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Hi folks, just came down the ol' apple and pears and see Taz is trying to break the 'code' surprised Pete's given up, p'haps he's too much of a sprog compared to me Wink

Ne'er u mind, I'll give Taz some more time as he enjoys a Wiki-challenge (must get more emoticons).

Regards Crumbing I think that there could be some company vested interest in including BC in the 'cussing filter' because recently 'the' #1 voice on here was promoting another similar company called K*ck B*ck.

Will that also be filtered out I wonder ?

Oh, goody the Giraffe's back, well done girls you've got Pete wrapped around your little fingers a gift girls are born with and refine into womanhood Smile
Hey Choo! Smile

Went emoticon huntin' yesterday, can ya tell? lol edit- Check out Care2... hope it's okay to nab 'em up. Big Grin

Regarding the cussing filter and KB, I think not. I hope not for the BC and wish those people would just use some good ole fashioned common sense when they take off postin' like that! I mean, what on Earth do they think they'll accomplish with it? That's right up on the list of 'most rude'. And to see it here on our friendliest forum is really a bit shocking!

I'm off here for now but had to say Howdy. And I told you over there, I've 'broken the code'. Smile Is it really that difficult? Eek

Methinks Pete's giraffe is back with visions of those heart skivvies dancing in his head. Miss M?? Wink
Hi Shadeaux, since when were people born with manners ? it develops when you are brought up decently. So we shouldn't expect it really.

So combine a low standard of business ethics and lack of manners and people will spam away get temporarily banned move on somewhere else, come back and so on.

I wish junk mail through the letter box could be filtered out the same as e-mail/board spam. But like cold calling telephone sales (expletive of your own choice here) trolls both our post office and telephone service providers get big bucks for it.

Ho, hum Smile

On a lighter note marked Taz's 'homework', 9/10 and given a hint for him to think about, see how it ties up with your thoughts.

Dinner's ready back later Cool
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Hey all just popping in for a bit before going to work( Hopefully out of the pretzel business in the next couple of weeks, just came from a second interview on a job I have been trying to get for the last 8 months Smile )
Dealing with a PITA buyer right now,that I just placed a post about Mad.
One bad buyer can really mess up your day! She has sent me a email with a barely concealed threat towards my 100 % feedback.
Hi there, just thought I'd send you this message before I go through EBAY feedback.

I do not deal well with threats! I really feel like sending a Scathing Butt Kicking email. Not that I am any good at kickin butt as you have seen on some of my more vociferous posts! Big Grin
Anyway hope everyone is having a great day.
She has sent me a email with a barely concealed threat towards my 100 % feedback.

Hi Taz I lost my eBay virginity within the first few months of selling due to a stroppy buyer who over bid on an old listed as damaged item, which was well photgraphed. He basically wanted an excessive partial refund or would neg me. I refused to buckle to his threats so I got my first red.

That was over 2 years ago and over a thousand positives collected since from many repeat customers across the globe (and no more reds), who needs 100%, 99.9% is good enough 100% pure is used as a weapon against you by dubious buyers. My many global, repeat customers can't be wrong. Smile

edit - congrats Taz has reached a 1000, how do you feel Big Grin
Hi Choo, thought I saw you around...

Yep, we are all going to get negged sooner or later, I've been negged once each on all 4 of my buyer acts but never yet on my selling act (how strange is that)

Of course I negged the sellers first but they were absolutely horrible transactions and they really did deserve it. Usually I'd much rather leave no FB at all.

TAZ--forgot, I sent you one too, go check Smile
Well I am off to the pretzel factory. (hopefully not too many more times Big Grin )
Will be anxiously awaiting a chance to view the responses to our latest posts.
Miss M I do believe you better buy stock in Kleenex I have a feeling you may be needing Kleenex by the case soon.
EDIT: See I told you Pete was around!

Pete just remember that as Taz I am able to spin up quite a storm!
Hey Ya'll! Smile

Miss M, are you settled on one pair? (Hi Pete) I have another perfect pair right here in my hot little hands. Want me to send 'em to ya for him? Wink Course ya know I gotta give Ninth first dubs on 'em. Razz

No, I don't know what rubber chickens have to do with giraffes... except they both have long necks.

Taz, congrats on the 1000+! And good luck with the post-interview... You're movin' up!! woohoo!

Evenin' Choo. Did anyone ever figure out what on Earth you're sayin' over there?

Did I miss Kbalona somewhere or is he MIA?

Ninth, before Miss M claims these for Pete, you want first dubs??SmileSmile

edit- What's this? I get here and ya'll leave? Eek
I took a shower!

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