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Fast approaching 3,000 hits here and over 19 pages! Hmm when do ya think Auctiva will step in and post to us!
But we are having SO MUCH FUN! Well this is the forum for off topic! We are definitely off topic and quite possibly 1 or 2 of us is off our rockers! Big Grin Big Grin
Edit: I could not pass the camera up! Last years model , clearance priced , picked it up for a shade over 100 dollars!( With Mom's retired Sears employee discount) Cool
I think the only topics of this thread are fun and being off topic. lol

Why should they intervene? Surely it's okay. Yep, I think we're all a li'l teched in the head. Wink Big Grin

Ninth, don't you try that trick on me. You oughta know by now your twinkling eyes are what have me mesmerized. Wink

Though your photos are quite outstanding Taz.
edit - No Taz. It's still giving me problems. There are parts I can get around in at least. I'll find out how shipping labels go in the morning.
Oh what a tangled web we weave Miss S!

Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Too funny!

I only have about 10 and why is to see how messed up they really are. I'll forget soon it's completely fixed. LOL

I know I haven't been around here long, but I don't see why they'd tell us enough already. We're just having fun. I too wonder why noone else posts. I saw Choo post I think about a week ago.

Ninth, I know... those 1000 eyes are just too much for me to resist! Wink
The Lounge
Conversation and topics of general interest. This is your off topic section of the boards to discuss non-Auctiva related topics.

I am interested in this topic and conversation! And it is definitely off-topic and really has nothing to do with Auctiva.
So we are definitely within the post parameters!

Edit: One day we shall rule the world, but for today this forum will do.
Oh and Miss S regarding
edit - about the pee thing... I almost posted that joke earlier. Maybe I will eventually but it says it several times. lol Why is it okay to say it once and not okay to say it several??? How should I know! That's just my way of thinking.
P word? OK Miss Shirley what PEE word? Oh you mean ya almost Pissed yaself! HMM Where is George Carlin at now?
Actually I do believe that "piss" is ok to use now? However if I have "pissed" any one off by using this word please feel free to tell me and I will "piss" off

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