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Originally posted by ninth_wave:
Hello all you rabble-rousing message board junkies, Dark Side Babes and Thread Hijinxers: Miss
Shirley, HandlePete, Evil Santa, and especially Miss Member who started it all by instigating a
certain Whack-a-mole on the head outburst of internet violence, not to mention stirring up a
(ninth?) wave of self-doubt to infect not only my long-held sense of gender projection online
(what, you were expecting a coherent sentence?), but even my semblence to earthly beings such as
yourself has been brought into question! (Mars indeed!)

Since you have all done such a inspired job of cajoling me out of my innermost online secret, I
will now and forthwith reward all of you breathless readers with the jaw-dropping moment of
universal truth you have just been dying to know since yesterday - are you ready!

OK that was the big buildup, now for the seriously anti-climatic truth: Sorry to disappoint all you
doubters, and cheaters who voted both ways, but the I'm afraid the majority wins this one. The
Ninth is definitely a guy. (Phew! Glad that's over.) Anyway I hope no one is too disappointed,
because if you are I'll send Miss M to whack you with a piece of Aunt Bertha's fruitcake! And if
that doesn't get you straight, there's always my new Lewisville Slugger from Evil Santa)

To all of you fine keyboard jaspers out there, the poll has been a great fun for me, and I hope a
bit of diversion for you. Thank you all for participating, and for your patience, not only in
waiting for the not-so-big revelation, but for wading through all this incredibly overblown
nonsensical piece of prose, which will finally end with these words of wisdom: If you want a long
and happy life, DO NOT eat that fruitcake. Wink Wink Wink

I still think it's "God only knows"

Morning all!

Merry Christmas...Feeling pretty good today!

Hi there barparts, chime in whenever you want, nothing on this thread makes much sense but we're having so much fun, who cares Smile

Again, getting ready to also do the family thing (I may throw like a guy but I still like to look like a girly girl) Miss Shirley knows what I mean dontcha Wink

See you all later, have a happy day Smile
Also ate WAYYYY too much but that's nothing new. Good thing I never have to diet or I'd be in trouble Big Grin Kind of glad Christmas is over tho...I love it when it's here, but too much shopping (ugh) spending $$, eating & drinking, you grt the picture Smile

Somebody somewhere on one of our many posts didn't think this thread would last this long...don't know who it was ??

No way am I gonna go back to find out Smile
What? You don,t want to dig through 470 posts? Actually that should be located within the first 50 or so!
Wadda Ya think about 10 cent listing day? Guess tomorrow will be spent prepping and scheduling stuff!
I have a pile of old silver I need to post but I am talking Silverware from 1878 and before that I do not want to giveaway! I guess 10 cents will be worth it to find out if I can get anything for it!

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