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Hello dere mates , who be walkin da plank dis fine day after da anniversary O' dis ere tread about nottin? And dere y,all tink I would not be showin up ere fer dis momentous occasion? I be da one in da parkin lot sellin da fine leather clutches made out a da sows ear. So 'appy birday to da tread about nottin and may me have a bowl O' soup?
O BTW Evil Nurse Wanda may be round dese here parts ternite so Choo yer best be watchin yer batookis.
I followed thy link and still got "Posted 18 December 2007 12:36 AM " Confused

Oh, so what, Happy Birthday/Anniversary epic thread, threadesses, threaders, and threadpersons !! Cool

Especially to the long suffering (receiving or is it giving ?) FangMother aka Ms M, . . .

Howdy Taz long time no Taz-speak good to see, my batookis will be carefully degruntled and stashed hicky-dory, no fear !

Come on folks lets hear from you all,
recently returned Pete, Ninth, Shadeaux, Kbalona, N . . , Zebra, any omissions are entirely due to my threading senility Smile

Remember - back on page 4 - would this thread continue !!!
Wow it's hard to believe it's been a whole year Smile
And glad to see Taz made an appearance (Hi Taz!!)
Now if we could just find Pete again (wonder why he keeps disappearing) and Miss S & Ninth we'd be all set. I haven't heard from Miss S for about a month, but I think I know where she is...... Big Grin

Guess I'll have to learn this language you guys are speaking, altho I do seem to be able to understand it Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
then I don't show up for a couple of days. Shame on me.

Yeeessss ! . . . he threads, tapping his threading foot in an irriated, but impressively firm and controlled manner Cool

An award - most likely the 'Order of the Boot' for clogging up their server Big Grin

I take it by the early Christmas wishes (even to me Eek) you are about to abandon the thread for the duration.

Oh well I'd better be a little crabless and wish you a Merry Christmas too Razz
Oh, I would never abandon this thread Smile
I like Order of the Boot...something like this?
Sorry, it was the only pic I could find Roll Eyes

I'll have to find you some crabs Choo...can't have you being crabless, I don't think it's even possible Wink

EDIT..I'm using Firefox now & have trouble uploading images..sigh...I'll try to change it later Smile Smile Smile
Sorry for the delay getting back in here, I only just finshed working my way through the box of dolls that mysteriously appeared on my doorstep. Strange how they all seemed to have a surprised look on their faces - is that normal does anyone know?

Hope you all had a good start to the new year, I know I have! Big Grin

Happy new Year all!
surprised look on their faces - is that normal does anyone know?

HA Pete--as if you didn't know Wink (just kidding)
Well it looks like I'm not the only one that's been MIA...working my lil' fingers to the bone Frown and I'm still not rich... Roll Eyes

But I know what Choo is up to-he's planning another attack on my house with the killer tomatoes Eek

Too funny - there are a couple more recent votes on this thread. Too bad we haven't seen Miss S and the infamous Ninth Wave lately ... Wonder what they're up too
Hi 7658jds, welcome to "The Epic Thread", we could do with some more mischief makers here.

Beware, these tomatoes are well seasoned veterans, nothing green about them, especially the overipe ones, who are particularly messy and nasty Big Grin

Please note that I did say "tomatoes" and not "tomato" so the next time you leave your horizontal cabinet Ms F and the sky darkens it won't be a UFO or a rain cloud but a UKO - an Unfried Ketchup Object.

Current postion, drifting across the Atlantic after whetting their appetites on tourists over here.

Should be there in a few days, they know what you look like as I have programmed them with your data gleaned from this thread . . . Razz

Oh and . . . Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Hey everybody,

WOW been trying to get used to the new My Ebay page they forced on us here...slow ugly waste of spaceFrown
You have to customize it to get it to even resemble something you can work with. Check it out, Choo see what you think. Sign into I've actually been working through Ebay Ca, they haven't messed with that one yet. SIGH

So anyway, I'll have to worry about the tomato attack later (but I've got my burgers ready & waiting) Big Grin Big Grin

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