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seriously Choo,
I try not to think too much about all these silly's extremely irritating.
And after working so hard all summer to keep my 20% PS discount, I find it very ironic that now I won't have much to sell til November. My discount will be gone by then Frown
I can't keep up that kind of volume continuously. Oh well...I'm still trying to decide whether or not to sell at all next summer Confused

And now...Back to our usual
Perhaps that's the trouble, no whackings being dealt out.

Apart from yourself have any of the others been on site in any other threads, haven't seen them during my infrequent visits. Well greedbay has just about destroyed the old community spirit so I suppose it's not surprising things are getting quiet around here.

Ok, we'll just have to put up with each for now Eek
The way I see it the living do you more harm than the dead and there are far more dead people than there are live ones.

But, I may be proved wrong . . . . Eek

Afterall even the half dead are those that make the Monday morning drive to work scary Mad

Driving late at night is great, clear roads and only the occasional high speed nutter to avoid who thinks they're the only one around. Most of the drunks are already at home or in ditches, I hate traffic queues and always prefer working hours which avoided the crush hours Big Grin
I am a ghast!!

So that's what you are, sorry for the delay in responding in my usual dubious manner, been a bit busy here.

Well they say pets are very much like their owners, seems that it is so true, even for creatures of the night.

I'm sure I have some leftovers from mincing your lieutenants it will enjoy, or were they mincing lieutnants Razz
Well Ms M I tend to agree, we have kept it on life support for some while now but I think it would now be kinder to let it slip away.

I used to be quite active on most Auctiva boards when I was selling a lot of items on greedbay, the days when it was still fun. Long gone Roll Eyes This thread provided a pleasant break full of banter and lunacy, but it does need a large varied bunch of lunatics to keep it fresh, I'm right out of ideas Frown.

To me GreedBay as a source of income is almost history and I think the absence of most of the original crew on this thread and seemingly elsewhere on these boards reflects a general lack of enthusiasm as the online community spirit of GreedBay has waned.

Not a month goes past without more money grabbing from GreedBay, shortly we (UK) will have to offer free p&p for DVD's, it's strange but the Royal Mail and packing suppliers still expect payment for their products Confused

It's been a real pleasure chatting/bantering with you and our long lost epic threaders, I will still keep a watch on this thread.

Jim, aka Choo Smile
I thought the idea was if you didn't treat them they 'tricked' you, perhaps you should have given them a 'bite' in return. Better still taken them back to your workplace on the front of your car Big Grin

Why couldn't they have thrown toilet paper like everybody else

You mean to say on halloween you don't flush used toilet paper away, yuck !! Eek
152 pages of useless drivel! Big Grin Big Grin And they said it could not last until New Years 2008. Just popped by to say Bonjour mes amis. I know I have been MIA for quite sometime.Life has been being very good for me.I do not have much time to do the computer thing because of work and spending my time with my fiancee. Will try to pop by again sometime soon.
Buenos noches to you too Smile
Yeah, it's just me & Choo now (sniff sniff) Frown
Useless drivel...ain't it great? Big Grin

Glad things are going well for you..for me too. Dunno about Choo, he just gets crabbier every day Razz I have TWO jobs now, don't know if ya read that far back. But I still try to find time to post here, unlike SOME people (nudge wink)

You'll have to stop by more often...we're trying to keep the thread going til at least Christmas but it's getting difficult.

I missed that lil' Tazmanian Devil popping up & down! Don't be a stranger Smile

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