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Originally posted by ~Zebra~:
Howdy N -- So sorry Amigo(a?)... I didn't realize you were wanting to use that avi. I guess I thought you were still looking for something more 'tentative' Big Grin . Just replace your current avi with the turtle (size shouldn't be a problem). Just in case you're unsure about doing's how:
First: nav to your images area & copy the img URL into your clipboard (sugg: put your avi into it's own folder & never move it!)
Then nav back here and click-thru the following:
go -> personal_zone -> profile -> view_edit_complete -> edit(avatar/pictureURL) -> custom_avatar -> [paste avi-image URL] -> update_avatar
Hope that helps! Smile Cool
No problemo!
I will try it again....that's what I thought I did a couple of times...may have missed a step!
N -- oops! Not sure what happened but your avi's gone now. This is just a guess but...
When ' selecting ' the URL to 'copy' (use <ctrl>-C ) into the careful to highlight the img-URL starting Only from the 'http:' specifier. In other words.. highlight & copy the string similar to this: [ http://img.auctiva................ .gif ] and watch that you don't accidentally include any spaces or other chars preceding the [ http:// ] part.
Eek G'morning everyone,
I just had to bump 'our' thread to the top again. I found another pic of Choo before he's had his yearly haircut and root canals (oh he's gonna kill me) Big Grin

(Thank you Thurston) Smile Our Auctiva member Thurston has an emotopic website...some funny stuff.

N, I don't know what everyone else sells, but Choo sells sexy mens thongs in neon colors Big Grin Eek Big Grin
Weel I'll go 't bottm of oure stairs Eek

With a low key UK site I am getting first page entries on a UK Google search on two of my items whereas my closed greedbay store still has an entry about 14 pages down a Jeeves ( search. About normal from what I remember, not bad considering I have only been with this other site for a month and I closed my greedbay store before the end of November last year.

The greedbay hit was based on meta tags (the buried information picked by by search engine) that you can enter when 'editing' your store.

Just how invisible is a greedbay store, anyone else find their store or SIF items show up well on Google or any other engines ?

After all Google is as much a household name in search engines as greedbay and Hoover in their fields so that is rather a good start especially as it costs nothing until a sale occurs !!

Gotta get me a domain name, that needs creativity to think of an unused relevant name, now where did I put my creativity . . . Roll Eyes
Hey there Choo,

You're certainly not using up all your creativity on me, I always expect much more retaliation than I actually get Big Grin
("that would not be good enough") Roll Eyes

Seriously tho, you're lucky that whatever you sell can be put on other stuff that's been on 2 other sites for over a week now has only had 5 views Frown If it were on ebay right now it would have already sold for much more than I expected with a few hundred views total. Sigh...guess I'm stuck on ebay for awhile yet.

Would you like ME to help you with a domain name, hmmm??? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I always expect much more retaliation than I actually get

I am a gentleman and would not treat a lady as bad as you deserve . . . . hmmm, is there a flaw in that statement starting about la.. Razz

Would you like ME to help you with a domain name, hmmm???

You gotta be kiddin' you'd get me kicked off the internet let alone an auction site Eek

If it were on ebay right now it would have already sold for much more than I expected with a few hundred views total. Sigh...guess I'm stuck on ebay for awhile yet.

Sounds like you have two options, diversify starting with that crate load of goodies I sent you or set up a website, even just one page to use purely as search engine bait which is what I think I will try for first. Then develop it for actual selling in it's own right. On your own web page you could link to any online sites you are actively listing on.

A further option is to include flyers in your goods sold on greedbay with links to the other sites or even send out custom e-mail dispatch notes with hyperlinks Wink

So keep nominal sales on greedbay to farm buyers, seen that mentioned on one of these boards recently. Trouble is if view rates are low virtually need to BIN rather than auction Smile

ZZZZZ time 'til tomorrow's pick on poor little choo session Eek
diversify starting with that crate load of goodies I sent you

I don't see how a crateful of inflateble dolls will help me Big Grin But thanks, I like the fact than they're both male and female...some from your own collection perhaps???? Big Grin

Oh, there won't be a ""pick on poor little Choo"" session til LATE tomorrow. (Lucky you, I won't be around during the day) Big Grin

I'll have to leave it up to Zebra, Taz, N, and any of the others.....c'mon folks I need a stand in Wink

Till tomorrow Choo Smile
I'm lazy so I don't know if I would feel like learning all over again

For a one page search engine bait it is not learning all over again just learning more, strikes me that choosing a domain name and a decent site host are the most difficult parts, former needs creativty and the latter a touch of luck when unravelling the small print.

And please don't use the word 'lazy' in my presence I see Mad and turn off help mode. Wink
Hi ya'll. Smile

N, it should be on Go Daddy if that's where you purchased from. You could look on there to manage it and if not, I'd ask Auctiva to help you find it if you paid through here. Confused

Somethin' back there 'bout no spyder lookin' for th' fly... I'm not chasin' 'im any more... playin' hard to get!! Big GrinBig Grin (Hi there Ninth Wink)
Countin' on th' sweet cookie aroma to lure 'im on in closer... & closer... Oh, & there's a new special brew waftin' thru th' air too. Razz

Miss M, I promise to email you real soon. Wink Big Grin

Choo, I have my domain... think I got a goodun. Now please, what exactly is the best thing to do with it do ya think? I'm okay with HTML, know some about SEO and meta tags and all that. I want to get an appropriate logo and all going. Just seem to be kinda stuck after the purchase even tho' I've done it before. Roll Eyes

Hey Zeb & Taz. Smile Anyone heard from Pete? What happened to Jeff S & kbalona postin' here? Hmmm???
Ms S, I don't know how to even go there. But I believe I will try it very soon.
You know ALOT about this stuff, I can tell by yer techy talk. I luv it when people talk techy! Eek

So I just go lookin for it huh? Yep good idea. I have a place called an Auctiva Store and seems to have my listings so I figure that IF I can get to my website then add my store then I'll be danged proud! I know about ubb code than html.....but I'll figure it out....been procrastination cause I have so many more listin's to do.... Roll Eyes And ebay was a learnin' curve, then Auctiva, now a website. Never seems like it will end.
I kinda like these forums that has the software all set up and I can just sit around and mod and tell people what they can do!!! Big Grin
I saw one person on ebay whilst browsing with about 60 pages of their store.....can you believe that?
I guess no one talks about what theys a sellin huh? OK. I was just curious.....
is there a prohibition about it?
Like will the Auctive Cheifs come down and zap me?
I had almost forgotten about Pete, Jeff S, Kbalona et al.....I barely got to know them. I've only been around 2 mos now.

Well, I thought I'd check in cause I'm a listin' and seems like Ms eyes is always around at night complaining we aren't around. Guess I fooled her.
I like it that she thinks I am naive.... I am told I am naive, but I ain't stupid.......I could just see me makin' friend with a spider, a fly, a zebra, a Tas devil, and choo choo trains and not knowin' what the heck they are about; heck not me....OK nuf talk to myself. On with business.
Hi Shadeaux
Now please, what exactly is the best thing to do with it do ya think?

Your are way ahead of me still got to decide on a host, domain name is hard enough, my first, aaah !

Really depends on how far you want to take it, the value of your wares (so that it is cost effective) and how much effort you want to put into it.

From what I have seen so far once you have bought your domain name the next hurdle is designing the site, the creative part Eek

As the UK site have opted for appears to have a high Google profile I am just looking at using it as a single page search engine bait whilst I sort out design. As much to stop the name being grabbed by someone else.

Design must reflect your intended customer base, what do they want, clear, bright, concise for silver surfers or super-flash and vibrant to attract teenagers.

Well that's my notes for the moment, still trying to work out what to put in blogs that would attract or direct buyers to my sales instead of boring them to go else where, hard work this advertsing lark Big Grin
Is there any truth in the rumour that a spider has mistakenly a eaten a fly

*sniff* You might be right...maybe it's R.I.P. for the fly...if you notice, only one of the terrible twins has been posting here once in a great while (Hi Miss S) Smile

Nope, NO idea where everyone else is...kind of ODD about Pete tho, isn't it? I seriously hope he's OK, it's been way too long..

Oh, and I noticed you didn't ask where I was, thanks alot Razz Razz Big Grin
You DO know I was teasing you right??
(As usual)
In fact I was looking for another pic to post, I know how much you love those Big Grin but I can't seem to decide on one. Hmmmm, I'll have to keep looking. And I almost forgot - I owe you a package after you so graciously sent me all of your blow up dolls Big Grin Big Grin Now what can I send you????????? I'll have to think on this one for bad my freezer rats are gone Big Grin

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