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DOH!! You weren't supposed to put them in the drain, silly....But since you didn't swallow them, you forgot that Eek

Explosion?? Would I really do that to you?? (I say this with my halo glowing) Big Grin Razz Big Grin

K - If you have any pics you can post pls do (and send them to me too) Smile

EDIT---If anyone wants to see the Ebay Live pics, they're on the previous page, 146.
Great! YAY! I took time to look at your pics that is great! I have a pic of you now in my mind.....
I was gonna rush off, but glad I didn't. When I got the notifier email and you said something about posting pics, I thought they were the old gals again! I should've come to look!
Glad you had fun...all of yous!
Bet your neighbours enjoyed the fireworks not that any will still be around to comment Big Grin

Not much new here, trickle selling on Specialist Auctions site but probably more cost effective than GreedBay had become and being out of season too.

Behaving myself, hmmmm, have to ask around for comments, still at least I know when to drop a pin or what it came from Roll Eyes
That's excellent Choo Smile
I wish I would have done well on the 2 other sites I tried but I barely even got any views Frown

I can't believe how bad we're getting at posting here...Our goal should be to see if we can keep this thread alive till next Dec, make it a whole year. Kind of hard tho with just the 2 of us and the occasional Taz & N.

Choo, what did you do with the enforcers, I haven't seen them for awhile??
I tried but I barely even got any views
Unfortunately it really depends on your wares and customer age group, greedbay is universally known. Most of my light weight items are old timeless content, informative magazines full of information of interest to modellers.

I also believe this group of buyers are very club orientated so the next critical point is when word of mouth recommendation really takes off.

Listings need to be laid out in a way that can be searched easily and very many live at a time waiting for that individual who thinks that's just what I have been looking for.

This means a large quantity need to be available for buyers to peruse (auctions too expensive on greedbay and store format useless for some while now), bit like a library it reaches a critical mass when researchers/readers tell their friends its worth going there.

It is not only about price but accuracy of the descriptions and the service you provide with it, like speed of delivery, packing, and dealing with detailed enquiries which I expect you are well aware of. Overall I prefer to be seller than a buyer where my expectations over the years have dwindled to I might get what I believe to have paid for sometime and maybe even packed suitably.

So I aim to provide a superior service so that buyers can rely on getting what they want quickly so they can get on with what they enjoy most from their hobby, also that it is always worth buying from me even if I am not the cheapest.

You obviously have not found the right alternative site yet, it also seems to me that my sales are picking up albeit slowly faster now that I have stopped listing on greedbay.

It is useful when the alternative site allows at least a link to your greedbay feeback page as the SA site does because it does give some more comfort to a buyer and accepting PayPal for everything is also a necessity because it does make the buying more secure, I will always opt to buy via PayPal.

Ok, the time taken to process sales of low value items with a personal touch is time consuming but the brand loyalty effect is just as important to you and I as it is to a major corporation.

When you make a move for the next season make sure you mailshot you old customers (especially the repeat buyers), I certainly added signatures to my electronic dispatch notes telling buyers where I was going.

Sales may not improve much this year with a slowing global economy and greedbay going into a tizzy so I look more now to the direction I should be heading next year based on unusually for me 'optimism'. Many sellers will go to the wall but that when the economic state of the world picks up again I'll get in again quick, bit of dog eat dog, but before competition rises again get solidly established.

So global economic slowdown and greedbay are culling sellers, the strongest and the most determined will survive, easy days are over for now.

End of soapbox ramblings for now Smile
Your standards may be that low (certainly judging by the choice of your first cat fodder lieutenants) but over this side of the pond we have appearances to maintain . . . pause for raucous laughter and rolling about the floor to subside.

Where was I, oh yes appearances . . . another pause . . ok, "titter, ye not", I would rather you speculate so I can have a laugh rather than the other way around Big Grin
have an extra grenade if ya need it to unclog the toilet...

Ere !! . . . are you calling me a greedbay automaton Mad

On the other hand if it's for the greedbay automaton, let it stay down there out of harms way.

YES my standards are QUITE low (I'm talking to YOU aren't I? hehehe) Oh I'm gonna get it for that
, Yep.

Why do you think I prefer to be anonymous, so no one knows I talk with the likes of you Razz Razz Razz Razz

Knowing your tastes in colleagues I expect your new lieutenant is across between the hulk and a clogged sewer anyway Eek

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