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Long as you know, that's great with me. Yeh, I laugh to think of what goes through the lurkers' minds. Big Grin (that didn't sound like I meant without the smiley)

Why be different? That's a rhetorical question, yes? lol I think a spider and a fly, not just ANY spider and fly, mind you, IS different. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin I like the idea of keepin' them dazed and Confused though you're probably right about not needing our help.

I'm still saving my bucks... For those beers. Wink Can't think of anything I'd rather spend it on. Smile
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At over 4000 views, there do seem to be quite a few 'interested' lurkers out there. Not sure I want to know everything they're thinking though.

By 'why be different', I meant 'why start making sense now' when half the posts haven't made sense up to now anyway. Of course I didn't mean OUR posts, which always make perfect sense, at least to us. Wink (In spite of the fact that we have walked such a thin line of self-imposed restraint) Hey 'innuendo r us', right Miss S? Oh those beers are yelling our names!
Happy Boxing Day to you too, now that I know what it is (after having to look it up). Wonder how Sexy Pete celebrates that day since it is a UK day? Maybe he can enlighten us when he is able to grace us with his presence. How come I never heard of Boxing Day? I feel so stupid! Frown (accompanied by a slap to the side of the head[not too hard though]) Thank you Miss S for furthering my education.
(remember he has a broken heart and is not quite right in the head yet) (actually he is quite right, madly flirting with two gorgeous ladies in the space of one page, how much more right can you get?)
OMG is that why they wanted to know if I could drive that fertilizer truck? And I thought it was just because they are an impoverished country and wanted to make me feel useful! HELP I need the Hotline for Suicide Prevention I am going to jump into a huge Spider Web and end all my suffering! Edit:: " Hidden Secret Squirrel POST" No-one read but Miss S!
You will catch me right?
NOW BACK TO YOUR REGULAR PROGRAM scheduled for THIS time frame!
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Hi y'all Smile Stevie still improving, Sally not too good (was in tears this morning Frown ), and I am feeling lousy too (not sure if the jab has protected me or not, or if maybe I am getting something else Frown )

Anyway, Taz, no I haven't tried Byetta, that doesn't seem to be available on prescription over here I don't think. Those BG levels do sound scary! Eek And by the way, stop flirting with Susanne, I'm after her, you have a couple of 20 year old little sweeties to chase don't you? Wink

Susanne, those are YOUR eyes, aren't they?

OK, back off to do me nursing stuff again (just give me a big frock and a lamp, and call me Florence!)
Ok you asked for it.....
Hi Florence (see what you started now) Wink
I don't think those flu shots actually work. Well, they work but they just GIVE you the flu Big Grin You couldn't PAY me to get one, nuh-uh!

Sorry to hear everyone is still sick but there's alot of flu going around here too. Knock on wood (or Pete's head will do) I usually manage to avoid it...HATE getting sick.

Pete, those DO look very close to my own eyes, whick is why I like this avatar so much. Wish the rest of my face looked that good Big Grin

So Pete is after me????? Uh-oh, maybe Taz was right about 'group rates for GAR' GEEZ still laughing at that one!

Hope everyone has a great day!
Oh no ya don't...I'm not coming over there to take care of you Big Grin Big Grin
Not a nurse but a lab tech, in other words a vampire. Ask Shirley, she knows I'm a sadist Big Grin
I love to stick people with needles..and to get paid for doing it is just gravy Big Grin

Wow I sound really nasty don't I?? Didn't mean it to sound that way lol.

C'mere Pete...I'LL give you a shot.. Big'll never have the flu again..
Hi Choo...good to see you!
Yeah we've been having a blast..(Shirley YOU are too funny)
C'mon & join in. Didja hear that ninth??
He voted female (at least he didn't vote 'God only knows) Big Grin

I'm just checkin in from work..hope to see you all later (you folks don't seem to be stayin up as late as you used to ) When I come home I'm all by myself *sniff sniff*

Hello all. Pete sorry I missed you but it appears you fared well without me.
Had a rather busy day today. Went out with my daughter and her friend to do some shopping and grab a bit to eat.
you have a couple of 20 year old little sweeties to chase don't you?
Pete I am not chasing after a couple of 20 year old sweeties, they are BOTH 23. Geez I feel bad enough as is going out with one of my daughters friends!

But if ChiTown was closer and Miss M had her leathers on I just may be inclined to chase after her or at least take her to Magoo's to shoot some pool. And what are you doing for New Years Miss M? Prolly happily married anyways!
BTW Miss M I believe I mentioned your eyes quite some time ago when you changed avatars to the Godzilla eye! Eek So glad you went back to these ones
Y'all if this thread gets much steamier we may have to get convention rate discounts instead of GAR.
Coming soon the Auctiva Asylum Lunatics convention be sure to sign up early and sign up often for best rates.
Stay tuned to this rambling post of utter nonsense to become an honorary member of the Asylum and receive an invitation to the convention when and if it ever happens. Membership is limited to the first 10 people or maybe 100 or 1,000. Will have to ask the otherfounding members.
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Hi 8880, been kinda busy, this Christmassy thing disrupts my sales and means I have to attempt to be sociable face to face Eek

I don't know what time the others go to bed but here in the UK it is already 23:15 GMT and my keyboard approaches my nose at increasing rate and frquency as time goes by, or is it me falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzz

whoops there I go again. Roll Eyes
Translated that a few times here in this post but here goes again.
"One day we shall rule the world, but for today this forum will do" If you plug it into a Latin translator you will get this "One day we will rule the world , nothwithstanding for today this market place will to work"
Edit: Nothing bad we were just wondering where you were. I believe your last posts were on the 18th?
EDIT EDIT: How could you miss reading a few posts?
It isn' like there are a lot of posts on this thread yet? 556 and 4635 hits!
Hi Choo. Glad to see you here!

You too, Miss M and Taz. MM, I know it's briefly right now. I'll try to be here tonite. Smile

How's your day, Taz?

Where are you pretty, pretty fly? I've a special dinner all prepared... waiting for you to buzz on by. Wink

Edit - 4635 hits... that'll be 5000 'fore ya know it. Been meaning to ask how do you tell how many posts there are? All I see is we're on page 28. Confused

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