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Evenin' Choo. Did anyone ever figure out what on Earth you're sayin' over there?

Morning Shadeaux, well Taz was 90% correct don't know if he has totally given up yet as his mind seems to be pretzeled at the moment with all this talk about what Pete keeps in his shorts . . . or did I loose the 'thread' somewhere Wink

The other suggestion, better just go and check, oh yes Ms M, hmmm, oh dear !

Quote : "Better be honest with/to yourself or you'll lose sleep"

Sorry Ms M, 3/10, could do better Wink

Come on Taz, you've nearly got it or can someone else apply the final fix bearing in mind that Taz is 90%+ correct by word, but only 60% correct by meaning Smile

Ahh another Star Trek fan!

Just stopping by for a few minutes, (work today)

Choo..I almost wonder..WHY did Jeff leave that one post about BC?? Surely he must have seen it, he got all the other ones??? That member(?) has 8 posts and I think all of them were spam.
Gonna ruin it for everyone. If I had posted what I REALLY thought on the 'crumbing disease' board, Jeff would have suspended ME.

But you know I'm alot more laid back than our friend Taz Wink
Trekkie, shows my age !

Well we can all help by pressing the report post icon "!" far right, but do it against the correct post in the thread I did it accidently against Pete's reply, whoops, sorry Pete Red Face

Then did against the right one saying it should be the top (original) but luckily Jeff is alot brighter than me so should be no problem.

I have also suggested suspending selling accounts for reoffenders, anyway I have added my tuppence worth to both whippedcream head (the snowmen on the attack maybe?) and whatsis-dorks name threads no nead to repeat it all here.

Life's too short with my typing speeds of up to 10 words a minuute, (including hitting the cursor and delete keys) Smile

"Trekkie, shows my age !"

Mee too, Choo and yep the original is still one of my favorites tho I have liked all of them.

Shame on you for reporting Pete, although I did notice we're picking on him alot lately (that's ok, he loves it)
You have to stop those lightning fast typing speeds of 10 wpm so you don't make any more mistakes like that Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
You mean you had time to watch all the other series, alright for some, saw a few of the next generation series and that was it, too many spin-offs for me.

These days I keep up with another old favourite may not be that known stateside, Dr Who, seen all those including the earlier dire flms, the last one was good, with a tinge of Terminator 2 liquid metal man about it.

Have fun at work, amazing the last 2 nights I was around until about 3am GMT and hardly a murmur on here, boy is my timimng bad Frown

Or is it your ESP based Choo alert Eek sensors warning you all off Wink
It's my ESP Choo sensors Smile

I think everyone knows Dr. Who...I LOVE Dr Who!! I used to watch it way back when (not sayin EXACTLY when) Big Grin but it is really awesome now...especially the last episode. I'm gonna miss Chris Eccleston tho, I really liked him as Dr Who.

How about Coupling? Do you watch that? Totally hilarious. We get alot of BBC shows here on weekend nights. I'n not much of a TV watcher anymore but there are a couple that I will drop everything for Wink
Thought of another one...Fawlty Towers??

Pure classic Cleese, no other way to describe it !

"think everyone knows Dr. Who...I LOVE Dr Who!! I used to watch it way back when"

Think that started about 1962-3 ? here watched it from episode 1, scared the life out of me I watched the daleks from behind the sofa, great stuff !

Coupling Confused but then not much recent stuff appeals.

BTW Taz must have had agood nights sleep with his on the edge of a diplomatic incident reply to Mr whippy's thread. Hi Taz Smile
Hey all what diplomatic incident if you only refer to the whiipiy thread? Obviously you did not yet see my reply to DaraDorks flogging post!
Wow whackin and floggin I did not realize this place was so much fun!
Next victim please step up to the whipping post and bare your posterior for a good old fashioned whuppin, whackin and floggin!
Mr Choo, this is my last post then I gotta go, just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you Wink...Are you telling me you don't find Coupling funny, or you just haven't watched it?? It's twice as funny as Fawlty Towers and that's really saying something Smile
Especially the earlier episodes. I guarentee it will appeal Smile

See you later, have a great day Smile
Obviously you did not yet see my reply to DaraDorks flogging post!

I must have the opposite of being ambidextrous, can't type with either hand, yes I meant dork's flogging, mind you probably just an occupational hazard they can ignore for a week, spam somewhere else and return when the dust settles.

Probably got no interest in selling things just goes crusing board after board just like vanadls plastering thier graffiti everywhere as if we care what their tag means Razz
True Choo but we still have our flogging permits courtesy of Jeff
Probably got no interest in selling things just goes crusing board after board just like vanadls plastering thier graffiti everywhere as if we care what their tag means

Great fun don't you think?
And Choo how did you know I use to breed Rottweilers?
Well I too must get ready for work.
Hi everybody,

You guys are SO funny..I looked at the board while I was at work - I really should know better by now Big Grin

Choo - My Rottweiller looks just like me (she's beautiful, HAHAHA) Rolling my eyes here.. Roll Eyes
And BTW your level of lunacy is just fine.

Pete - OMG I never saw you freak out before (shame on you Choo for reporting Sweet Pete)

Taz - What can I say..go get 'em tiger Eek
Go get em Tiger? I live for these moments! Kick A** and take names of Dum-Dums. Gee I wish Jeff would step in at least say hello to the asylum!
Hmm "do you think this post will make it to the New Year"
Wow far beyond and still kickin tail!
1907 posts and 15061 views!
Yup I do believe that we lunatics need our own platground!
PLEASE Jeff a chat area for us hardcore Auctiva supportes!
Hey there Taz,

Yep, almost 100 pages..whoo hooo Big Grin
I had my doubts we'd make it to New Years, this is great!

Choo FINALLY opened his eyes & tore himself away from Dr Who to join in (sorry Choo, couldnt resist) and now we have kbalona posting too. Even without the manic ravings of Miss S and ninth we're doing OK.

Uh-oh, they're gonna get me for that one Big Grin Eek Just kidding guys! Razz
Almost 100 pages Miss M and they said it could not last! Only 3.5 pages to go and we hit 100. By the way where is the Spider and the Fly? Hope not out buying acreage to spin a new web of destruction!
tis almost enough to keep up with this little corner of paradise and then to have to foray out into the ButtKickin zone more than my little heart can handle!
Let me at EM Jeff! I want to tear someone a new backside!
Cowboy hat and Boots ninth? I don't think so. Beat up Harley Ball Cap and an Aussie duster, with a pair of weathered linemans boots more my style. Watch the door and I may come moseying in!
Choo : I did not forget your post! Don't lose sleep over nonsense? Is that the gist of it?
Last edited by tazfrompa
OK Choo, yes you are an honest one! Smile

Susanne, you say you have watched Dr Who since the beginning? I don't think you are that old (you don't look it in my dreams). Now I know Choo will know the answer to this, 'cos I remember him hiding behind the sofa when I was doing the same, but can you tell me who the actor was who played the original Dr Who?
Hi taz, just have to ask, it's obviously not made of ostrich feathers what is an
an Aussie duster

"Don't lose sleep over nonsense?"
I don't think any of us do that with this or the BC threads to vent on, no you are going off the track now, ok here is the original from the Pete coming out poll, and the translation.

me word's were :-
"Be'er be t'onest truf or yor'l be up a'fore the beak in't morn"

Better but still poor English :-
"It had better be the honest truth or you will be up before the magistrate/judge in the morning"

This "honest truth " is a dire but common piece of wording.

So there you go Taz is the winner by a mile. Smile

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