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Well Auctiva Asylum Lunatics it is 3 am here and time to close my weary eyes and dream of spiders!! Among my many business endeavors I use to own a pet shop and sold tarantulas. Quite vicious creatures actually. Met my previous GF when she came in to buy a tarantula and it bit me as I was boxing it for her!
Edit: OMG I just may have to go find her! I am a free man again and just remembered I ran into her sister about 2 months ago and she said she was still talking about me!

TY all for jogging my feeble brain!
Good night from Reno Taz, same to you on the Merry Christmas.

Miss M - No swats! (But I did say YES to that whack, oh oh.)

Miss S - I just looked it up, you DO have eight eyes! Now I know I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight. 8000 legs, 8000 eyes, OMG what else? Where's that web? Off to dreamland, I'll let you know how it turns out. (I may not want to wake up Wink Wink Wink )
Hey everyone! Sorry I seem to have missed a lot of fun, but little lad was not very well at all, and I couldn't leave OH to look after him on her own, as she is under the weather herself. So, I have read all the posts I missed (and this thread now has over 3000 views!), but there's too many for me to answer all of them, so here is a quick precis:

Steve, nice looking bar. Sorry about the fiancee thing, but you seem to be handling it well, and it looks like it is for the best. I'm curious, at what point does it cease to be our mums who vet our girlfriends, and start to be our daughters??!! Big Grin

Susanne, so, you're a biker chick are you? mmmm.... Cool

And as for Shirley and Sid, well...... Get a room!!! Eek

And FWIW, I don't think Auctiva will bounce this thread, 'cos I reckon they are having as much fun reading it as we are posting it (but they can't join in the posting, of course Wink )

LOL, catch you all later when you get up Big Grin
Yes I did see them Susanne, you have a great sense of humour - I like that in a woman, and those sexy eyes, and leathers - oh god Eek

And I think it will need to be a fire hose, the way those two are carrying on! Big Grin

OK, my boy has now asked me to go and sit with him for a cuddle, so guess what? I have to go! Parents have just arrived, for the traditional Christmas Eve Chinese takeaway, so I doubt I'll be back on tonight. Take care Susanne, have a lovely Christmas (and the same to everyone else of course!), and we'll chat soon.


Sexy St Pete Big Grin
I'm curious, at what point does it cease to be our mums who vet our girlfriends, and start to be our daughters??!!

Well Pete I am sure mom is going to try her input here also, but I must say I do believe my daughters choices could be interesting!
She called a bit ago and said she has 2 friends without dates for New Years Eve and would I want to go out with one. Me being the gallant guy I am, I said only one?!! Daughter laughed and said Dad you are the best.
OMG just realized at the YOUNG age of 45 I am turning into a DIRTY old man. I do not think I could handle a pair of twenty somethings now anyway. Decisions decisions!

Glad the family is feeling better Pete and a Merry Christmas to you and everyone else!
Thought I'd pop in for a sec while getting ready for the huge family Christmas party tonite....

Steve, I always figured you for a 'dirty' old man Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin (KIDDING!!!) I'm going to guess we're all sorta kinda maybe around the same age group.....'cept for Sweet Pete, 8 year old son?? Pete might be a young 'un himself. As for the Ninth, he's still kind of mysterious. (And he LOVES it that way)

Anyhow, go for it and have fun, you deserve it!

Hope everyone has fun tonite/tomorrow Smile
omg Ninth, have we made spectacles of ourselves? Roll Eyes You did say 'don't read this'. Big Grin
Hope ya'll don't expect me to leave that sweet li'l fly alone. I couldn't. Oh no. I couldn't. Wink

Pete, glad your OH and son are getting better.
oops, it posted. Miss M, have a fun night!
Taz, yeh, you oughta just go for it. Why not? lol Thanks for the jokes and pics.

I'm really only here for a minute, till later, to wish all of you dear sweet folks a very Merry Christmas! xo
You're right Miss Shirl, I did say 'don't read this'. Doesn't that mean we've done our part to avoid gossip and speculation? Really, all we did is provide a little holiday entertainment and mild titillation, and they want to take a fire hose to us! No appreciation for all our efforts.

And Pete says: "I like that in a woman, and those sexy eyes, and leathers - oh god", then signs his post "Sexy St Pete", and then tells US to get a room. Ookay. (not a bad idea though) Oops there I go again. Don't read that. Wink Glad the fam's ok Pete. (Miss M, I don't blame Pete one bit. There's just something about a woman in leather, right Pete?)

Taz, love all the great live action thingamijigs you put up. They really are in the spirit of things here. Just so we don't get too wholesome though, I've decided to contribute a little dark humor to our public shenanigans here on Auctiva's generously provided forum. I'm referring to the picture of course, MY humor isn't dark. well...

So to all the Auctiva staff and members who have managed stop in and read some of our silly ramblings, and those who had better things to do (don't blame you), Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. (Miss S, you just know I can't stop buzzing around. Wink) Yeah I know, 'get a room' - bye all.

Hi folks, just popping in as I am up and getting the turkey prepared. Many thanks for your best wishes for my family - unfortunately they both seem to have dropped back a bit, both running high temperatures Frown, Stevie's is at 103. So, it looks like they both have 'flu for Christmas Eek I seem to have escaped it, because I had to have a 'flu jab a few weeks back.

It's lucky Sal's parents are coming over today, or I'd end up eating a whole turkey, and it's a big one!

Susanne, sorry hun, you are way off on my age! Big Grin Yes, Stevie is only 8, but I have another son from a former relationship, who is 29!

So, your mission folks, should you choose to accept it, is guess Sexy St Pete's age Wink

By the way Steve, go fill yer boots mate! Cool

Have a GREAT day everyone! Big Grin
Hi Pete,
Merry Cristmas! (I might be drunk so pls excuse any misspellings, I probably wont notice themSmile
Nephew turned 21 at midnite tonite so we of course had to take him out for drinks. (Or as Taz would say, scoops and shants) Had a great time! I just hope I'm not sorry in the morning Frown

OK your age...between 50 & 60? Pretty broad guess huh!! Covering all the bases..I think we're all relatively close in age but who the heck knows about Sid...he's probably 19 Big Grin BTW Sid the Ninth, GREAT plane pic! Love your pics too Miss S! (Is that you & ninth I see hiding in the bushes?? Big Grin

Pete, you can send some of that turkey over my way, you know I can't cook...Yum..Smile
Really sorry everyone is sick tho, what a lousey time for that to happen! You're pretty brave to get the flu shot. I'm a 'needle expert' but I'm scared of shots!

Hope everyone has as good a time tonite as I did.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Good to see y'all out here having fun! The family thing went well and I just got home.
Yeah Pete I remembered you posted about the age thing and being a bit older. Just did not want to out you!
My "edumacated" guess is 53 but I am probably wrong again!
As fer Sid I need to place you in the 45 to 48 age range?
Malum mens reputo pariter
The Night Santa Went Crazy
by weird al yankovic

Down in the workshop all the elves were makin' toys
For the good Gentile girls and the good Gentile boys
When the boss busted in, nearly scared 'em half to death
Had a rifle in his hands and cheap whiskey on his breath
From his beard to his boots he was covered with ammo
Like a big fat drunk disgruntled Yuletide Rambo
And he smiled as he said with a twinkle in his eye,
"Merry Christmas to all - now you're all gonna die!"

The night Santa went crazy
The night St. Nick went insane
Realized he'd been gettin' a raw deal
Something finally must have snapped in his brain

Well, the workshop is gone now, he decided to bomb it
Everywhere you'll find pieces of Cupid and Comet
And he tied up his helpers and he held the elves hostage
And he ground up poor Rudolph into reindeer sausage
He got Dancer and Prancer with an old German Luger
And he slashed up Dasher just like Freddy Krueger
And he picked up a flamethrower and he barbequed Blitzen
And he took a big bite and said, "It tastes just like chicken!"

The night Santa went crazy
The night Kris Kringle went nuts
Now you can't hardly walk around the North Pole
Without steppin' in reindeer guts

There's the National Guard and the F.B.I.
There's a van from the Eyewitness News
And helicopters circlin' 'round in the sky
And the bullets are flyin', the body count's risin'
And everyone's dyin' to know, oh Santa, why?
My my my my my my
You used to be such a jolly guy

Yes, Virginia, now Santa's doin' time
In a federal prison for his infamous crime
Hey, little friend, now don't you cry no more tears
He'll be out with good behavior in 700 more years
But now Vixen's in therapy and Donner's still nervous
And the elves all got jobs working for the postal service
And they say Mrs. Clause, she's on the phone every night
With her lawyer negotiating the movie rights

They're talkin' bout - the night Santa went crazy
The night St. Nicholas flipped
Broke his back for some milk and cookies
Sounds to me like he was tired of gettin' gypped

Wo, the night Santa went crazy
The night St. Nick went insane
Realized he's gettin' a raw deal
Something finally must have snapped in his brain
Wo, something finally must have snapped in his brain
Tell ya, something finally must have snapped... in his brain
Pete, sorry to hear that! Frown I've got a turkey breast to cook or I'd offer to take some off your hands too. I know Miss M will enjoy it after that hangover she's gonna have. OUCH! I don't like needles either. No flu shots for me, thank you!
My guess is 49?

Miss M, pretty broad guess... Big Grin I think Ninth is a wee bit older than 19, but won't guess unless invited. lol Thanks on the pics. Love that place! I hope your head feels good in the morning to not damper all that fun. Wink

Ninth, I don't think it's poison oak. I walked up that path before the pic. Maybe my jeans protected me and it really is. lol I dunno. We'll avoid it though. Wink

Taz, you're just a man of many talents! Aren't you. Smile I have no idea what you just said. lol

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