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Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
So there we are then - todays question for readers of the epic thread :-

What did the infamous Ms keep in her freezer ?

Please remember this was a real event Eek unlike most of this thread Big Grin

7658jds you definitely do not want one of those burgers! They are RAT burgers. Almost forgot about that one Choo and MissM! Hope everything is going well for everybody. I barely have time to get on here anyore. Way to busy. I will try to pop in occasionally. It has been over a year since I sold anything online Frown
Hi guys!

WinkHA, just when you thought you were rid of me here I am Smile Tell the truth you missed me Smile

I spent the last couple of weeks with an abscessed tooth, AND a reaction to my antibiotics...almost ended up in the hospital. I spend enough time there, NO WAY do I want to be there as a patient Eek I think I'm ok now as far as that goes but I think I'm starting to get the flu that's going around. *Sigh* It never ends...I'm so old and decrepit I'm falling apart Big Grin Big Grin

Hi Taz, good to see ya. What are you so busy with? Too many jobs,like me?? Smile Choo, do you work or are you independently wealthy Roll Eyes Roll Eyes (THAT calls for rolling eyes Big Grin Razz )

Well, gonna take some aspirin & crawl into my coffin (Pls don't nail the lid shut again Choo, it's hell on my fingernails trying to get out) Razz
*Sigh* It never ends...I'm so old and decrepit I'm falling apart

Aaah, poor ol' fang, don't fret as you get older you have less time to wait for the next part to fall off. Big Grin

Oh BTW it does end Razz

A few tips :-
1) try not to fall asleep in the garden in case you get dug in to the flower bed
2) be careful not to fall into the bin when putting it out for collection
3) check the contents of the cleaner after using it for missing parts
4) sneeze carefully to catch any loose parts

Do I work, very good question, although curious, why do you ask ? Smile

For God's sake, what happened to ya?????????

A number of reasons come to mind.....

1. Your senility finally got the best of you and your wife locked you away somewhere

2. I did a REALLY good job of nailing your coffin lid shut the last time I did it

3. The 'enforcers' were finally able to get to you (yeah, and you wanted to stay with them...ewwww Big Grin )

4. Your KT (killer tomato) had YOU for lunch

5. or (DUH) without your brain you are .... ??
I don't even know what to say

Yep, I know the problem, still, gibbering away on here was always enjoyable, sorry is enjoyable Roll Eyes

I suppose it is a knock on effect from selling on greedbay becoming such a turn-off, oh well, I'll no doubt pop-in in now and again to give the ol'fangmother a good lid nailing Wink Big Grin

oh and a Roll Eyes for the road !!
I thrive on a challenge

What exactly does THAT mean? Big Grin
Very funny .. why am I always getting picked on Roll Eyes

Anyway, having 2 jobs was NOT greedy...They almost closed my hospital last year so I got a 2nd job just in case (see, you are getting senile, you forgot about Big Grin) Our economy here is so bad right now I probably should have stayed but life's too short Smile (And I'm too lazy..just kidding) So now I have more time to go swimming and riding.

I wish we were gonna have a hot summer, can't tell yet, summer's barely here. Only 2 hot days so far. Typical Chicago weather. I'll be wearing a jacket to work tomorrow Frown

Stop over for a visit Choo, I'LL teach you how to swim
I don't think teaching me to swim will be helped by concrete armbands, anyway my swimming style is already akin to the ability of house brick.

Economy here would be joke here too if it wasn't so real, certainly reduced my income some what but on the positive side I think I can ride it out without any real grief, I hope !

Yes, life is too short to dwell on it and there are always cheaper ways to enjoy oneself, this being one of them Razz

I wonder how many read this tripe and think Roll Eyes "grow up you daft perishers" to them I say, eerrrm, ummm, oh, who cares, as you say life is too short, certainly to be sensible all the time Big Grin

edit - page 160, onwards and tripewards Big Grin
Originally posted by member_8880:

Wow it's been so long I don't even know what to say Roll Eyes (Yeah those rollin eyes are for you)
Looks like the epic thread is finally coming to an end Frown Almost a year & 1/2 tho, we did good Smile

No the thread that would not die CANNOT die just yet. What would all the poor people who have been following this thread do? I don't think the thread is ready to "jump the shark" just yet!I am sure you know what that quote refers to Miss M, poor Choo on the other hand may be a bit lost on it. Yes I still get updates emailed to me on the thread!
Unfortunately eBay did a good job of killing itself for me so I no longer am listing anything. I still occasionally go to local auctions and do a yard sale or set up at the flea market occasionally. But my full time J.O.B keeps me pretty busy and the better half keeps me occupied when I am not working. Yup ,almost 2 years together now. Starting to think seriously about the M word LOL.
Hi Taz it's GREAT to see ya Smile
Thought you disappeared for good, like a couple others we know...
So, the M word huh?? Uh-oh..I thought you were a confirmed bachelor Wink
Whatever the case, I'm SO very glad for you. I volunteer Choo to be best man and I'll be a bridesmaid..LOL! Just let us know when & where.

I know all about the JOBS and being busy...I just did a 3 day weekend, 12 hours each day & I'm exhausted! At least the double time for Memorial Day will make me feel better Big Grin

Don't be such a stranger...I could use somebody to help me pick on Choo (he loves it) Big Grin
Can we get back to business of being idiots now please?

Is that venture profitable and do you have to pay any #@%^&!!! fees to participate? Big Grin

Want the realllly bad news? I now have to pay to assist members in the Forum. Eek I don't list to eBay anymore, but have to pay to help with templates. Oh well....who said no good deed ever goes that one right.

Danno...welcome, welcome! I don't think you've ever posted here before have you? (You missed out on alot Smile )

Choo is right (for once) Roll Eyes.. --sometimes you just have to let go and get silly. Heck we've been at this for a year & a half. Even with everyone else gone...

BTW I haven't been here lately because I've been very busy trying to find big enough silver nails to keep Choo's coffin lid shut. He keeps getting out Big Grin

Anyway, join in anytime Smile We need some new blood

EDIT----ok wait...what do you mean you have to PAY to help with templates? That doesn't sound right Confused
Last edited by member8880
OK, where IS everybody??????????

Don't make me put up that tumbleweed picture again ... gotta keep my images down Roll Eyes

Choo, have you been learning how to swim? Were you going to surprise me??
Hey, I picked my first red tomato today, the only one..the rest are all green. But soon the KILLER tomato will be ready for ya Choo Eek It's alrady got little tiny fangs growing in Wink
I'd be more surprised than you if I was learning to swim, mind you, just think of the arm muscles I'd develop if I managed it with those concrete arm bands you so thoughtfully sent me Roll Eyes

Meanwhile you are the one who has to worry about the killer tomato, they strike to ripen. They suck blood to turn red, looks like you are going to have competition in the fangs department if it gets loose without snacking on you first Big Grin

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