any buttons. Although your explanation sounds quite reasonable. Edit- I had a pet snake once, it ate baby mice but the hassle of keeping it fed was just too much, plus it escaped from it's cage once, so that was enough of that - bye bye Mr Snake.
Hi Ninth,

Really glad to see you back, thought maybe you were sick too but NO you're out having a good time IN THE SUN no doubt Smile

No, the rat thing isn't for a pet snake (I wish it was) I was just so shocked when I went to get some ice and thought, hmmm what's in these baggies..YUCK!! Almost had a heart attack! Our neighborhood is overrun with rats because of SO many illegals living in each household the garbage is just overwhelming. City won't do anything about it...god forbid they "offend" anyone by insisting they abide by housing codes...

Anyway, hubby ran over 2 rats with his car in the alley so he bagged 'em and he's gonna drop them off at our alderman's office.

Does anyone else think this is just wrong to keep them in the freezer next to the food?? (which is already thrown out) *shudder* Big Grin Big Grin

To his credit at least, he tried to keep them frozen outside cos it's been so cold but our Rott kept getting ahold of them anyway.

Just one big EWWWWW from me.........

BTW ninth, baby mice are so cute I could NEVER feed them to a snake ... Big ole' rats however are another story Eek

Anyway, glad you checked in!!

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